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  1. Sorry for the delay, folks. USPS managed to lose my package for about a week, but the tracking number is finally showing my flies as in transit. Chris
  2. In the mail. Two days later than planned, but USPS should have them to your door on Saturday. Chris
  3. Half way there. I'll get the other half done this weekend and drop them in the mail no later than Monday. Chris
  4. Good morning, Kim! I'm long overdue for joining one of your swaps. Put me down as tyer #5. Not 100% sure what I'll do yet, but probably something warmwater (Predator to Panfish). Gurgler or some variety of streamer are the most likely options. Chris
  5. What about an appropriately colored version of Clouser's Mad Tom? I feel like that pattern may produce a fairly accurate profile in the water.
  6. Looks like I missed this one back in December. Great tie as always, Chug! I'm going to have to tie a few before my next trip west. By the way...I think our new friend, Larry, would love to try this out on the bluegill. Chris
  7. I made it out, but sadly the weatherman lied. It was suppose to be a low of 50/high of 55 on the coast with negligible winds. It was 38 F when I arrived. Never got about 45 F, and the winds were gusting at 20 knots. I saw one redfish all day, but was not prepared to take a shot before it spooked. Apparently the fish still haven't come back out after 3-4 days of feezing temps. The raggedy crab is really nice as well. I've had a few newer tyers asking for suggestions on patterns they can tie with FTD materials that they recently purchased. Thanks to your Christmas box, I have a few new suggestions for them. Thank you again. I'll be sure to post some reds caught on these flies once the weather cooperates. Chris
  8. Just opened an outstanding mix of saltwater offerings from @Chasing_Tails Can't wait to try a few out in the marsh tomorrow morning!! I'm thinking that 1/0 Bunny Crab will start the day tied to my 9wt in hopes of encountering some Bull Reds. While the #2 Foxy Lady will find its way to my 8wt should I stumble across any sheepshead. Big thanks to Chasing Tails for the box, and, of course, to Nick for once again putting this together. Merry Christmas everyone! Chris
  9. First present is under the tree. Can't wait to open it. Thanks again, St. Nick!! Chris
  10. Heading your way. Should arrive Thursday per USPS. Thanks as always for hosting.
  11. I'm more than happy to put a fly in front of anything that swims (56 species to date in 2022). Locally that's a mix of saltwater species, bass, sunfish, gar, bowfin and the occasional carp. Trout, pike and other cooler water quarry find their way into the mix when time and budget allow. I selected saltwater as that is primarily what I've been working on as of late. Chris
  12. Count me in, Nick! Wasn't sure I'd have time to tie, but looks like I should have time to put together a set of saltwater offerings this afternoon. Chris
  13. Hey guys, It's been a busy few months for me, and it appears I haven't shared a Step-by-Step since early June. With temperatures cooling, however, I've begun restocking for trips to the marsh and thought I'd share one of my favorite topwater offering when chasing reds. A gurgler variant at its core, the Popping Shrimp has paid dividends for me when targeting shallow water reds at first light. For those interested, the full step-by-step can be found at the link: https://fatfingeredflytyer.com/popping-shrimp-fly-step-by-step/ Chris Materials: Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 (#1) Thread: UTC 140 Denier (Pink or Tan) Eyes: Mono Crab Eyes Tail: Craft Fur Antennae: Krystal Flash Legs: Barred Crusher Legs Body: Ice Dub (Tan) & EP Shrimp Dub (Sand) blended Back: 2-mm Thin Foam (Tan) Ribbing: 12-lbs Monofilament
  14. Hey guys, As has been the case the last few years, my wife and I have submitted a few of her images to the Orvis 20 September Days photo contest. And for the third year running, one of her images was selected as a finalist. Voting is open now through 10/9/22, and I wanted to share a link for anyone who may not be aware of the contest. There are some great entries this year, so be sure to check out the link and vote for your favorite three. https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/vote-for-the-winners-in-our-2022-20-days-in-september-contest-and-maybe-win-something-for-yourself Be sure to comment at the bottom of the article as well as one commenter wins a pair of those fancy Orvis nippers. For those who may be interested, my wife's entry (listed under my name in the contest) is below. Tight lines, Chris
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