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  1. In March someone broke the window out of my truck and took my pack with basically all of my flies in it, so I've been hard at work restocking! A few of my favorites from the last couple weeks: Sz 14 Yellow Stimulator sz 14 Little Yellow Stonefly nymph sz 16 CDC emerger Edit: fixed my gigantic pictures
  2. NMflyguy

    Cool looking frog

    http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/narcam/idguide/crepitan.htm Likely a cricket frog, as you can see they come in lots of different colors, and many have a triangle on their head like this one. definately a cool looking frog -josh edit: heres a pic of one thats nearly identical. http://www.livingunderworld.org/gallery/ph...cris/crepitans/
  3. Yes, make sure its at Highest possible resolution. also, look for Macro mode, or closeup, sometimes called either. josh
  4. i bought a brand new Z-board and the keys for the gamepad part stick constantly. i've tried lots of things, but i cant get it to stop, the only thing that helped was a can of compressed air and it only helped a little.. i just sprayed out the keys.. if its a recent development, taking the heys off is as good as any way to do it. make sure to use a qtip and clean it out well. just no liquid and you shoule be in good shape. they make a waterproof flexible keyboard that i keep for all my non-gaming use.. its awsome, you can use it underwater! i always knew there'd be a reason to have the monitor in the shower. Josh
  5. buying colored wire. i dont even tie with wire. i've had to make up flies just to use it. what the crap. lol i guess im like a racoon, im attracted to shiny things. Josh
  6. NMflyguy


    mine is worse. i have many hobbies and lots of them get neglected from time to time. i tie flies, drag race, play paintball, and design mods for computer games in my "spare time" lol i need another job just to pay for them all, and i need less of a job so i can enjoy them.. catch 22. J
  7. i find it best to wrap both hackles at once. i've never really had a problem with the hackles tying itself down when i do it that way. looks great for a second attempt. proportions are closer and hackle is getting better. i think once your classes start you'll get lots better. keep it up and in no time you'll be crankin out boxes full of cahill's. J
  8. hehe, i can envision it. the powerbait batch tester. his little spoon, a nice glass of aquafina to cleanse the palatte and all 50 flavors laid out in front of him.... taste away, im sure you're one of the highest paid people on earth. J
  9. Yay for photochop!! great attempt for a first fly. i still have my first fly. about every three months i look at it to giggle some more. anything with upright devided wings is kinda difficult for me. you'll get the hang of hackle over time. i takes a while to be able to select the right one, get it tied in correctly, and get it finished right. keep up the good work!! J
  10. Woah, thats strange. i've generally tied mine one size smaller than the hook. ie a size 16 hackle on a 14 hook. of course, mine never look very good . lol J
  11. NMflyguy


    I've used it for a few months, i love it compared to IE, and its way more secure. go firefox! Josh
  12. NMflyguy

    Best Avatar

    Mine is simply me, finishing a practice game against our across town rivals with a short, sweet bunker move. luckily the camera guy was ready, he took a couple for the cause too. lol Josh
  13. i hate spending money on anything, but most of all i hate that i had to go buy a piece of deerhide when my grandfather had shipped me some and i didnt know it. and i dont like forking out the money for nice hackles, although i do anyway, i still gripe about paying 60-100 dollars for feathers. Gas here is 1.89 regular, i spend 2.09 for premium, 2.49 for trick 101 octane and 3.00+ a gallon for race gas, i really need to pick one hobby. dont smoe so i couldn't tell ya on that one. Josh
  14. i got 20. what the hell though, i've never even seen a canadian dollar or dime. lol. 15+24 i missed, both canadian currency questions 7 i guessed 30 for a book of matched, never smoked 11 i didnt know the no smoking sign one 12 i've never seen a TV with a dial?? lol 17 whats a book? 21 theres 10 hotdogs in our bun packs at the store i go to, but only 8 hotdogs to a pack, why this is i'll never know, but i was wrong for this test none the less Josh
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