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  1. I only got 35 years out of my first John Deere. I was hoping for 40 but I was okay with it. It was time to upgrade to a hydrostatic transmission.good luck with it.
  2. This one? If so it’s still a good guide to the hatches. But it’s only a guide to get you pointed in the right direction. Full disclosure, trout fishing bores the hell out of me so I haven’t really dogged eared the book over the years. I take a few trout trips every year to keep a buddy happy and that’s about it. I’m not really a match the hatch guy and find you will do just fine on most PA trout stream with nothing more then your basics such as an Adams, EHC, PT nymph, Hares ear, and my favorite and best fly on most small central Pa streams, a Stewart's spider. Please try to keep the Stewart’s spider a secret.
  3. That looks like a lot of hammering. Nice work!
  4. Most times I don’t use any glue because I’m not overly concerned about durability or how it looks to my eye. When I do I use SHHAN simply because of its wide spread availability. I can grab a bottle at will at any pharmacy or grocery store I walk into. Glad to know that it tested out well so thanks for your casual observations.
  5. Not I but my daughter went to rio for the entire summer Olympics. She had a blast. Described it as a once in a lifetime trip. Had to spend a week in Argentina afterward to decompress before coming home. Oh the life
  6. I hope not to know when my last trip will be. Until then I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and enjoying for decades at the same old places. I’ve never dreamed about fishing elsewhere so I must be exactly where I’m suppose to be. Life is good.
  7. More Pats rubber legs. I think I have enough now. Time for a new pattern
  8. What fruitrollup said. I don’t buy expensive material, period. No need to. I won’t buy jungle cock because I won’t use it even if a pattern calls for it. I would just leave it out and not substitute it with anything or simply never tie that fly. I buy inexpensive half capes and 100 packs for hackle. I stick with brown, black, Dun and grizzly. Anything else and you’re just a hoarder. Fly tying material is actually very inexpensive. I would tell you to simply use fly patterns as a guide and don’t go nuts buying every material out there because that’s what some other guy used to tie a fly. Most importantly, tie flies that’s are proven fish catchers on the waters you will be fishing and not flies that get the most “likes” by fly tiers.
  9. The struggle is real. I think we do it because it feels so good when we finally throw the scrap collection away.
  10. Whoa! The first ever squatch sighting captured on film in perfect focus and lighting!!!! Oh wait, it’s a selfie. Sorry.
  11. I agree but It’s not as absurd of an idea as a Richardson 5 drawer chest box that fly fishermen fawn over. I actually think it’s a way better idea than a chest box. I’m not sure of the website name of spinoBAIT.
  12. Pats rubber legs Hook - Mustad R75 size 10 Weight - .020 lead wraps Thread - UTC 140 black Tail/antenna - Sili legs, chrome nymph barred, silver/clear Body - Crystal chenille Legs - Sili legs, chrome nymph barred, silver/clear
  13. I fish a WW creek close to my home on a regular basis and note bass will often hit blue gills struggling to get off the hook. I had one hitting every blue gill I caught but at the time I was not carrying any bass flies. The following day I returned with a popper and on my first cast to the same rock I watched the bass coming from the previous day, he came out and exploded on my popper. It was the only fish I caught on the popper all day. I’ve also had a musky grab a hooked 9” SMB on the river. It spit the bass out about 2’ out of net range. I did catch and release the bass.
  14. MADAAM X Hook - Mustad C53S STD/3X size 14 Thread - UTC 70, watery olive Tail/body - Olive dyed deer hair Rib - UTC 210 flo green Head/wing - Bleached elk hair Legs - Round white rubber
  15. MADAAM X Hook - Mustad C53S STD/3X size 14 Thread - UTC 70, burnt orange Tail/body - Olive dyed deer hair Head/wing - olive dyed deer hair Legs - opal crystal flash/fire Orange crystal flash
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