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  1. Orvis kinda gave up their phone app. Instead, they want users to use the mobile website. Tom Rosenbauer said so on his podcast.
  2. Sorry tjm, I'm a little confused by the terminology. I'm not sure whether the ferrules are tip over but, spigot or sleeve over. I admit I'm no rod expert (I'm actually very, very, very far from it). But, I wasn't the one who built these rods. These were actually given to someone else as a gift (my old neighbor actually). Since he was growing old, he had no use for them anymore (I'd personally keep them my entire life). So, he gave the rods to me along with the rest of his old fishing gear. Anyways, both rods are only one piece, and the rod is question is only around 6 feet. Thanks for trying to help though.
  3. Wait I got an idea! I think its a Fenwick 72-6. The 7 is worn out tho. At least I think!
  4. I got a little more information on the rods, and yes, they were blanks. You guys pretty much answered the first one, which I thank you for. I'm still really confused on the second one. I've found no information on it. I'll send a picture showing the model number that was put on the rod. Thanks for all the help that everyone has given!
  5. Hello everyone, and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I have a question about these two old Fenwick rods I got from someone. I have no plans on selling them, but I'd at least like to know what they are. Their model numbers are FL84-5 and FL/2-6. I took the FL84-5 out to a warmwater creek and had a blast. Two bass and two gill, and they felt great for their small size. Thanks for any help, and I'm really sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. My curiosity is killing me.
  6. If you want to make a panfish feel like a tarpon, this may be the way to go.
  7. Thanks for all the help everyone! It's awesome to see how helpful everyone is here.
  8. I was using a size 10 Muddler Minnow I made myself. I do carry hemostats, but its hard to get the hook out sometimes even with those. And I always try to crimp my barbs, but sometimes I forget to. I got a disgorger today, and I feel that will really help my problem.
  9. Thanks. I looked up a vid on one of those and that will really help out with those panfish and other fish that swallow the hook too deep.
  10. You can catch cats on the fly rod?!
  11. Is a Ketchum Release Tool the same as a disgorger? I've had some panfish getting hooked deep in the throat, and I want to know if this product would provide a solution to getting the hooks out of their mouths quickly. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but I want to know if any of you have experience with this product and its ability to unhook flies from a fishes mouth. I'd also like to know if you guys have any solutions for getting flies out of the throats of panfish. Is there any way of preventing panfish getting hooked deep in the throat? Is it something I'm doing wrong? Any input on this would be much appreciated!
  12. Thanks for all the input everyone! Sounds like there is some pretty good places to get buck tail, and that I need to work on getting better with the stuff itself!
  13. When it comes to bucktail, I'm kinda a noob. It could very well be that I'm just bad at working with the stuff.
  14. Hello everyone. I was wondering if there are any online places that provide buck tail with consistent quality. I don't have any fly shops close to me, and I want to tie some good flies with buck tail. Thanks for any input
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