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  1. I’ve not known it used for fly tying but wonder thread is what is used in the bait world to tie up spawn sacs and chicken livers. It usually comes on a card. You wrap it around a number of times and pull tight with no knot needed. Personally, I would doubt it’s holding ability on a fly.
  2. Thanks for the kind words but any honest evaluation has to give the victory by a landslide to Mark. His Turkey really looks like a Turkey. Therefore, to the victor goes the prize. Congratulations Mark! I’ll get you in the custom knife challenge. Okay maybe not but it should be equally as fun. Now where did I put that forge?
  3. They are getting really hard to spot. They use to be fairly obvious and they had a camera pointing over the key pad to record pass codes. These were easily defeated by simply covering the key pad when typing in your PIN. These new ones are way more sophisticated.This is why I use credit cards, as opposed to bank or ATM cards, for all electronic payments. If they get my numbers and PINs they are only stealing from the credit card companies and not me. Credit card companies don’t care if they are victims so neither do I as long as they replace my card by the next day. There’s not even a reason to report it to the police, they don’t care either, nor should they, since the credit card companies (the victim) don’t care and could care less about prosecuting.
  4. Really Nice Mark! Based on your previous ice fishing pics I assume the target is trout. Are you tipping them with minnows or grubs or just fish them al dente?
  5. Absolutly and completely wrong, in my humble opinion. I don’t even worry about problems, or keeping up with virus protection, making sure my Norton antivirus is current, or anything else. Apple products are just so much more secure and encrypted that you don’t need to do anything. Now if your computer literate and like constantly securing your pc and updating your antivirus maybe I’m wrong. However, for us complete computer Neanderthals, an Apple is where it’s at. There is simply no need to do anything other then turn it on, enjoy it and turn it off when your done. Trust me, I fought and resisted the switch but once made I’ve never looked back and wondered why I was so stubborn about it in the first place. I break out in hives just thinking of a return to the PC world.
  6. Yes, it was not an easy adjustment for me as I also enjoyed an actual piece of paper. But when the price for thin exceptionally dirty paper and print exceeded 4 times the price of digital it became a no brainer. Late or missing deliveries was the final nail in the print coffin though. I read mine from an IPad, which isn’t print, but is way better then a computer and I actually spend less time reading a digital version then the print because I’m not flipping it around and remolding. Now, I find it to be a far better experience than a dirty paper. Change is difficult but usually for the better.
  7. There is nothing worse to use for long term storage than a thumb drive followed closely by any other version of an external hard drive. I’m a computer idiot just like most older folks but you guys really need to study up on the cloud. All your “stuff” can be excessed from any device on any platform. I’ve said this before, it pains me to say it, but I will continue to say it, PC’s suck and are simply nothing but problems, defending against potential problems, and waiting for the next problem. Since switching to Apple products, I don’t know, a decade ago, I have had zero computer, phone, or tablet issues. I mean zero as in none. Nothing, no glitches, no lost data, no crashes, no slowdowns, no malware or cyber attacks, zip. I don’t need kids, service contracts, a computer guy, nobody. Unless your doing heavy mathematical rocket ship building or complex engineering, there is simply no good reason to own a PC other then a super cheap price. Unlike fly rods, you get what you pay for applies to our computing needs. Apple has begrudgingly made my life way more simple and I encourage others to embrace them.
  8. Inquirer digital edition is 16.00 a month. That’s less than 200 a year. My newspaper digital version is far cheaper than when I had a paper copy delivered. It also doesn’t get caught in my snowblower. That’s a win win. anything in print is a dying animal. There is no reason for the inquirer to pay for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, city taxes, operate a massive delivery infrastructure, pay union wages to a massive workforce who largely don’t want to work when they can pay for data storage. There is nothing new in fly tying. Maybe new material, maybe new names, but wrapping stuff on hooks is not all that technical. The internet has made life so easy. It can easily handle fly tying “news” and do it better then anything in print.
  9. My early years of fishing began with fishing for trout with minimal stuff and a minimal budget. Mainly it was simple yarn tied on a hook with an overhand knot and a split shot. I learned the simple ways of a Mennonite farmer. While the budget has grown, those lessons have never escaped me and I have as few gadgets, gizmos, hooks and materials that I realistically need. I consider myself lucky to have learned from a simple man when I read all of the posts about the expense and amount of stuff some accumulate. I’m sure I’ve bought double stuff before but I just can’t remember what it might have been, thread maybe? Brassie wire? Possibly a pack of hooks but I use all my hooks. I definitely won’t buy something when I have something that can be substituted, and everything can be substituted, and that applies double to hooks. Organization is key and so is not buying everything some YouTuber, famous fly tier, or just some guy on the internet ties his flies with. I do have a slight problem with cheap bobbins. For some reason I feel every spool of thread needs its own bobbin.
  10. Poopdeck

    What’s cooking

    That’s freaking genius!!! A pumpkin pie stuffed crust gobbler pizza. So you get the meal and then the dessert when you get to the crust. It’s on now, or least it’s going to be on next November 29, 2024.
  11. Poopdeck

    What’s cooking

    We all decided a gobbler pizza on Black Friday is our new tradition to end the Thanksgiving holiday. It was that good. I have to figure out how to incorporate the pumpkin pie.
  12. Poopdeck

    What’s cooking

    Turkey, Turkey gravy, stuffing, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce.
  13. Really nice ties everybody and thanks for the kind words. I surely had fun and it occupied quite a few hours of my time. I plan on taking something from each of the ties to make a super soldier turkey fly next year. Happy thanksgiving to all.
  14. I went the traditional turkey fly pattern since I have zero creativity Hook - 1/0 Thread - White UTC 140/brown 6/0 uni Tail - turkey tail feathers Body - Natural deer hair, spun. Legs - rubber legs Head/neck - tan foam, brown ostrich herl Beard - red micro chenille
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