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  1. Check this video - it might provide some value: YouTube - Tightline Video - Parachute Adams Size 22
  2. @byron those look great. I'm a woodworker and interested in learning some more on how you fabricate the nets. Thanks.
  3. Okay I know the bobbin holder. Although it is more than difficult to thread. I can’t even get wire through it. Likely wax in it. I can blow through it… what are the three small silver things? Anyone hazard a guess at the jigsaw / metal two pieces? Thanks.
  4. I'm sure it has been mentioned before, but some of the content from Hatches Mag is available here: https://web.archive.org/web/20071026131120/http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/page/month/333
  5. Thanks for the kind words and the circled items @chugbug27 Like I said I'm not sure what most of it is other than chenille, chicken feathers, the squirrel and elk hair. I'm looking forward to tying. Cheers /Clayton
  6. Hey there. New to fly tying. I've had my father in law's fly tying box for several years now and dusted it off the other day. I think the box is from the 60s/70s era. I can barely identify the feathers, etc. Lots of Mustad hooks, some elk, squirrel, other exotics. Been a YouTube junkie watching fly tying last couple of weeks. Looking to tie for Trout and Steelhead eventually. Bought a Traveller 2000. Still need to get the other basics. Looking for ideas on DIY fly tying stations...
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