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  1. He never said it was going to make him tie better. Not sure were you got that. Spending that kind of money is just for show, I don't think so. That is making a pretty ridiculous claim to say that anyone who buys a $700 vise is doing it just for show. If he wants the vise, he wants it. None your beeswax why he wants it. Just giving my opinion, if you agree or not, really don't matter. He can go buy two of them for all I care.
  2. Spending a lot of money on a vice does not mean your going to be a better tyer. I you can't tie well on a standard Renz traveler then your not going to do any better on a Master. Spending that kind of money is pretty much just for show. Now would I turn one away if it was free, or I could get one at about the third of the cost, no way.
  3. I'll be tying somewhere in there, hope to see some of you.
  4. I know what your looking for-- its a Mustad 277. These are not made anymore and are nearly imposible to find. Took me years to get a few for the same thing you want them for. I did track down somebody who had some and they got 5 bucks a hook :bugeyes: They do make a unique addition to the rod. I think somebody else found some on E-bay, paid the same amount. How many hooks did you need? I'll check around.
  5. Mike if your going to do married wings on drys stick with the duck quills. Goose shoulder and other feathers are fine if your doing a wet fly wing but will split and fall apart when you go to move them to an upright position, the barbs on the duck quill seem to hold together better. Another thing is you should make the width of your wing wider, I count out about 14 barbs for a size 12 hook. I've played around some with married wing drys.
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Robert_S: Fighting Tiger
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Robert_S: Daddy's Little Girl
  8. Nice room. Is it only for tying and rod building? What's all the awards on the back wall for? Jeremy Pretty much, have one little spot not in the pictures where I have a desk for my business. The awards? There little things the wife gives you when you've done something good, get enough and you can trade em in for a room. Actually a couple people liked the way I had put fur and feathers on a hook.
  9. Still trying to figure where to put a frig.
  10. What or who's #32 hooks are you all using. It took me years to find these Mustads.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Robert_S: supervisor
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Robert_S: Chief Needahbeh
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Robert_S: Jade Stone
  14. Harold, The packs I have show this web sight www.lax-a.is and goes under "The last Hope" They had somebody over here in the states years back marketing the stuff at one of the shows on the east cost. At the time they were selling it for $2.50 a pack :bugeyes: Bought a good suppy thats lasted me for some time. Was short on a couple colors and had the chance to go to Iceland, fished a couple days for some trout , not something thats really big over there, salmons the big deal. But bought a couple more packs when I was over there and then paid over 5 bucks a pack. They changed the sight, it used to be really good and even sold different lengths. This is the only thing I could get into right now but you may be able to E-mail them and get some more info. The price is probably going to be about the same, the dollar is falling like a rock so everything from overseas is running a lot more . http://www.sportfishing-iceland.com/displa...asp?cat_id=1241
  15. I have to also go with the artic runner ( Icelandic Horsehair) It will give you good color seperation, pulsates real nice in the water, I preferr it over bucktail on a lot of patterns. Here's a pic of a streamer I use that uses it in the wing. Only problem is its not cheap.
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