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  1. Pheasant/Peacock’s are on the pony express
  2. WOW OMG great flies and wonderful package
  3. Just a note “it amazing that our Pony Express” has gone from $6 to $8 for round trip fly swaps. And yet it takes longer to receive a package or any mail.
  4. Sign me up flies are on Pony Express tracking number 9500 1116 2751 1081 1304 8
  5. Sign me up Yea 12 Perdigons ready to ship out Monday.
  6. Got so awesome flies, not sure if I can ever tie some of these on the tippet
  7. Thanks, I’ve thought about them but, never have actually seen one. I’m kind of old fashion in the I like to actually touch and feel what I’m buying.
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