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  1. None of my cars leak or burn oil. If they do I get them fixed. Finding honest contractors is not easy but easy but there are plenty. What I've learned over the years is dont use a big company that wants to sell you monthly plans or service plans. Those guys will always up sell you.
  2. Okay now I'm depressed. Today I will put my boat away for winter and enter the dark days of warm winter. It will be cold enough to where I won't go wading but typically not cold enough for my definition of safe ice which is 5". The last two years we didn't get more than a skimming. 3 years ago I was able to travel north for an hour to fish sketchy ice. I don't like traveling more then an a couple hours to fish because I hate driving for four hours round trip but this year I'm planning on travel wherever necessary. perhaps I should invest in a mobile ice fishing world headquarters. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  3. You might have just discovered the new secret weapon.
  4. I think I have to get a new iPad. I can't open the dashboard so I'm not sure what it is. However, I use the USGS gauges religiously and check them multiple times a day for the waters I fish. I use them to determine where and what I'm fishing for before every trip. Of course the gauges are meaningless with out a real world point of reference to actual water conditions so I check them before during and after every trip. This allows me to know where I can and can't go in my boat or what ramp I should use all depending on the water levels that I am intimately aware of. Some flows I can go anywhere I want but have an incredibly difficult time anchoring in places. At other times there are certain riffs I can't go through as the water drops. If conditions are bad on the river than I'll start checking my local stream flows and to determine which ones are fishable and which ones are not and even what I'm fishing for and how I'm fishing. If the currents are up I'll leave the fly rod and take spinning gear. I will determine if I'm fishing for bass, catfish, carp, trout or if I'm fishing saltwater solely on the gauge flows. Saves a lot of time driving. theres a ton of gauges on most every stream. They are typically at bridges where they are clear to see and get the gauge number off of. Just plug the number into the USGS site and book mark the gauges you want on your phone home screen. I can't remember the last time I showed up at a fishing spot only to find it Unfishable or less than desirable conditions. It's a great resource.
  5. I'd like to know more about the homemade thing that helps tie perfect walleye flies.
  6. Way to stick to it. Effort is always rewarded. Keep looking I think there will be lots of deals waiting to be found in the near future.
  7. I've spent a great deal of time pondering this myself. Not for stream side tying but I was in need of a way to take my stuff to a monthly fly tying group. I will assume it will work for camp side tying, not so sure about stream side. Got the idea from someone here. I wish I could remember who to give them the credit because it has worked beautifully for my needs. A simple old laptop bag. Holds my vice, base, lamp, extension cord and all the tying tools and material I need. I usually only carry what I'm tying that night but it will hold a surprisingly large amount of material if you were so inclined.
  8. I rarely adhere to patterns in other than a general sense but my favorite top three patterns to fish are poppers, Creamers HD craw variants and swimming nymph variants.
  9. Why do you remove the snow from your yard? I love my yard but I'm not clearing snow from it. There has got to be a very good reason for this, I just can't think of one. Do you clear the snow from your neighbors yards as well or just their driveways and walkways?
  10. Nice job DF! Nothing looks better in the kitchen than a nice range hood. For years I looked at a god awful microwave over my range and just hated it. the day I ripped it out and installed a nice range hood was a day well worth the aggravation of cutting a hole in my roof and installing a vent through the attic. It's those kinds of projects that makes getting out on the water special.
  11. Forged green wood working tools is the way to go. I was going to try my hand at forging my own tools as well but I haven't been able to use my pole lathe for over a year know since tearing my meniscus in my right knee. My left leg hasnt worked right for 30 years so I really need my right leg to operate the lathe. That and I've never forged anything before but more because of the knee. It's on the list though somewhere between fixing the knee, building a forge and death. One day.
  12. Nope, worm weights come predrilled. Stick the wire through the hole and bend or peen the end to keep the weight from sliding off.
  13. I just discovered another discovery. I still can't navigate from page to page with any of the navigation buttons except by holding down the page number and opening another page in the background. The new discovery is once I'm on the new page opened in the background I can cycle through all the different pages just by tapping the page number. Don't ask me why.
  14. Not sure what you mean about the in step and the straight. I laid the skis flat with exact width spacing front to back and screwed the box uprights to it. The bottom of the box is high enough where it doesn't plow snow. No problems steering but I find it's important to keep the weight as close to the front of the skis as possible without nose diving the ski tips into the snow. It's kind of like a go cart with a live axle (both rear wheels under power) great for speed and traction but bad for turning. We always put weight over the front axle to help with turning. Kind of the same principle, I think. My face is there that's just where I carry my extra ice holes. Actually, Im pretty guarded about my face being on the Internet so I never show it on the interweb.
  15. Holy crap 19' seas! 6' in a 32' foot boot is as high as I want to go. What's your upper level up there? Nice hunting, that's a lot of bologna.
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