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  1. Thanks. Not much to it, never fished or tied one before. Google was my friend. next fly Haystack
  2. Rock worm #10 nymph hook black thread red floss underbody shrimp color vinyl rib hurl head NEXT FLY Haystack
  3. I will accept the challenge to do a ROCK WORM. It might be Saturday before I get time to do it. Lots of family stuff going on here. Never tied one, looks pretty straight forward. TT
  4. I am looking for a display case to put some of my flys in ( my better tied ones ) . My family wants a collection of flys that I have tied, for you know, a remembrance for when I’m not around anymore. A glass case with a door that opens easily, with a foam of some sort to attach the flys to. I have not seen such a case for sale, only shadow box types. I don’t want to have to take the case apart to add flys as I tie them. Probably hold a few dozen or better. Do any of you have such a case? How do you display a fly collection? TT
  5. I was going to give it a try, but I don’t have material for the mop. Can’t even find a good looking substitute.
  6. Thanks, I have edited the first post to reflect your suggestions.
  7. No.. to pretty of a fly to delete. It’s a week limit max time, no limit on how fast.
  8. Next challenge fly, I name a REVERSE SPIDER SOFT HACKLE, like the ones used for sea run cuts up here in the northwest. Remember, the tier who accepts the challenge, ties the fly and posts the pictures, gets to name the next challenge fly.
  9. Ya, I think we are past the rubber legs and onto a bugger. GREAT FLY ! thanks for sharing , nice pictures
  10. Wanted to tie up a silver bugger with black hackle and silver bullet nose tungsten bead. Browns in still water can’t resist them stripped in fast. Problem is, I’m out of silver ostrich hurl that I use for the body… this is a VERY heavy fly. In faster deep water I use this fly as a “sinker”, the first fly in a two or three fly nymph rig to get the flys DEEP. So, my second favorite color is purple with gold bead. hook. 2x long sz 8 or 10 heavy tail. Purple maribu with purple ostrich hurl strands body Purple ostrich hurl rib Fine gold wire hackle Black lead VERY HEAVY FLY Head. gold bead
  11. I’ll bite, I will tie up a bugger, probably silver with black hackle, Browns love them…..maybe purple I’ll post a pic tomorrow
  12. Ok, let’s give it a go, re-read the guidelines as I have tweaked them a little. For the first fly, let’s start with a fairly easy one, a fly I have had great success with on some great rivers: RUBBER LEGS NYMPH Again, your version, trouttramp
  13. How about 5 days as a target with a day or two for leeway? Dont want to make it to tough, just thought it might be fun.
  14. What kind of timeframe are you thinking?
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