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  1. Hi Chuck Is this the sort of wing style you are trying to tie? This has been done with two bunches of rolled mallard with a slip folded over the top - bit like a tent - to finish off. Keep trying - it's worth it in the end:) Darrell
  2. WOW, How did you manage to get such a neat red stripe!
  3. Is it tall enough to use without standing it on something?
  4. I have a Magnavice that I use as my "outside" tying (classes, shows etc) and purchased the micro jaws because the original jaws are a little awkward to use with #14 and below, you have to clamp the hook right in the tip of the jaws and the hook can move a little. Also because the jaws are q little bulky they can impede into the gape too far - for my liking anyhow, The micro jaws are FAR superior, even using a #16 there is tonnes of room around the gape and although they are a little pricey as an extra ( i believe the vice is now sold with both jaws now), they are well worth the cash.
  5. I make sure all materials, even those bought from reputable dealers, are stored in zip-lock bags and then I have a series of fairy heavy-duty plastic boxes made by "really useful box co.". Each box holds a particular material: quills, marabou, hair, tails, dubbing etc. and has a label so I know what box is which. The boxes are strong enough to stack twelve high.
  6. C&F make such a Hackle Plier - Model CTF140, as well as Dr Slick (Model 4 SS I Believe) I know where they are available in the UK, but you'll have to Google US online dealers - or maybe a real Bricks 'n Mortar tackle shop:)
  7. Thank you for the advice guys - most appreciated:)
  8. When starting a new topic, at the foot of the page is a button "Choose File" - click and navigate to where the pic is on your hard drive. When selected, click the button "Attach this File" it will appear in the posting where the cursor was/is. This allows for moving the attachment to below your comment by pressing return a couple of times. When replying using the "Reply to this topic " at the bottom of the comments, click the "more reply options" on the bottom right to display the full editor with image attaching options. Hope this helps:)
  9. Thanks Si Photo to follow soon - spending Sat morning working on them:)
  10. I was offered a HUGE amount of material from a woman who's late husband had been a fly tyer. It was like Xmas had come early - until I got home and found that there had been an infestation of moths. Although from what I could see, they were all dead, I chucked probably 80% which filled 3 large black bin sacks just in case. All my materials are in ziplock bags and then stored in heavy-duty plastic boxes and I NEVER add any material of unknown source until it's been in a zip-lock bag placed in a quarantine box for a couple of months.
  11. Hi Barry, the Waldron Ceramiscrapes are now like rocking horse poo - about 4 years ago I managed to bag one of the last two that were found in the back of a warehouse, and my mate got the other. Lawrence Waldron has told me that he will never produce any more since the company he used for the casting of the ceramic closed down (or something like that). My guess is that if anyone wanted to sell one, the term "a good price" would probably run into many tens of £'s - I paid over £30 for mine… but you may be lucky
  12. Thanks guys - I've got one of my usual suppliers on the case checking with Metz regarding their Magnum Necks for suitability. FlyFishin'Jam, the scant few pics I could find on Google do appear to have short fibre hackle - maybe they were tied with a genetic neck? I have no experience of tying these patterns and I can't seem to find any specific pattern proportion details on 'tinternet… Hairwing patterns do seem to be a little more "free-form" than other wet fly patterns (although I could be totally wrong about that!). Hairwing, the tip-first at the rear of the hook technique is one I've used in the past, but on this occasion had totally forgotten about (must be old age catching up on me ) I have used it to great effect on some Bergman patterns so I may give it a go:) Here is a quick snap of a the fly so far, with a hackle tied in (dry-run - please excuse the poor positioning of the tie-in point ), if you could give me your thoughts.
  13. Nice man cave - but far too tidy
  14. Hi all Looking to pick a few brains… Trying to tie a Beltra Badger on a #8 B280 - It's an Irish hair wing pattern and it has a yellow cock hackle palmered through the body. My question is: should the body hackle be x1.5 the gape of the hook in the same way as regular wet fly patterns, or should it stay within the gape? This is my first attempts at the type of fly... Darrell
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