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  1. Thanks Dave! I don't think I need a tutorial I think I can manage. Thank you for the information, I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Li'ldave, whats the name of that pink pattern there and is there any tutorials for it? that pattern is perfect for the redfish im currently chasing around
  3. spulve

    Fish Pictures

    i know I'm a bit bloody,both fish bled but didn't get gill hook, and both swam off perfectly fine like nothing was wrong
  4. spulve

    Fish Pictures

    Dock light fishing wasn't too bad, caught another one around this size maybe a couple inches bigger, on a white shrimp pattern
  5. spulve

    Fish Pictures

    Dock light fishing wasn't too bad, caught another one around this size maybe like an inch or two bigger, on a white shrimp pattern
  6. Thanks for all the information and references guys!
  7. download aviary, edit it up real nice and and it makes for a better pic
  8. Count me in, prayers to everyone who has been affected by cancer of any kind, you're in my heart
  9. Been tying tying for almost a year but really just now started dabbling with deer hair and noticed that there is elk hair that looks exactly like it, so my question is, whats the difference between the two? (other than the fact that ones from a deer and the other is from an elk)
  10. Coryphaena made some good points, for clear waters matching hatch will do you fine, tying whatever forage is around, but in churned up, muddy, cloudy waters, you would wanna tie darker colors because theyll hit based on the silhouette, blacks, purples, dark olives, etc, over darker colored bellies rather than white. clear water either match the hatch or use light colors, chartreuse, pink, yellow (over a white belly usually)
  11. spulve

    Fish Pictures

    Yeah he blew that skinny canal up!
  12. A bit late to this post but sounds like a ton of fun, bonefish is definitely on my hitlist. good work flats!
  13. Welcome from the cape coral/ fort myers area!
  14. spulve

    Fish Pictures

    Biggest snook on the fly rod so far
  15. Thanks for all the info guys its really helpful, I forgot to mention I'm going to be staying on the northern part of the beach, up near cherry grove and what not. A lot of good info there troutguy, I really appreciate it, I leave in two days, so i'll update everyone on how it goes
  16. If you replace the bucktail with another strip of zonker, you'll get the infamous "tarpon bunny" and then don't call them tarpon bunnies for nothing
  17. Those are ridiculously good looking flies guys.
  18. Started fly tying HERE'S YOUR SIGN
  19. A good all around short shanked hook for tarpon is the gamakatsu SC15, there pretty strong and come in all sizes. I've also had no problem catching 30 inch tarpon with the same mustads that you use, didn't bend them or anything crazy like that.
  20. I would tie in the car but theres not enough traffic where I live to tie in the car, and plus what Mike said, I drop way too many things it would be near impossible for me. But i'm sure i'll try it once in the future.
  21. btw flats, my closest bass pro does a class every Wednesday so yours might too.I go most Wednesdays, they provide the hook vise and material. You learn new techinques and meet new and cool people that know a lot about fly tying and don't hesitate to help me when I need it. It's like this forum but in person
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