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  1. Nice work!! They should all be in a fishes jaw this season.
  2. Just keeping things simple and playing around with some color combinations. All 5 will be in the spey nation box. 12 more days to go!! Bodies are ice dubbing and the hackle is pheasant rump. Dyed squirrel for the wings. All are tied on AJ size 3 hooks.
  3. You should be able to find what you need from one of these two great guys. http://www.feathersmc.com/ http://www.aaronmostojfeathers.com/retail-shopcontact-info.html Check ebay as well...just type in macaw feathers
  4. They all look awesome Piker!!
  5. Small needle nose pliers with flat/smooth jaws. I use another flat nose plier as well and the nose is about a 1/4" wide. I haven't had a problem with the point breaking but I typically use size 1.5 AJ hooks. I try to use just enough pressure to get the barb bend. I don't sharpen the hook initially. If it gets dull during fishing then I will will sharpen it a tad so it is "sticky."
  6. I have a lot of confidence in them especially when the barb is crushed. Not so much with the barb intact. Same with the Blue Heron Hooks by Dave McNeese and other hooks that have a similar shape. Crushed barb gets better penetration and seems to hold better during the fight. I've definitely lost fish on them, but I don't think it was the fault of the hook.
  7. Ok I understand. If they didn't arrive by now then they are not going to arrive. Please proceed with the swap without me.
  8. Huh? At the lancaster show in March you told me you were moving from Jeannette to Altoona and now your back in Jeanette? I'm assuming you received the flies since I didn't receive a pm.
  9. Ok good to know Kevin. They were mailed to the adress you gave me which was Altoona.
  10. any update with the spey fly swap? I want to make sure my flies arrived as well.
  11. What line do you have paired up with your rod? It can make a difference. I would start out making the furled leader at least as long as the rod and go from there. If it is too short there may not be enough line stick to set your anchor to make a cast. FYI - I don't use furled leaders. Not that I have any thing against them, I just find it easier to make a mono leader or use polyleaders.
  12. Hubba Hubba!! That is a sweet looking fly Micke....Great lakes steelhead will crush that!!
  13. My speys are ready to hit the mail Kevin!! Please pm me your new address when you get a chance.
  14. Looks great and I agree with utyer. The only thing I would suggest is to tie your tinsel ribbing on the far side of the hook. It's not a big deal for a fishing fly, but it will give you a cleaner look in the long run.
  15. That is a sweet little fly!! Any problems with it fouling around the bend?
  16. Cool tie...reminds of Veverka's raging mantis fly.
  17. Nice meeting you yesterday Kevin. Glad you hung out for a while too!! Thanks for adding me to this swap as well. I'll tie up some Gold Purpy's.
  18. It may seem like conflicting info. but both suggestions are correct. It just depends on how "you" want to fish for them (steelhead). Always remember that they are big trout with slightly different tendencies. If there is a way you prefer to trout fish with a fly, go with that method.....you already know how to do it....except now your just using a heavier set up to handle a......big trout.
  19. Heading up to new york in late april or early may to fish with a buddy and possibly in the chesapeake bay. I will probably toss them for musky in the summer as well.
  20. Playing around with adding an ice dubbing head to deceivers. The chartreuse one was my first stab and the pink was the second as you can tell by the better profile. A little more bucktail added to the profile and I think it will look good!!
  21. No I haven't used it yet because I don't have any. I do have a package on the way so maybe there is some inside.
  22. Nice start!! They all look great. I think that bottom one could be adapted to saltwater as well.
  23. Here are a few small sand eels I whipped up last night. Pretty quick and easy to tie. The body is a mixture of gliss and glint fibre and ice wing fiber. The head is a Deer Creek Sand Eel Fisheadz and the materials are coated with diamond hard to make them tough.
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