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  1. Free car wash with launch! ask driver for details!
  2. I wasn't sure what version you wanted after searching most of Dr. Henshall work he was a bass fisher and noted author on bass fly fishing of his time, often described as the apostle of black bass. I also like and favor the Bergman version and flytire's is an exceptional example I just thought the bass version was the original.
  3. Welcome Daryl looks like you have a great retirement plan! I can't wait to see more of your posts and flies when you get tying. Chris
  4. cencalfly! great to see you posting again, was concerned when you went by the wayside with health problems. Yes, at times I am a great lurker usually in the early AM with a coffee.
  5. late fall and winter it starts to pick up, but you are correct, used to refresh the link and the swap was full.
  6. Ragtym welcome to the site. I have a 1903A3 also and enjoy shooting it at the range it is not my primary hunting rifle, but it is a capable backup. Agree with you in regard to marksmanship and it would not matter what platform you are shooting. You would find the AR platform much easier on your shoulder and wallet at the end of the day, although you must have a stockpile if your still shooting silver tips. My primary hunting rifles are chambered in 30-06 and 300 savage, enough rifle for anything in North America. Hope you enjoy the fly tying side of the forum also.
  7. The Henshall Never tied or heard of this pattern prior to this thread. From favorite flies and their histories (Orvis-Marbury) plate # 253. Made and named by Dr. Henshall one of his four favorite flies for black bass with his preference for a Sprout hook. I had considered clipping the eye and using gut, but I did not as I will fish this one. Hook- Mustad 3366 (classic sprout), thread- red, tag- gold twist tinsel, tail- peacock sword, body- peacock herl with gold wire rib (original was without wire rib I add for reinforcement), wing- light molted hen (original called for gray dove), hackle- white bucktail tied collar style, head- red wool. Up next Gray Ghost streamer
  8. need a blackfly pattern for eastern moose! not sure about Alaskan moose but anything with bear hair my put them off?😁
  9. I think the best basic technique is thread control. learning to flatten (untwist) or to tighten the twist to make the thread behave the way you intended to achieve your desired outcome. there are YouTube (search fly tying thread control) videos with good explanations of techniques. learning and developing your technique will help you securing different materials. by all means tie a fly and have fun doing it tying should be a relaxing pastime not a frustrating one. proportions and neatness will develop with practice - starting with a simple pattern and tie it until you are happy with it. you can always take a razor blade and clean off the hook and start over.
  10. stunning, my favorite way to spend time
  11. Welcome tagsoup! nothing better than a cold winter day next to the woodstove with a vise and some materials. Plenty of help and experience here don't be afraid to add your 2 cents or ask questions. Chris
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