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  1. Looks like seven (7) is the number looking forward to seeing everyone’s flies Woodenlegd
  2. Your in sir thanks for joining
  3. Just in case we loose this forum here is my address J McKaughan PO Box 85 Pottsville,AR 72858
  4. We’re halfway there, but with 6 the swap will go forward
  5. You going to join in SilverCreek
  6. Yes hopefully your joining the swap
  7. John yes your fly can be in and UV isn’t a qualification Thanks for joining
  8. Just a note I’m not a articulate guy
  9. I’m thinking a Perdigon swap. Tying flies size 10 or smaller, regular rules, toe tags, in a small box of some sort, self addressed and stamped return envelope. First 12 to sign up by May 28th, flies due June 28th 1 Psychoprince 2 Vicrider -received 3 Fruitrollup - Spanish Bullet -received 4 Trouttramp -received 5 John 1962 -received 6 DarrellP 7 Niveker -received 8 9 10 11 12 There is still plenty of time to signup we will go with what ever signs up and I will post address to send flies to
  10. I received a great bunch of flies today thanks swap mister
  11. Not sure what has happened to all our swappers but mine will go in the mail Monday the 6 sending 12 use as needed sorry didn’t get to the PO till today 5/7
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