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  1. Nice Steve, a great way to show your appreciation.
  2. Wish I had the drive to get back in shape before it's too late. I walk, but hate running and or speed walking, should try a bike and a better diet. Always disliked PT and after I retired, I started cooking (and eating) things that are not on the low-fat diet plan. I could drop 50 or so pounds to make my better half and cardiologist happy before I over stress the stints. I keep telling myself next week I'll start but it never happens.
  3. Mark, our prayers and thought are with you. Sounds like they have a plan for your recovery keep us posted.
  4. Welcome from Connecticut hope you enjoy this forum. Chris
  5. To get so wound up over perceived negativity, and about crowded old concerts of all things.
  6. My Labrador pup just trashed my plants, not much left, will have to buy tomatoes and peppers at this stage. Will clean up the containers and replant okra today. Forgot what having a puppy is like. Hard to remember it is my fault for not securing the containers after watering hard to say good dog thru clenched teeth.
  7. cphubert

    Lock down

    water temp is getting good for the stripers have to wait another month or two for the strippers preferred water temps. school bass in CT river now. waiting for the big bass and the shad to run, any time now with temps warming up
  8. All of you are stirring a lot of memories, flytire I was at the Stepping Stone for the same Guess Who show I was stationed in Davisville at the time.1976 Aerosmith with Gary Wright opening and the Airplane with Fleetwood Mac both shows at Colt Park in Hartford. Zeplin a couple of times, Heart was my last concert 79 in Biloxi MS. lost interest in concerts after the 70's I don't know why.
  9. I thought you were photo shopping all you builds with blue wraps to mess with Mike😉
  10. Very nicely tied, tinsel work is near perfect, as is your photo. Norm, I'll row if you want to troll it.
  11. The finish on your glass rods make it look loke a solid glass blank I find it hard to see the tubular construction. Could be the gray color also blending the construction details ?
  12. cphubert

    dash camera

    I have thought about a dash camera more for our protection in today's world. I am told I drive like an old man out for a Sunday ride and that doesn't help slow down aggressive drivers from going around or trying to drive through me. As for the truck supplied GPS, I refuse to pay for an update, I have a Garmin RV unit with traffic & free updates for life, it actually routes me off roads that I am prohibited from (GVW, propane, trailer) the OEM unit would send me right into passenger vehicle's only routes. My favorite is still maps for planning and looking at places, in particular the DeLorme series map books, easy to keep notes and great detail for fishing spots, camping, and parking details. I lost one book in Vermont and whomever found it got a decade worth of fishing information in it.
  13. Very nice, I like the olive color as well. Contrast is sharp and attractive, blue, gold and olive. Steve, maybe you have a little Seabee blood running in your pipes.
  14. I've had a bad case of wanderlust most of my life. A lot of my travels were deployments, not fishing trips per say, but if chance presented itself, I would fish. After retirement I still have the desire to keep exploring, now mostly locally or North America my collection of DeLorme map books cover most of the east. As a kid I was exposed to the Canadian Maritimes by my Pepere (Grandfather) my favorite river is the Cheticamp in Nova Scotia it is a small river, but it is where I landed my first Salmon while camping with him. I am happy fishing for any fish, fresh water, salt water, lakes, ponds, rivers, or brooks and seem to lose all sense of time or meaning while fishing, one time to the point of missing the ferry leaving Newfoundland due to fishing while waiting for the ferry (took my wife a long while to forget that one, and had to call my boss telling him I would be late returning to work) If I had the opportunity I would like to fish for Artic Char in Ungava or the Northwest Territories. It is remote and I seem to be drawn to solitude, higher latitudes, & northern lights- except during the winter.
  15. When I was young, we used eel skin plugs (a dowel or lead head wrapped to a hook with a hole thru it) to fish for stripers one skin would last a long time. They used to dry out between fishing trips and be reconstituted when you went on the next trip. The skins where salted and used to turn blue not anywhere as good as live eels but a lot easier to use and keep unless you encountered bluefish.
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