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  1. You will probably need a visitor fishing license AND a permit to fish the water since much of the water is private. For most of the waters both, a valid fishing rod licence (Fischereischein) and a fishing permit are required to fish in a particular fishery. The only exception is the coast of the North sea from Niedersachsen, where you donĀ“t need a fishing rod licence or a permit at all. http://fishinglicence.eu/germany#22_Foreign_visitors https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/germany/lifestyle/sports-leisure/fishing 2.2 Foreign visitors: Except of the federal state Bremen and Hamburg, foreigners can obtain a fishing rod licence without passing an exam. Information on where to obtain the fishing rod licence can be found here. However, knowledge of German (a translator) is necessary and eventually some phone calls.
  2. Several Renzetti vises allow the user to rotate the jaw up or down through over 180 degrees. Other brands that have copied the Renzetti design can also do the same. Surely there must others. Any rotation over 180 degree is unnecessary anyway since the vice can just be turned around.
  3. ^^^^^ What he said. When something doesn't work is called a new "feature." In this case, it keeps us from cramming our brains with new knowledge.
  4. I have to disagree that the EHC above is an "original." However, unfortunately it is how the EHC is commonly tied these days. That is because the original EHC has been bastardized by almost all fly tyers. Al Troth is the originator of the EHC. Al Troth, when he first published his EHC, noted that the EHC should be tied with hair that did not flair, but this type of hair is difficult to find especially for smaller patterns and now virtually every EHC now is tied with a prominent flared wing. Gary Lafontaine makes the following observation about the dry fly patterns in his book, "There are some notable absences in the selections. There are no patterns with upright wings. This type generally recommended as an imitation of a fluttering caddisfly is not very effective when trout are feeding selectively, even if the adults are fluttering. When the natural begins unfolding its wings it usually flies off very quickly and such a transitory moment is not worth imitating. The tent wing fly is usually better because it imitates the insect at rest." The second caddis bible is Larry Solomon and Eric Leiser's "The Caddis and the Angler" published in 1977. "The Caddis and the Angler" has the elk hair caddis pattern on pg 200. You will notice that the hair on the pattern is tent like and does NOT flair much. See below for Al Troth's original EHC: During an interview with Al Troth before his death, Al's son talks about his father's EHC. Go to 5:35 in the video below and you will see the EHC as it is meant to be tied. My version tied with low flair hair. Why then is the EHC so popular? Well it is a great fast water fly and a fluttering caddis fly, it is easily tied, it is a high floater, it is easy to see, and it is durable. But is is NOT IMHO the best fly for calm waters. It is not an all around fly. It can be a better fly for calm waters if you clip the bottom hackles off flat to the hook, and clip off some of flared deer hair to give the wing a flatter profile. Pre Trimmed Fly Post Trimmed Fly I think it is even better if tied so that the wing flairs less. Here is a tying tip to make the wings flatter. If you dub the body so that it has a "reverse taper" so that it is thicker at the tail of the fly and then narrows at the head end of the fly, the wing will lie flatter on the body. Then there will be no "bump" at the front edge of the dubbing to lift the wing up. Another way to tie the fly with a flat wing is to bend the front 1/3 of the hook up at a 30 degree angle. Then tie the hair on this bent section. The 30 degree up angle will angle the tied hair DOWN 30 degrees and it will lie flat over the back of the fly. Tie it in the manner that Gary Borger ties his Poly Caddis http://www.garyborger.com/2011/06/08/poly-caddis/ Sorry for hijacking the thread. If the above makes you examine how you tie the EHC and how the wing really should look, all the better. Hopefully, the next time you try an EHC in the right color and size and the fish refuse, you'll think about this post and trim the fly. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to everyone.
  5. The reason that static electricity increases in cold weather is that cold air has lower humidity. Buy a home humidifier like an AprilAire Humidifier that attaches to the furnace. It has a sensor and you can set the minimum humidity level. https://www.aprilaire.com/whole-house-products/humidifier "Drier conditions tend to result in a higher risk of static electricity buildup, which can lead to electrostatic discharges. This is due to the fact that the air moisture content is a natural conductor, earthing any potential static charge. The relative humidity must be below 40 percent in order for a static charge to be produced. 40 to 60 percent will still enable for build-up, but at a significantly reduced level due to the fact that the static leaks to the ground through the air. Conditions above 55 percent RH will never experience static build-up, which is ideal for most applications including office environments and electronics manufacturing facilities." https://www.condair.com/humidifiernews/blog-overview/why-does-low-humidity-cause-static-electricity
  6. ^^^^^ What he said. I tie at exhibitions and give away the flies I tie. So I started tying on Saber hooks to save money on those demo flies. Then I started fishing some flies I tied on Saber hooks and now Saber is what I use for my own flies, https://www.flyshack.com/DisplayCategory.aspx?CatID=640
  7. Lots of Subarus in Wisconsin for sure.
  8. Then there is reality.... I owned a Jeep Wagoneer. It was a piece of crap and absolutely the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I bought it with "everything" with the largest V8 engine. Electric windows stopped working, it got under 10 mpg. When windows stick in the DOWN posting in the middle of a Wisconsin winter at 10 below, you can't use the vehicle. There is a reason that American Motors went belly up.
  9. Natural muskrat fur has both the soft underfur and the spiky guard hairs. So when you clip the fur at the skin and pull out the guard hairs, you have dry fly dubbing. When you include the guard hairs you have nymph dubbing.
  10. Now the page navigation is working for me today. A glitch in the Matrix.
  11. When I am on a page of a multipage thread, clicking the next page or previous page does not work. Also clicking on any other page number does not work. See the example below. If I am on page 106 and go to the bottom of the page to click on page 107 to go forward or page 105 to go back a page, nothing happens. If I click on 101 , 102, or any other page number does not take me to that page.
  12. Buy and take OTC version of Claritin (loratadine) Get an OTC hydrocortisone steroid hand cream. If that does not work, you will need a stronger steroid hand cream that requires a prescription from a doctor.
  13. Thanks to who ever fixed my problem. I just tried to load more posts and it worked!!!! Kudos to everyone.
  14. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this problem. I use the "Activity" tab next to the default "Browse" tab to monitor the most recent posts. Then I click on the "Load more activity" tab at the bottom of the page to see older posts. It used to work but now it does not. It say "Loading" but it never loads older posts. Can someone correct this "bug" in the system?
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