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  1. My iPad is an A1458 meaning it's a 2012 model. I think most apple users don't hold on to them that long but I don't like being strong armed by Apple into Buying their latest toy. I'm sure it's on my end.
  2. I like how you left the cork el natural
  3. Anyone have a source for olive caddis hooks?
  4. Poopdeck


    Yep, doesn't seem to be fee friendly for those with actual eBay stores. I think a little blame also has to go to the G-Man trying to regulate his cut from ecommerce.
  5. The SBS pictures are stacked on top of each other and I can only see the final two and slivers of the preceding pictures. I can tap on a sliver and get the picture to open in its own window but I don't think all the pictures are represented. Again, I'm sure it's just my tablet as I seem to have functioning issues with this site and other sites that others don't seem to have. Here's a screen shot of what I see.
  6. Poopdeck


    I use to sell used car parts on eBay for my mechanic/friend when he needed to reduce stuff in the shop. He made easy money, I got free oil changes and a percentage of sales went to a children's charity of my choice in his name. At the time the minimal fees were absorbed in the shipping and "handling" fees. I don't do it anymore but the value in selling some things, like used car parts, on eBay is still worth the fee structures. Case in point: if I tried locally selling a used distributor for a 1963 Corvette I might never be able to find a buyer. Especially since an aftermarket one can be had for 30 bucks. On eBay it's rather easy to find at least two 1963 corvette owners looking for a specific date code on corvette parts and that distributor that probably wouldn't sell locally would sell for a couple hundred dollars. Another time I sold an empty Rolex Watch box for 80 dollars. I hate fees but if the fees were 25 dollars I still would have made 55 bucks on an empty box that i would have never been able to sell otherwise.
  7. And your EP baitfish patterns are just okay because.....?? by the way, I'm sure it's my old iPad, but your SBS's do not format correctly on my very old iPad. Been meaning to upgrade but I mention it only because I can't be the only one, right?
  8. Recycled hook and bead Rusty brown 8/0 uni thread Tail - peacock ice dub Body - rusty spinner turkey quill Thorax - twisted hot yellow wire Legs/wing - partridge
  9. Micmac, that was one of the coolest videos I've seen. Redietz, I'm willing to bet that you've caught fish with the peacock hurl all broken, hanging and or missing as well.
  10. Which is why you can't quit the day job. My guess is there aren't many people buying butt tons of norvise spools who are in need of a general color coded identification system. Throw in the fact that the competition is a sharpie that more readily and easily identifies the thread. No doubt there are certain vise owners that will pay up for things but I would think they would still want something a little more functional. For example, Perhaps little circular colored rings with the thread type printed on it. No sharpie can compete against that. I think it's great you came up with something that works for you, you did it yourself and your having a blast with your "wife's" cricut machine. However, as a realist I see no worthwhile business opportunity in this.
  11. Looks perfect to me. Tie some up with longer and shorter hackles and go fish them. I'm pretty sure you will learn the worth of exact historical accuracy. Nothing wrong with historical accuracy if that's what your into but that's a great tie that will be a thrill to fish. Keep it up!
  12. Fly tiers are that picky. Fish of any type dont care . Trout can't even spell cree.
  13. I've heard that it's more translucent. I'm okay with my orange thread looking orange wet or dry. Not getting wrapped around the axle has many layers to it.
  14. I've never tied a wet fly, or any fly, with floss. I believe when a pattern calls for floss it is referring to silk thread which is rich in fly tying history. Any other type of floss or thread is a substitution. Since historical accuracy and silk properties are meaningless to me I just use whatever thread I have laying around in the color I'm looking for. Ultra thread is a fine choice. Don't get wrapped around the axle on the myriad of materials that have ever been tied to a hook unless your into the art and historical accuracy of fly tying.
  15. I think you may have outlived that year class. They are building another set of condos, at least that's what I think they are going to be.
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