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  1. I would attempt the RC, but just don’t have quill feathers. Never tied one with quill feathers, or ever tied a true quill upright wing. Look for the quill feathers at the three local fly shop with no luck. Ordered some, could be a while before delivery. Hope you get a taker on this one.
  2. Cool turkey! PD Put mine to shame. Nice job!
  3. My set’s tracking # says delivered last Friday?
  4. Here is a real turkey of a fly, not very good, but I gave it a shot. I may try to tie another one, we’ll see.
  5. Tie it with whatever you want. Object is to make a turkey fly. Check out the video links. Use your imagination, have fun with it.
  6. Go for it Go for it! All in fun,
  7. This could be fun. Ok, I’m putting the finishing touches on a turkey fly. Im throwing out a challenge to tie up a Turkey fly in the spirit of the Holliday season This sort of turkey fly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDeQrP68wB8 https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/tie-steve-cobbs-turkey-fly Also, If this goes, as a group , the best fly will will be voted on by the tiers, one vote per tier, and I will send a prize to the winner,. The winner will not be me even if I’m the only entry. I will donate the prize to the Christmas swap if no one else enters. The prize will be a couple three of cards of black chenille because this fly takes ALOT of it, and a surprise gift or two. Just tie one up and post a pic and it’s on. Any pattern you choose, freestyle it if you want. Could be fun to see what you guys come up with. Hope this goes! I will limit entry’s to Dec 1. I should be done with my turkey fly tomorrow and will post a pic. Hope this goes, have fun!
  8. Thanks all. was fun. Very nice set of flys.
  9. Found a pattern that doesn’t require spun hair. #8 salmon hook non lead dumbbell eyes, painted black/yellow fins/tail brahma hen feathers brown/ tan Hemingway dub/black sharpie spots furnace hackle copper rib light brown Veevus thread Next fly : the Josephine Baker
  10. OK, I will try a sculpin, never tied one, be gentle with me..spinning hair flys gives me problems.
  11. Purple and gold copper John. Fish it. It’s a trout fly, but I’ll bet panfish would take it. Or, when UW plays UO for the title, wear it on your Oregon hat, both bases covered.
  12. Educate me, what kind of vise is that?
  13. Nice, scary looking bugs, well done.
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