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  1. Wanted to say thanks, first time I’ve posted my flies on here. You guys gave me a vote of confidence that my tying is going in right direction
  2. I’ve had good luck with all them, I have used the other two for local smallmouth I tie a grey version for a hellgrammite imitation that works fair.
  3. That’s my bad, didn’t notice till you asked but that fly I used starling, I use secondary crow flight or the ones where wing attaches. Both starling and crow give the same look, but starling has the dun look more than crow
  4. Anyone use Angelina fiber? Does it dub well?
  5. Thank you. Crow feather on the black one, and brown hen on the others with wood duck collar. Startling works good on the black one also.
  6. I stack about 75% of the time. But using more synthetics and trimming now
  7. Anyone know what the real fine rubber pieces are from that are dyed and added to some dubbings? Is it maybe from some type of bungee cord? What are some additions you add to your homemade dubbings?
  8. I did not know that. So Antron is just a fiber used for other purposes, but acrylic yarn would give similar effects if used the same way?
  9. Been gone on a section AT hike, but thanks for all the input. Mixed some black Antron in with black superfine and it works pretty good. Also tried a pinch of black ice peacock in a batch and it gave it a buggy look. Can you buy Antron yarn to make your own? Or is it called a different name in yarns?
  10. Guess I should say smooth and shiny, or smooth like superfine. The Mylar added dubbings are harder for me to get to lay down
  11. All the blacks I’ve found are dull looking, and if you add something to make it sparkle, you get bulky and leggy.
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