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  1. Hey guys, just wrapped up a shoot out in BC targeting rainbows on the columbia and bull trout in the kootenay valley. total success on the fishing with tons of shots at great fish! heres the recap of our rainbow trout sessions the first 2 days: Bull trout action dropping next week for your viewing pleasure. hope y'all are having a good fall. Im chasing fall great lakes migratory rainbows for the next month now. whats everyone else chasing till things freeze up?
  2. Hey guys, I connected with my buddy Nikko who i normally ice fish with during winters and we chased some suspended walleye in Northern Ontario. It was a grind for me to get one on the fly but it was a 24 inch fish so it made it all worth while! Thanks for watching, Dan
  3. Hey guys, I managed to get up north to shoot some video of my guide buddy Tyler Dunn and his Spring bass fishing program. It was pretty neat to be able to go and chase both smallmouth and large mouth bass in the same day and to my suprise there were even a few muskies floating around the same grounds. heres a clip from our 3 day bass fishing trip. hope you guys enjoy! thanks for watching, Dan
  4. Hey guys, Our season just opened for trout here in zone 20 in Ontario and i managed to get into a few good pods of kelts making their way back to the lake. I fished mostly green wooly buggers and played with some smaller tubes and a prawn variant i tied on a size 2 iron. I was having a tough go sticking fish on my smaller tube so i switched up to the bigger iron and immediately stuck the first fish that grabbed. turns out it was my PB GL bow on the swing too! i called it after that but heres a bunch of good grabs on camera for your viewing pleasure. good luck on the rivers this weekend! Dan
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