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Found 8 results

  1. The couple days before I had caught one Redfish in the slot size, and I hooked up to one undersized, and so did Johnny. However today was on fire! The reds were stirring like crazy! They were large, and willing to eat my flies. Fly fishing for reds is usually difficult, but it seemed easy today. Plus, I caught the largest red Ive ever caught on the fly rod, the biggest was pushing 27". Unfortunately Johnny didnt get one today, but I had 3 in the slot size, so I gave him one of mine before I left back home. Redfish is one of my favorite eating fish in the gulf where I fish, well 2nd to flounder. And I already ate one of them. Used blackening seasoning and it was amazing! Just watch out for the worms, because the larger sized reds will get worms in them. I did find one worm in my filet, but it was cooked through quite well so im not too worried about it. These worms actually dont harm humans from what im told.
  2. Another day, and a couple more reds! After years of heading down to corpus with horrible luck, finally I think I have figured out these reds. The last 3 trips Ive caught redfish, and this trip was one of the best Ive ever had. The weather was horrible, with rain, heavy wind, and the cold made me wish I was at home by a fire. However, all of that was worth it because the redfish were on fire! Now I went down, and fished 3 separate days. This video is on the first two days fishing. I fished alone the first day, and was able to fish with Johnny for a few hours on the 2nd day. The wind was very bad though on the 2nd day, which made it difficult to land any reds. However Johnny was able to get one the 2nd day, but it was just shy of the slot size. I got a 17-18" the first day, however I also was able to get a slot sized red that was 24". In Texas, the redfish have to be between 20-28" to keep. And you can keep up to 3 per day. This spot that we stumbled across a few months back is one of the best redfish spots ive ever fished! Its a flats area, that takes a while to walk to. In fact its about a 2 mile walk, though tall grass and mud. But the walk is worth it! The reds are everywhere, and generally you can see them chasing bait in the water. They are actively feeding in this area so they readily take flies if presented properly. The best part of it, is that the walk deters other fisherman from coming to that spot, and therefor we have the whole flats area to ourselves. I have never seen anyone back there, or even seen foot prints (except for hogs, deer and crane). Pristine fishing, that I am very happy we found.
  3. I'm looking for suggestions of a few Louisiana redfish flies. I'm fishing the Venice area in June. My guide provides all flies, however I want to try a few patters and give them a shot just for fun. He suggested size wise 2/0's or 3/0's, tied ~5 to 6" in length. His "go to" fly is a variation of Dan Blanton's Whistler or a fly called "Willie The Pimp". Not a lot of info online about "Willie", at least that I can find (Was Frank Zappa a fly fisherman?). He likes flies that push a lot of water. Though water conditions dictate fly selection (crab, shrimp, baitfish) and color, he also suggested big crab patters that move some water for large black drum. 95% of the flies I find online are for smaller reds, very little on the size flies he suggests for bullreds & black drum. With that said how about a 2 or 3 suggestions that might be in the ballpark of what I'm looking for? (Please no deer hair, I plan on posting a separate thread on Willie the Pimp)
  4. This is my new video. Let me know what you think. Borski's Redfish Slider's are great flies for redfish and seatrout. The most common inshore forage for the gulf fish is brown shrimp. This fly mimics the brown shrimp wonderfully. It moves really nicely in the water due to being tied with craft fur. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 Hook Size 2. (you can use any saltwater long shanked hook) Weight: Dumbell Eyes (I used 5MM size) Body: Craft fur (I used tan, but you can use any color to match the shrimp in your area) Collar: Streamer sized saddle hackle (Red, pink, or orange to resemble the egg sack on shrimp). Head and upper collar: I used elk hair, but its more traditionally tied with deer hair. Elk hair tends to be slightly less buoyant, but deer hair is easier to spin Music: (Happiness & Sunny) Bensound.com https://youtu.be/Il9EgYAoNPM
  5. I fish this for redfish in the gulf. It does well for me. Let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/JGTNbsT715Y
  6. Finally got to toss these woolhead mullet in the water and they are everything I could ask for and more, so I tied a few more variations. So far only a few trout, but i will find you Redfish! Smaller can be better - Size 4 Pre-Barred craft fur from Hobby Lobby - Stuff is kinda funky (in a bad way) And a slider...
  7. Just received a bunch of new materials Saturday and these are what I have come up with so far. Really like tying with the Sculpin wool, and the Peacock feathers are fun too! Not sure about the XL aluminum eyes yet... but we will see. I cant wait to throw these as soon as the water warms... someday. Mullet - ish Big ugly - Should ride hook point up, but I am not sure how the Aluminum eyes will effect it yet.
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