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  1. Inspirational Steve, I agree with Mike, it is good to have you around. I could stand to lose a few pounds (40 or so) just don't seem I am serious about it.
  2. Lost mine on the roadside somewhere around the western Vermont fire roads in the Green Mountain Forest last summer, the finder gets years worth of notes about the blue line fishing, pond and canoe access that I accumulated over time. To add a little salt they stopped making the Vermont only map book and combined it with New Hampshire with smaller sized map detail. Overall the Gazetteer map books are one of my favorite ways to explore for new water.
  3. cphubert

    Black Ice

    We (Seabee's) didn't have goats but the dragon wagon was chain driven and a true beast for recovery work - but larger than what you are describing (6X6)
  4. TIER you need to get that 1 1/2 mile time around 9 min, consistently. Thankfully my PT days are over, now I like to walk (I'm really happiest when I drive 😁), I always hated running. PFT scores can be a big part of the military - balanced with academics and your social character. Keep your electronic fingerprint clean.
  5. Hang in there Steve, habituation happens, impossible as it may seem. Your condition is very different from what I experienced with tinnitus and hearing loss, you still have your hearing I don't know if that makes the noise more or less consistent. I would be concerned about the sleep / dream patterns changing, everyone needs rest.
  6. Happy Birthday, lucky ya didn't burn down the house !
  7. ok no more bags and smaller tagsπŸ™‚
  8. Rich changed his shipping address to CT, I'll PM you his new one 😁 nice rod
  9. flytire, I always enjoy your streamers 🐟
  10. Bob I hope the rest of your year changes for the better, time to turn the corner and get away from that rear view mirror.
  11. Very useful a little more blue and I could see Mike looking at on of those with all his traveling. What is the performance like on a five piece casting and flex ?
  12. flytire is correct, the best way to reinforce any Mylar tinsel is with wire. I use fine wire to reinforce mylar body streamers and counter wrap mylar ribs. if the fish abrades thru it the wire holds the rest in place, may event add a little more action to the fly.
  13. try hair conditioner it helps me with brittle stems and quills, worth a try, my wife doesn't know how her conditioner bottle gets empty before the shampoo its obvious to her I don't use it I'm bald πŸ‘΄ (she gets it at my sisters hair salon)
  14. Well I wasn't going to ask about it πŸ™„..... I mean Steve has made lots of "I Love You" rods.... right?
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