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  1. I alway love tying quilled flies! Great job! Tyrite
  2. Hi tyrite here I just moved locations and finally got tying again!! It has bin a wail since I have bin on this site so I am hopeing to be abule to post some flies and have a good time doing it. I have bin working to get a fly shop up and running in Trenton Ontario! So I haven't tied much In a year. Thanks Glen Dayton
  3. I love the look of this fly! I have a lot of the heads for this one so I think I will have to Ty some up! Tyrite
  4. Nice little pupa I us one like this my self and the trout go nuts over them!!
  5. Thanks When did it change the look on the site?? I am now trying to get a web site up and running but it is a lot of work doing it from scratch!! tyrite
  6. Great Job did you By thous wings or make them?? No difference it is great. Thanks Glen (tyrite)
  7. Hi I just got back on the site and It looks great all the changes in the last year or two really looks good!! I just started a little fly shop and I will tell you it isn't easy at all. Between try to Ty all the flies for it and setting you a web site I for got about the Fly tying Forum so I am going to try to get back in to it more and I will be posting more now. Thanks Glen (tyrite)
  8. Great looking fly that is definitely tone that I would be tying my self!!!
  9. I yous 5 different kinds but the Griffin ones are my favorite!!! Thank glen ty-rite
  10. Great Zonker style tub!!! the radial would be just great. thanks Glen
  11. nice job on the woven nymph I like the colours!!! Thank Glen
  12. Great looking bomber!!! I will have to Ty up some of these. Ty-Rite (Glen)
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