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  1. Your gonna love retirement. I know because I've retired twice already and I can't wait for the third time. Good luck and enjoy.
  2. Your right, if they can be found in a fly shop nobody is going to buy them because of their simplicity. The lack of availability of flies is one of the reasons I started to tie. What better gift to a beginner than a "custom" fish catcher he has never seen, heard of or read about. I know I never heard of them until somebody showed me one at a group tying night. I was reluctant to try one because of the constant match the hatch banter but my initial reaction was, wow that's simple. Not saying hatch charts are not a great tool but quick simple flies that work keeps my gear paired down to a few boxes. To be fair, I only trout fish a few times in the spring so my flies are not as varied as most. I do not fish for trout only under any and all conditions throughout the year. As with all my fishing, targeted species is geared towards the greatest probability of success for the time of year which no doubt adds to the confidence I have in a handful of flies.
  3. I think it goes without saying, but I'll say it, great knife.
  4. I'm confused. You want to send a beginner pretty flies over a proven PA fish catcher because they are simple looking and perhaps ugly to the eye? I must have read that wrong. If you want to go by general hatch charts for August - September little black caddies 16 - 18 tan caddie 14 - 18 slate drake 10 - 14 pink Cahill 12 - 16 trico 22-26 pale evening dun 16-18 white fly 12-16 ocotber caddies 10
  5. Poopdeck


    I think the problem with respect is most people demand it and feel they are entitled to it as a matter of fact. Let's not confuse respect with courtesy. It's courtesy to give someone a small piece of the stream. The demand for a piece of water as far as the eye can see is unreasonable and has nothing to do with respect. This is a mentality that is foreign to me. Ill say it again, your a better person and deserving of respect for sharing the limited resources not demanding your solitude in a world filled with others. Especially when there are places of solitude one could go but they choose to stay in populated areas and ardently demand everybody else respect their desire for solitude. Is that really how respect is defined? Not my definition. Respect is honoring somebodies anchor buoy. Disrespect is throwing an anchor buoy out, going home for a nap, grabbing lunch and meandering back 4 or 5 hours later, or even the following morning, and start yelling about respect when somebody else is anchored over your buoy. Respect cannot be demanded nor should it be expected just because you like your solitude. We all need to learn and appreciate that there are a lot of others who have every right to fish the same stream as anybody else. Only in fly fishing is respect gauged by how others give one solitude even when one doesn't actually do anything themselves for that solitude.
  6. No UV resin is not needed. Technically I guess it would make a fly last a little longer but not really unless you encased the entire fly. It's good for building up streamer heads. It can be used for coating a shell back or putting a lump somewhere. It's greatest attribute is it can be dried hard with a flip of switch. I have it, I use it ever so occasionally mainly because I want to use it up. I probably won't buy another tube but you never know what sales are coming. That's just me, others can't live without it.
  7. COVID19? Govt. shutdowns of the economy? This is what's happening everywhere so im guessing fish hooks are not immune.
  8. State college is the center of PA's trout fishing and there are lots of famous streams very close to each other. There are no shortages of fantastic trout fishing creeks in the area with impressive bug activity. Spring creek may be the most fabled creek in the state. Caddiflies, sulphers, scuds, sow bugs, midges, stoneflies are a safe bet. If you want to really hook him up get him a copy of "keystone fly fishing" by Mike Heck, Gary Kell, Len Lichvar, Jay, Nichols, Henry Ramsay, Dave Rotheock, Brian Shumaker, Ben Turpin and Karl Weixmann. I know it's a mouthful but the book is a collaborative work involving noted experts from various parts of the state. The book has the general hatch charts for the state and very nice write ups on a lot of the best creeks to include parking, access and preferred flies and notable hatches. I'm not a big trout fisherman but it's my bible when I do go trout fishing. My old standbys for general PA trout fishing are a hares ear, a bead head hares ear and a simple Stewart's spider which somebody relatively recently let me in on the secret. It's the secret weapon in the state college area. At the fly shop the trout aficionados all talk about the various hatches in their Latin tongue but when they are on the creek all by themselves they all fish the Stewart's spider, or at least the successful ones do. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uV7k3epJfJY
  9. Yep, super glue melts the crap out of fly tying squirmy material. A little bit of dubbing on the thread as the worm band. No durability issues either.
  10. Sounds like your cutting the rubber with your thread. Put a little dubbing on your thread and don't pull it so tight.
  11. We have no mountain lions in SE PA but what we have had in the last 10 years is an explosion of coyotes. They hunt in packs and are quite vocal when it comes to a kill. As small as they are they eat the crap out of the deer, especially the young ones. They share their kills so what remains often looks like the work of a single large predator. We don't have large predators so I have no base of comparison for that. Heres a good site that may help in your investigation. https://mountainlion.org/featurearticleguestphiljohnstonforensics.php
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