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  1. For me being a beginner and for what it's worth, that's a really nice tied fly. Good job Tightlines
  2. Hwy108 is a little south of where I am, the Koa campground at centennial bluff on 395.
  3. I will do that, I will be fishing west walker between coleville and lake topaz, just waiting for 27 April. Thank you Tightlines
  4. Nice, I walked down to the walker river yesterday, seen some rising trout in the deep pools, water is crystal clear. The itch is real,🤣😂🤣
  5. It's all good, I'm a beginner and I just tied what is very useful here in the Sierras. There are many variations of flys we can't know all of them. I will give them a try on the walker river and see if they produce any hookups. Tightlines
  6. Here is the pattern I worked from. Thank you Tightlines
  7. #14 standard dry fly hook Black polyester sewing thread (experiment) White floss Black floss Grizzly neck hackle small for tail Grizzly hackle for collar Tell me what you think. Tightlines
  8. Pat rubber legs done coming your way latest Tuesday. Tightlines
  9. It's on my bucket list for sure, I think I have my dubbing issues worked out. I've tied a couple dry fly spinners posted in beginner section and they came out good too much wing though ,alot easier to ty then the parachute. Presently I'm working on tying the flys for the stone fly swap,shakey hands and working with rubber legs, the challenge is real.🤣 Tightlines
  10. I just learned something new, was wrapping the dubbing wrong, I'm lefthanded. Thank you silvercreek, I will try that. Very good tip
  11. Not my finest tying, but I'm working on it. Next year I will be visiting friends in Michigan and the plan is to do some fly fishing. I hope to be a much better fly tyer. Tightlines
  12. Hey guys, I'm steadily working on these pats rubber legs, those legs are a serious pain in the rear, but I'm doing the best I can. 3 more to do.
  13. So 1 of my orders are in, its a go for the swap, I will start soon. The verigated chenille is what I was waiting for, and the other stuff happened for no apparent reason fall into my shopping cart.😇 Tightlines
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