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  1. Thank you again, you have been very helpful!
  2. Thank you flytire very much. I just ordered 100 from an Amazon seller. Do you epoxy or UV glue them in place or will head cement do? Thank you for the pictures of your flies also. They are awesome! Richard
  3. I'm wanting to tie, in the traditional manner, some of the Optic series Steelhead flies that Jim Pray made popular. What kind of beads did he use? How big were they? What is available these days and from where? Thank you. Richard
  4. Mark, Any chance for a few intermediate photos as you tie the next one? I'd like to do some up and some extra photos would sure be helpful. Nice work ! Rich
  5. Hi Norm, If you haven't found those black squirrel tails yet, I send you one (maybe two, not sure of my present inventory), N/C. Contact me at artistspad (at) outlook. (com) Rich S
  6. Thank you to all that have replied! Denduke and Fin-ite 34: Those are the beads i am looking for. I'll try my local Walmart on Thursday night and if I have to I'll order some from Rod n Bobb's. Flytire: Great tie! What is the pattern? Richard
  7. I've tried searching on the net for some plastic beads to use when tying feather-wing trolling streamers but have come up empty handed. The color would be reddish orange, maybe 4 or 5mm in diameter or what ever the proper size is for streamers with #2/#4 hooks. Does anyone know of a source? Regards, Richard
  8. I want to try dyeing some bucktails. I've deboned them, washed thoroughly and the skin is very dry right now. I know you can use Rit dye, I'd like to find out which is best- the liquid or the powder? Any hints on doing this? I cannot afford the buy AK Best's book on dyeing and bleaching, so I hope to get some help here. Thank you in advance Richard
  9. Who makes a reasonably accurate digital scale in the $15- $17 range? Thank you
  10. Living in the woods means mice. So this time of year I set traps around the exterior of the house. Occasionally I get a vole. They have tend to have a nice dark grey pelt. I'm not sure how easy it would be to skin one, so I was wondering about about washing and rinsing one (intact) and then using a disposable razor to shave some of the fur off. Has anyone done something like this?
  11. To all- I have PM'd Mr. Frechette with an apology for my two replies that were part of the "Hellgramite by ruben martin" posting on Thursday. My replies were uncalled for, perhaps hurtful and added nothing of value to the conversation. Regards, Richard
  12. Your words speak for themselves. So maybe I should have picked a different than "dump". The point is, here's a new guy on the block, make him feel at home. He wants to learn. Admit it, your words came across a little less than friendly. You are right, I didn't have anything to add to his original post. So? My post was about your wording, as discussed above. Again, your words speak for themselves.
  13. Some folks are way to apt to dump on others around here. How about a little courtesy. COURTESY The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others.
  14. I still tie on my Thompson "A" vise that I purchased for $10 in 1971. I bought it from Reed Tackle in Fairfield NJ. I also have a Vienard "Midge" vise that I use for the smaller stuff. That was purchased in1973. I haven't run across anything I need to tie (freshwater) that couldn't be tied on either of these vises.
  15. I'm looking to get a pair of hip boots for my small stream fishing. I'd prefer to actually try them on in person rather than order on-line. The local Bass Pro Shop is still open here in NH. They carry a line of boots called "White River Fly Shop". Does anyone have any experience with these boots? Thank you.
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