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  1. It should be mandatory viewing. The fear mongering and panic did its job of making everybody take this serious but it's been long since time to move away from fear and panic and get back to working and living with COVID19. This can very simply be accomplished with two very basic rules. If the doctor can work among 1200 COVID19 patients without any type of protection 90% of the time I think we can all get back to work without any fear or increased risk of exposure. Two freaking simple rules, THATS IT!
  2. The dumbass politicians in NJ just closed all ramps on the river because they saw boats out. This big brother we know best for you insanity is out of control and needs to end. I'm pissed, I'm embarrassed for us as a nation and I'm fed up with the dumb asses. I want to close down government so we can all get back to work and doing what we enjoy.
  3. Here is a great, I repeat great, video of a pulmonologist at ground zero in a NYC hospital with 1200 COVID19 patients. He works with the sickest of the lot. I think it's fair to say ground zero is determined by where he is standing at any given time. Here he is addressing concerns to his family and friends, I say again, his family and friends. He didn't do this to mug for the cameras or to profit. You are free to believe the carpetbaggers pandering for votes, the CDC pandering for the biggest money grab in CDC history, the 100's of thousands of healthcare workers who will have no contact with a COVID19 patient or the mainstream media who are all grabbing for noteriety, wealth and fame, all of the FaceBook idiots who perpetuate the fear mongering of previous lot or this guy. The choice is up to you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kcKTzefEJFM
  4. The better the bottle of wine the better the cork. I've got bags of used corks that wine making/drinking friends collected at my request. I had to tell them to stop saving them for me. I give my corks one coat of five minute epoxy and then sand it, not for a perfect finish rather for sealing since cork is wood. No, the fish can't smell the old wine, or if they can, it doesn't prevent them from eating it.
  5. That is the great thing about opening day of trout fishing Swampy! I'm sure your aware that in PA, among the fly fishing only crowd, opening day is looked upon with great distain. Those who partake are referred to as bait chuckers and powerbaiters by a large group of FF who believe they are superior to all other anglers. I see and have enjoyed exactly what you said on opening day for many years. Like you, the group I would go with have mostly passed on but man what great memories. I don't really have a favorite species as I enjoy fishing for anything and everything but trout would be one of my least sought after. Trout fishing was always about the relationships with others. Anymore I don't typically go out with my rod on opening day but I do go out to watch the start and see everybody enjoying or beginning their own opening day traditions. It's a great day and one where I'm glad the stodgy tweed wearing types don't partake.
  6. They encroached my AO. Was it opened unexpectantly like ours? As far as I know there was little if any advance notice. I think they announced the opening at the exact time of the opening. It only kept the crowds at bay for about an hour but it was a good thought.
  7. Tyler state park is wide open. As far as I know it never closed. I ran down and managed to be one of the first five anglers there. I managed to catch two before it turned into an opening day mob scene and I left. The park was also jam packed with walker, joggers, bicyclists and everybody else imaginable.
  8. PA unexpectantly opened trout fishing across the state at 8:00 AM this morning. No mentored youth day. https://www.media.pa.gov/Pages/fish-and-Boat-Commission-Details.aspx?newsid=316 finally some carpetbaggers had a good thought. I'm assuming it came out of the blue like it did to reduce opening day crowds.
  9. Finally broke out the rods and got my first shad trip in. Not a great day but a decent day going 18 for 19. About a dozen or so boats out when normally you could easily double or triple that number on a beautiful Sunday when the shad are up. I don't take pictures of fish but I do take pictures of bent hooks.
  10. Poopdeck

    Covid 19

    A colleague was one of the earlier confirmed cases. He convelessed at home for a couple weeks and is returning to work. The younger you are the less of a deal it is which surprises me when I go out to the stores (everyday and usually multiple stores) I don't see any younger adults. It's only the seniors and more at risk age groups. Something wrong with that picture if you ask me. I'm now in week 4 of my lockdown and I'm noticing people are getting tired of the lockdown and are venturing out in greater and greater numbers. Today I went to Lowes and it looked like business as usual with everybody buying plants and lawn care items. Personally, I'm glad to see it.
  11. Since it looks like I will be doing more fishing in the summer and less this spring, I decided I needed some more hoppers
  12. There's another school of thought saying masks make you touch your face more because people are prone to constantly adjust them. They are nothing more then virus collectors. Their value is more for people who already have COVID19 to help limit the spray distance from coughing and sneezing.
  13. Today I watched behind enemy lines with Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. Great movie, one I can watch over and over.
  14. It seems location is key in determining the level of bug protection needed. Down south in the sweltering heat and humidity seems to require more protection like moth balls. Up north less. If you acquire your material through hunting or roadkill more protection maybe warranted. If your in the business of tying, perhaps inventory control is a better option over long term storage requiring bug control measures. I've long ago stopped using stuff given to me or found. Material goes a long way for me so I prefer storing stuff at the fly shops and ordering only what I need at the time of need. I have an impressive list of material available at my fingertips with this method. Of course, no matter how much I leave stored at the fly shops, material still collects so I leave everything in its original packaging as long as it seals. If it doesn't I put it in a bag that does. The stuff that doesn't get used often is further stored in sealable plastic boxes. I also practice not having a vast collection of stuff in the first place and find it better to substitute materials over buying more and more stuff that would require long term storage and get little use. My final measure is the trash can. Every year I go through my fishing stuff and I throw away anything I didn't use, is damaged or I didn't like. I have zero issues with trashing stuff I don't use and I have little interest in pennies on the dollar yard sales. I would not even think about using moth balls. As far as using cloves or or spices, would that not attract rodents?
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    Good stuff Vicente. Thanks for the laugh
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