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    Although gravity and the amount of atmosphere are related, space is defined by the lack of atmosphere and not gravity. So there is "space" between our Sun and the planet Mercury even though the Sun's gravity is clearly present keeping the planet Mercury in its orbit. A black hole has "space" around it even though that "space" has a tremendous amount of gravity from the black hole.
  2. SilverCreek


    Did you forget that Bezos spent millions to go develop the rockets and technology for that space trip? That money did go back into the economy as salaries for the workers and they did spend it on housing and groceries.
  3. I think you are probably right. I looked at the video of all the Thompson collection and didn't see one that looked like that vise. Thanks to Niveker for posting that video.
  4. The way to actually get a dry fly like a damsel to "hover" is to use the blow line method. "Blow line fishing" is a technique described by both Gary LaFontaine and Gary Borger. Gary Borger wrote about it in his book, Presentation pg 286. In Gary Borger's technique you use untwisted polypropylene yarn that is flatten and ironed to straighten the fibers. Then you form a "kite" out of it by whipping finishing a loop into it and attaching it to the end of your fly line and then attaching 2 feet of 2x or 3x mono to the "kite". The heavy tippet material is to prevent break offs. The strikes are vicious. When there is enough wind blowing from offshore, you raise your fly rod and the use the wind to make the fly hover and dap the water surface just like a hovering damsel fly. You can read Gary LaFontaine's article below: http://www.flyanglersonline.com/features/lakes/part81.php Gary Borger's kite technique is more adaptable I think and the wind does not have to be gale force. I also prefer Gary Borger's realistic Adult Damsel Pattern.
  5. Here is a photo of the vise lever with "Thompson" on it.
  6. Not all Thompson Model A vises are the same. The one on Ebay now has a weird blunt jaw. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184939342413?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28 This is what a Thompson should look like with a tapered jaw. I also suggest the EZ rotary vise as noted by Coin. For a bit more money get a Peak Rotary Vise which is an excellent vise for the money. https://www.mudhole.com/PEAK-Rotary-Vise-with-Pedestal-Base
  7. Very nice. The Hornberg originated just a few miles south of my city. History of the Hornberg from the FFF: https://www.flyfishersinternational.org/Portals/0/FlyoftheMonth/PreviousIssues/2000-07 July - Hornberg Special.pdf?ver=EGKG4EmqT3LETCF5g0yugA%3d%3d#:~:text=Although the Hornberg Special Streamer,it is deadly on bass.
  8. The temperature of the water from a spring is the average annual temperature for that location. In other words if the average air temperature is 50 degrees for the year, the temperature underground will be that same 50 degrees. This underground temperature would also be the temperature of the spring water. Even though this year is an extremely hot year, the temperature of the water source of the spring creek water should not really reflect this very hot year since the source of the spring water is not affected much by a single year's temperature. If the spring creek fisheries or you have actually kept records of the water temps over the last 20 years; and the temps are climbing, that would be very educational. That would be proof that rising water temps are the cause of the declining hatches. I assume this is what you are saying is happening and I think that you are correct. But the proof would be historic records of water temperature. I can understand that insects would hatch when it is cloudy and cooler, but how do they know that a cloudy day this year is hotter than a cloudy day 20 years ago? They don't. The declining hatches are because the overall populations are down, and not because a lower % from the same population is hatching. Is your "hunch" that there are more wells for irrigation and that is lowering the flow of cool water into the spring creeks?
  9. The book I have is Southeastern Flies by L. J. DeCuir. I have a complimentary copy sent to my by DeCuir who I got to know through [email protected] https://www.amazon.com/Southeastern-Flies-Collection-Fly-Fishing-Tailwaters/dp/0897323041
  10. They are. Canada may be the only country that allows non indigenous hunting of polar bears. Unfortunately, even if taken legally, they cannot be brought into the USA even if they were taken BEFORE the US law became active. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/02/why-canada-is-still-stuck-with-our-dead-polar-bears/450339/
  11. Calf hair would not have the same effect nor would arctic fox hair and other "substitutes" suggested for polar bear hair. Polar bear hair is hollow and internally reflects light so it has a transluscent appearance that solid materials cannot duplicate. Photos from the link below. https://snowbrains.com/polar-bears-fur-not-white/
  12. I still can't get mine to work. Yours does How did you format the link so that it works?
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