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  1. Ok guys I missed up Skeet3t wasn’t signing up so there’s 9 tyers counting me due to the one person medical condition and Skeet3t out sorry all flies will go to the Pony Express on Monday thanks to all whom participated. Woodenlegs
  2. USPS says my flies got there last week, you get them?

  3. I’ve had a tyer that has had to pull out due to medical reasons. if anyone wants to jump in is all good except the due date is still the same Woodenlegs
  4. I’m substituting
  5. I’m same a Vicrider, like the idea patten G.E.M. Skues TUP’s Indispansible Originator R.S. Austin 1890 Passed on to G.E.M. Skues1934
  6. Amazing thanks flies have arrived
  7. Has anyone ever seen or used an Ekich Bobbin?
  8. Flies arrived today thanks for hosting this cool swap, seeing what others consider as their opening day flies was neat
  9. Nice box of flies and arranged well
  10. Well as always things in the electronic world change and especially with the web. with that said we have two spots left for this swap
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