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  1. 24 Kw Generac Guardian model - roughly 3300 sq ft - $18000 installed early summer. Costs were higher due to purchase and installation of 500 gallon underground propane tank - 70 feet run of copper to unit - concrete pad for generator - necessary landscaping - prepayment of ten years annual maintenance. We rarely have outages but are in our seventies. My wife has a medical condition that needs daily medical equipment usage.
  2. I’m curious what you thought of the saddle grab bag? Could you give us a critique? Thanks
  3. Outstanding Steve - can’t wait to get it wrapped and under the tree. Evan will be blown away with this beauty. Thanks so much.
  4. My only personal experience is with Simms and Orvis. My grandson had the Cabela’s Premium stocking foot waders that are now below $150. He used his year round pretty much once a week for three years. Unfortunately he was a teenager and outgrew them.
  5. Geez - not sure how my post ended up like a quote. Maybe I’ve had too much bourbon 🥃 already.
  6. Mikemac1 I’m going to guess those stream pics are somewhere in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness area?
  7. Doug - a stupid question if I may. How is the fly suspended in the Christmas ornament?
  8. Wow I really like this one. May have to get my grandson one like this for Christmas. Might even treat myself.
  9. Look at the description paragraph in the wiki link you cited. It states: “The typical length ranges from 3 to 7 inches and usually weighs less than a pound.” In the next sentence it references the IGFA World Record green sunfish that weighed 2.2 lbs. and was 30cm (11.81 inches). So you must be routinely catching near world record green sunfish.
  10. Mark, They don’t literally ruin the habitat but out-compete bluegill and sometimes bass. They force them out of spawning bed areas. They don’t get large - rarely exceed 6 inches as adults. They do have very large mouths and feast on bluegill and bass fry. Hybridization is common with them as well. Commercially available hybrid bluegills for stocking are actually a green sunfish bluegill cross. I’m just an old fart that hates seeing my favorite panfish being replaced by something in my mind that is inferior. I guess I will get off my high horse now. Thanks for letting me blow off steam.
  11. Yes - green sunfish are a native species to Kentucky. When I was younger you rarely found them except in creeks. Now they are everywhere. The reason I made the Florida comment was because they are not native to Florida. They need to make sure they don’t spread. I make an annual visit to the Sebring area and it’s many lakes with wonderful bluegill and red ear (shell crackers). I would hate to see those habitats ruined.
  12. I am 68 years old and have fished streams and reservoirs in central KY for 60+ years. Green sunfish have ruined countless bluegill habitats over the last 30 years here (IMO). The only thing worse is the dang Asian Carp that have taken over the Ohio River and even made their way into Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley.
  13. Aren’t those considered an invasive species in Florida?
  14. I know that tavern - was on Cambridge Street. When visiting we never drove up. Flew into Logan and took the blue line to Aquarium. Stayed at a Marriott close by and my daughter was our transportation. Used the T a good bit as well. My favorite tavern was actually The Black Rose. It was there somewhere near the Marriott.
  15. Hey Pete just noticed you’re in Somerville. My youngest daughter lived there some years back and loved it. When visiting we always ate at that Peruvian restaurant on Somerville Avenue - Machu Picchu. Loved that place!
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