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  1. I think Planttrout might have it Larva lace angel dubbing look at the silver rainbow
  2. not a good picture but you get the idea
  3. I've been tying some worms with Lead, Pink thread, Red ultra chenille, and size 12 or 14 scud hook.
  4. I voted over the top. But sometimes a hackle wont turn right and I wrap the otherway sometimes if I'm tying from back to front I wrap opposite(don't ask I don't know either) and other times I'm confused lol
  5. I use both but like the metal better,I've had more trouble with ceramic then I have with metal.
  6. Damn that was easy just tied a few and they came out pretty nice.Trouser Trout do you have any picks of the catskill style? I would like to see those.
  7. Thats a great fly . Going to try some later.
  8. I have an apex anvil. I like it, never gave me any trouble. I've been using it for 3 years or more and haven't found any reason to switch. Easy adjustment, good tight jaws I tie from size 8's to size 22's and works fine for me. And you can't beat the price.
  9. Ok How do you guys keep your benches so clean? Mine gets a once a month put everything back where it belongs day ,But other then that it looks like a bomb went off in a fly shop lol.
  10. I have 4 or is it 5 rods from Steve all great rods and soon another rod will be on it's way to me from Steve Can't wait . If you need or just want a new rod Steve's the man.
  11. 50 % Mustad 50 % Saber Caught some big fish on Mustad never broke a hook the same with the Saber
  12. SilverCreek Hit the nail on the head althoe I tie flies that don't work here in Pa just for fun .I tie flies that I know will work on the Creeks and rivers here in NE Pa. Find out what the fish are feeding on in your area and tie that fly.
  13. www.flyfishusa.com/lines/choose-line-home.html This a great place to what the diffrence is in lines
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