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  1. I’ve got that vixen fur, I’ll find that original Tupps one day. I may buy goats or sheep lol
  2. I find Ligas hard to find, the original Ligas
  3. What’s everyone’s opinion of rare and hard to find dubbing?
  4. I found these outside a large glass window, bet I flew into it
  5. It is a dubbing I used from Fly Tyers dungeon, I split the thread and added the dubbing and brushed out. It was a practice job. You really think it looks pretty good? I think I need to contrast wing color some, maybe bleached hair
  6. Not yet, just something I been messing with today. I used FTD bug dubbing to have those little rubber legs
  7. Found these on ground today, anyone know what bird they belong to?
  8. First attempt at this type of Adam’s #12 Mustad tail- grizzly and brown body- Adam’s superfine with green and grizzly trimmed hackle poly wings brown and grizzly hackle 8/0 black uni thread
  9. Good article and good information, didn’t know that about mask hair
  10. What type of hair do you find that has the least amount of flair when using as tails or caddis style wings?
  11. Good info! I’ll research his stuff, thanks
  12. The one thing I’ve noticed most, I have a high stress job and I’m 56, when you’re tense you break thread. It forces you to relax to keep from breaking your thread. Normally after about three to four flies, I can start using 14/0 lol
  13. I like that, haven’t thought of using chic a bou
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