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  1. I have also noticed this problem, and a search of this site doesn't show an answer. I have a workaround, just append "/page/107" or whatever page number you want, and you can get to that page. It shouldn't be that hard though.
  2. Same guy also joined and posted on the Bamboo Forum.
  3. I've always loved looking at your flies, Norm! If you do 1% as good a job as a Mod, this place will remain friendly and welcoming! Dale
  4. Loon UV Flow cures to a "too rigid" form. I could apply the resin to most of the wing, but tied in at the part without the resin, and that worked. Seems more sturdy. I'll try solarex flex. The Silicone clear caulk looks interesting too. I also have some of the Web Wing ordered from Stockard. I'll get there. Thx, Norm. Dale
  5. I did more research on this, and I found a couple of treatments that might work. Leeson and Schollmeyer, in the Benchside Reference, write about "Tuffilm" which might be like an adhesive, but it is originally for protecting drawings (you spray it on things like chalk or charcoal drawings so they don't smudge). However, reviews of this stuff on Amazon say it stinks. Feather-Craft has a product in their catalog called Feather-Tuff (also called Feather Tough by Cascade Crest Tools), which comes in a pump sprayer. I might try this stuff. I still haven't tried out using UV resin. Dale
  6. ... that's interesting. Will keep in mind, thx!
  7. Thanks everyone. In the Eastern Sierra, we do occasionally have very small Caddis, down to size 22, usually late in the season. I'll look at that synthetic material; it looks interesting. I'll try the UV resin. Not sure I'm keen on using a spray on the quill. Dale
  8. Wow, since I only have one post, I'm a Bait Fisherman! I could be insulted, but it's how I learned to fish. Dale
  9. Been lurking here for a while. Tying for about a year, and improving daily. Posts here have helped a lot! Thanks! I have been having trouble with the durability of mottled turkey wings for my Schroeder's Parachute Caddis. I'm tying them small (18 to 22), which probably makes them less durable. The wings fray and become fibers after a fish or two. They can still catch fish after fraying, but I want them to stay intact. I have read that one can use Softex, but I'd rather avoid using this stuff. I read that Softex is pretty fume-y. I have asthma and my wife is pretty sensitive to smells. I am about to try using some Loon UV Flow to see if that might help (I guess I should just try it!). Just wondering what others use? Dale
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