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  1. go snorkeling in a stream during a hatch, you will be surprised. Schreibert taught me this trick. Gary lafontaine also did this. get your perspective from the trouts view.
  2. sometimes when i am doing old patterns
  3. Only reel i ever had that salt water didn't get to in time is my alvey reels. I think i washed them once a year unless i dropped them in sand then i just rinsed them in the salt
  4. Tessellated darter : 15 wraps of 0.20 lead wire covered with pearl starburst fibers. Belly hair is Congo Baitfish in sand crab and wing is Congo hair in copper tan with my cree saddle on sides. soloreze thin hard with gold eyes for head.
  5. my crawfish using river tan big bopper dubbing
  6. I have a spool (bulk) white that I respool off of, its a nice flat thread. I can dye it any color I want to.
  7. Find a farm with chickens running around ask for permission to collect feathers or buy their young roosters or offer to buy the skins. best bugger feather there is.
  8. This is my breeder (Jr) a big cree for wide saddles. Have a grizzly as a breeder to who is Jr.'s son with a slight tan color in the black and white, almost a varient. I don't breed for drys only hen and saddles/wets anymore
  9. regular bead heads will flip a fly to, especially when coating with a resin on the wing case. as tiers we throw the balance out of hooks when tying the way it is done now. only takes a minscule of weight on top to flip a hook.
  10. theres a run of small bucks this time of year. then the main one in april-june.
  11. red or orange resembles other brookies to a brookie and will attack that color.
  12. I( fish with a black Lab, lots of ripples and splashes. never had a problem catching fish, sometimes right near him as he would swimm across the stream
  13. Good way to attract a bear........lol
  14. Just a few, can't get a vid to upload of a senko fly moving.
  15. its the "A" hole of the bird. under belly feathers. normally thrown away by feather farms
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