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  1. Congrats DarrellP! Thank you for doing this flytire!
  2. 1st attempt at a clouser, and any streamer other than a WB. A little bulky in the head, and from this angle atleast, the green looks a bit shorter than the yellow, but I'm pretty happy with this. Tied on a Gamakatsu SC15 Size 4. Issues I ran into: Sizing the bucktail- maybe due to tying on a size 4, cutting a clump off and then sizing it to be 2x the length of the shank, it felt like I was mostly going to get just the longest tips and a lose a lot of the hair when pulling out the shorter ones. Maybe just something to get adjusted to. When sizing bucktail should you measure from the longest hair more or less? Tying in the gold flash- when inverting the hook and wrapping the flash around the thread to try to tie under the shank I felt like I really didn't have room due to the vise to get the flash seated properly. It's not really noticeable in this pic but it's a bit messy..though I'm sure the fish won't mind. I'm tying on a Peak Rotary Vise, for what it's worth Looks like the eye could be further back a tad too. This was a lot of fun to tie and I'm pretty pumped about it. Imitating a fish really speaks to my plug throwing, surf fishing side lol a nice break from the traditional trout flies
  3. Great for a first fly! You'll be amazed at your improvement after you tie a couple more. Other than a shorter tail, pinching off the marabou tips, etc just a tip for the marabou: wet it in a sink, it'll be easier to size to the hook shank and work with/attach in general. I've been following this Tim Flagler video for my WB's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwUWGMuHkWE Though I should try tying it in by the tail from the tip of the hackle 🤔
  4. That looks awesome. My first thought was Squid though!
  5. ha I understand the suspicion, I'm here for real though I promise!
  6. Hackle-less BWO Variant Incredibly simple, following Tim Flagler's video Hook: Daiichi 1180 Size 16 Thread: Danville 6/0 Flymaster Light Grey Wing: Poly yarn Body: Pale Dun Superfine Dubbing Tail: Microfibbets This is I think the 7th different pattern I've tied
  7. Thanks! Yeah I can imagine, I couldn't believe the sheer amount and variety of material...people digging through crates of hackle looking each one over, etc. That's my plan, and substituting some material when and where applicable...so far its gone ok haha my dining room table is a mess of feathers, fur, thread, and flash currently. I'm also from Long Island Thank you! Yeah I would say so hahah. I saw at the Edison show what a rabbit hole it really is. If anything that only makes me even more interested. Thank you, looking forward to learning and eventually contributing! Thank you! Yes I've recently joined NAFFF as well, we spoke about the current swap there. I'm looking forward to taking part in some swaps here as well!
  8. Relatively new to fly fishing, and tying, but I've become absolutely addicted. I went to the Fly Fishing show in Edison, NJ, the other week and was absolutely blown away by the magnitude of it...I also learned I should've set a budget on fly tying materials lol. Really looking forward to learning as much as I can here!
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