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The Mayfly Project's 25 on the Fly

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When I posted some pics from my Costa Rica trip last week, I mentioned it was the first of two fly fishing trips I had slated in May. 

The second was a trip north to participate in The Mayfly Project's 2nd annual 25 on the Fly tournament.

I had fished the same Mixed Bag tournament in 2021, driving the 20 hours to New York for pre-fishing/Day 1 before detouring to Rhode Island for day 2 of the tournament.

This year, we decided to switch it up.  And instead of fishing NY with a detour into RI, I flew directly into Providence for two days of striper fishing before the tournament began.  We then fished day 1 of the tournament in RI before driving overnight to central NY to finish things off.  It was an absolute blast to say the least, and we did quite well landing 13 of 18 eligible species on tournament days.

25 on the Fly: Part 1 (Rhode Island pre-fishing)

25 on the Fly: Part 2 (Tournament Day 1)

25 on the Fly: Part 3 (Tournament Day 2)



*Note - Some of the pics are a little blurry as they're screen shots from videos.  The tournament format requires videos of each release*










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8 hours ago, chugbug27 said:

Living the life!

Sadly back to reality this month.  Not sure how I'll handle spending more than 10 days in the office this month.

Still waiting to test out your flies by the way.  Apparently (per my house sitter) there was a mayfly hatch while I was in Costa Rica, but I haven't had a good one since.  Crossing my fingers for another soon.


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Ope there goes gravity...

No worries, the flies will wait. Amazing trips there 

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