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  1. Thanks, I have contacted one fly shop that books trips, they gave me a name to contact that does fly for red fish, haven’t connected with him yet. Was hoping to chat with someone who has some experience fishing that area, I’ve only got one half day open while we are there, not enough time to get anything “dialed in”. Hopefully the weather cooperates, wind can be the killer here, not sure I can fight the wind fly casting these days. My salt water fly fishing experience has been limited to surf perch off the beach and rock bass out of a boat on the Oregon coast. 1-3 pound fish that really don’t put up much of a fight.
  2. Yes. I was hoping someone knows, or has experience with a guide in that area and could give recommendations. Any suggestions for things to do in that area, restaurant recommendations especially would be nice.
  3. Need advise for a 1/2 day guided in the Port Aransis Tx area, end of Sept targeted timeframe. Redfish or Sea Trout is my goal, with the idea of taking one to take to a local restaurant to cook for us. Fly fishing preferred, not totally opposed to gear fishing. Feel free to post here or PM me. Any info on the area will be appreciated. Been to Texas a few times, never spent time on the gulf. Bird watching and garden tours are the main goal for this trip. I want to see the humming bird and whooping crane migration amongst other things. Thanks in advance for any and all info. T. Tramp
  4. A few……..plus my favourite dubbing brush, a pair of hackle pliers and other detritus. In the wintertime that vent is great. Keeps my feet nice and toasty.
  5. Notice the super magnet now down by my feet. That Berber carpet is almost impossible to find a hook in. The Gordon’s didn’t turn out all that well, never do. They will fish though.
  6. Gurgler size 2 hook Polar bear hair tail ( legal ) Tail 2mm tam craft foam white micro dub large Cree hackle hi-vis para post white 8/0 Vevus thread Next Up, Pimple Popper frog
  7. Bob Seegers songs are NEVER a problem No stitches, said they won’t stitch that kind of puncture. Used a real sticky kind of band aid thing. Seemed like they have done this kind of thing before. I’ll get a pic up of the best one in a little bit.
  8. Ok, so this is a little long, apologies, but hopefully a worthwhile read. The scene: Good coffee, check. Fly tying music, ( Bob Seeger today ) check. Dog and cat outside for no interruptions, check. Wife off to shop at, well…. Who the hell knows, check. The house is all mine (and the bank’s) now. Off to the man room to tie some of those troublesome to tie, #16 quill Gordens. As I slide into my tying chair, I settle in only to realize the blue tooth speaker needs an adjustment for the maximum listening experience. So, I push my tying chair back, it’s on rollers, to reach the speaker for the fine adjustment. Then a sharp stabbing pain hits me right between my thumb toe and his next-door neighbor. Yup a size 8 Fulling mills jig style BARBED hook SUNK in a ways past the barb. SHIT that hurts, right in that soft area between the master toe and his little brother. Needless to say, I frequently tie flys barefoot. Sometimes I tie just just in my bathrobe, TMI, ? Well what can I say, I like to get comfortable when I tie. My first reaction, pull my foot back, BIG MISTAKE. The hook is buried down deep in the very dense Berber carpet that coats the floor in our hallways and bedrooms, and my man (fly tying) room. So…..there I am, hook solidly buried in that very sensitive area twixt my toes and the hook solidly entangled in the berber carpet. It seems I’m trapped the more try to free my foot, the deeper the barb gets…… wow that hurts. What to do, I can’t get to the hook, it’s in my foot which is well under my fly tying bench and I just can’t get to it to get it to cut it free. I’m stuck, kind of like one of those Mexican finger puzzle things, the harder you pull, the tighter it gets. I need help. So……I make the call. “Hi hun, seems I’ve got an emergency here”, she freaks, thinking the worse, another heart attack or stroke, CALL 911 she says , I’ll meet you at the hospital I’m an hour away”, no no no I say, it’s nothing like that, I just need a little help here, you’ll see when you get here. “Ok, I’ll be home soon, let me pay for these pillows and I’ll head home, need anything.” She says, “ Sure, grab me a big gulp” I reply.. Well now, I have an hour or more to kill before help will arrive. Might as well get going on those Quill Gordon’s as the pain is subsiding and there doesn’t seem much blood. Fast forward an hour and a half, 8 or nine Gordons tied and a small red spot growing a little under my foot, my foot that’s now starting to throb. And in walks the wife unit. Glaringly looking an me seemingly leisurely tying flys, and belts out “So WTH is the emergency?” I point to my foot and explain the situation, upon which time I get the recurring lecture about my fly tying hooks all over the place, what a mess my tying room is… and what about the animals and grand kids if they should get a hook in them. I tell you, I get no sympathy around here. So we devise a plan to get me unstuck that involves my wifey crawling under my tying bench to cut the carpet to free my foot. She is NOT happy, She chooses my good fly tying scissors for the job, I gasp in horror, “you can’t use my good good scissors,” I quickly grabbed and handed her my “wire cutting” scissors. After some bad words, a lot of pain, a little more blood, and I’m finally free. The hook extraction didn’t go well, the wife person is a little queasy at the sight of blood. Can’t pull it out short of a lot of pain, and the way the hook is pointing can’t cut the shank and push/pull it though. Off to the “E” room. 3 hours more and a lot more pain later and the hook is extracted, with the help of some very sharp instruments. thank god for local anesthetic. Tetanus shot to follow. What did I learn from this? 1, get one of those mats that fit under the fly tying chair and desk. 2, do not call wife is this type of emergency, call a trusted fishing buddy 3, don’t tie flys barefooted 4, Berber carpet is a bad choice for a fly room, especially the mottled grey, tight knit, multi colored speckled kind 5, Buy the next batch of size 16 ,or smaller, QG’s. I hope you all who read this, will learn from my experience and save yourselves a little pain.
  9. A whole bunch of rainbow pellets on the way.
  10. I had a bug problem a few years back. Little devils that turned my feathers into dust. A bird hunting friend gave me some skins and loose feathers that infected my entire feather stock. The bugs were very tiny, almost microscopic, but very very destructive. My solution to get rid of them was: 1, put a few moth crystals ( USE CRYSTALS) in a zip lock bag with a couple necks , fur patches or skins in each. 2, TRIPPLE zip lock ( a bag inside a bag inside a bag, inside another bag ), those bags tight to keep the smell down. 3, put all the triple zip lock bags with feathers in large garbage bags tied shut tight with zip ties. 4, put the garbage bags into large totes and duct tape them shut. 5, store totes out in the garage for 30 days minimum. 6, clean fly tying area surfaces and drawers with a bleach/water solution, 7, we flea bombed the house on a Friday, and spent a long weekend at the beach. 8, put cedar balls in the drawers where I keep my feathers Even with all that, the garage still had a slight moth ball smell. It worked though. Haven’t had a problem since. That was 8 or 10 years ago. Good luck.
  11. Have them ready,please pm me address. thanks TT
  12. This was the smoothest swap I’ve done yet, Thank you all! Thanks all for the concern. I’ve got a lot of heart issues, congestive heart failure is the diagnosis, my heart EF number dropped from 45 to 33. I was feeling pretty good after recovering from the initial heart attack and following stroke, then something happened and now my energy level is really low. The Dr.s have no explanation as to why this happened. Rest and med adjustments is where I’m at now.
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