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  1. I use http://www.weather.gov/ and http://www.weather.gov/gyx/winter They seem to be more accurate than most. I think most of us who spend a lot of time outdoors can predict what the weather will be in short term better than most meteorologists.
  2. Nice pair of bass...how much did they weigh and what lake is that?
  3. Welcome to the forum...This weekend your season starts, hopefully you can find someplace that's not too crowded.
  4. Now you have me thinking about one... It looks like this place has them in stock http://www.whitewaterflies.com/MCKENZIE-VISE-LIGHT-WITH-16-STEM_p_3126.html
  5. Hello; I received the latest edition of Fly Tyer magazine and they have an article of Rainy's new patterns. One which looks interseting is Schiel's Mad Mud Dog Salamander. The pattern seem pretty simple but I don't have any craft stores near me. So I want to make sure what I'm getting when I make the drive. The main part is Craft Felt. I found some on-line at A.C.More and there is a store I can drive to but what I need to know before I go there is what thickness does it call for? Does craft felt come in different thicknesses? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Warren.
  6. Thunder Creek Streamers are more of method of tying them than an actual "Series". In his book he does have a number of patterns but like a Clouser you can make up any pattern that you seem fit. There is no particular web site for them but there are quite a few sites that have patterns and instructions on how to tie them. They are very effective as not too many people tie them and it's something that trout or bass haven't seen much of. I did pretty good with trout and salmon on them last year and tied some up for bass this year. They are a little more involved to tie than your normal streamer though but should be worth it. Warren.
  7. Great looking selection! I just recently got the book on the Thunder Creek Streamers and was wondering on how they would do with the Smallies. Have you used them in small lakes and ponds or just in rivers? What patterns have been most productive? I also have just two more questions if you don't mind.. What size barbells are on your clousers and what size hooks are you using on the Thunder Creeks? Thank you! again it's a fantastic looking selection! Warren.
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