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  1. Oh, I thought this was about Steve...never mind!
  2. OrkneyTroot: Nice Pupa pattern. I'll use it...thanks.
  3. Cutthroat


    CTBugger: I have Trout and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. In my opinion it is one of greatest books on trout fishing ever. It covers everything you need to know whether you are a fly fisherman or a spin fisherman. I guess one of things I enjoyed the most is that it is so well written and easily understandable. I also enjoy the short stories Bergman tells to drive home a point. I have a newer addition, so there is added information that isn't in your copy. I refer to it frequently and I'm sure you will too.
  4. It's really nice to see in this day and age, people who will risk their own lives for another. Congratulations to Caroline for stepping up. :headbang: Way to make your family and friends proud!
  5. Speaking of bar-b-que, Texas has the best bar-b-que in the entire world! There are no close seconds! We also have the market cornered on cornbread, chicken an' dumplins, chicken fried steak, cream gravy and sweet tea. Ray, I'd like to order one of your bait launchers, an order of ribs, coleslaw and a pint of your hotest b-b-q sauce. Please send c.o.d. :hyst:
  6. Dear Ray, Please aim that about 45 degrees to the left...it's aimed at Colorado the way it sits. :hyst:
  7. I absolutely agree and here is a good example of why the internet has done so much for fly tying. If you haven't seen this, you will be amazed. http://www.flytyingclips.com/mcmillan.html I don't know if this site has been posted here before, but it is truely amazing. A 360 degree view of a tied fly. I don't know what else can be done to improve fly tying.
  8. That is a great story Twofingerz. That type of service is what sets even mom and pop fly shops apart from the rest. I also suspect that the downfall of mom and pop stores isn't just the big box or the internet, but lack of not just good, but great customer service, ie; An owner that recognizes a good customer with a deep discount. No matter how much I spend at Cabelas or Sportsman's warehouse, no one knows me when I walk in let alone give me a discount. vtflyhack: Give me a holler when you head out this way. By the way, a local fly shop in a neighboring city is about to go belly up. I've been thinking of trying to buy it because there isn't a local shop around if this guy leaves.
  9. There use to be a great fly fishing shop 5 mimutes from my house. It was a place you could sit and chat with other customers, tie or whatever. They went out of business. I suspect because they were an Orvis store and priced out of this world. Living in the Denver area, I have several good stores 20 minutes away in Boulder. They are excellent stores but only one has any tying materials to speak of. However, if I want to drive for 10 more minutes, I have one of the best fly fishing/tying stores in the region. Charlie's Flybox. Charlie Craven is a great guy and master tyer. If he doesn't have it, he'll get it for you. Customer service is #1 at the Flybox. I've always felt welcome there. I agree that Sportsman's warehouse has a good selection of tying materials, prices are good and customer service isn't bad. But, it's not set up for people to relax and talk. If it was, I'd be in trouble.
  10. Madkasel: Congrats on the job. It's been six months for me also. :crying: I've got flies coming out my ears. Good luck with the new job.
  11. Cutthroat

    float tubing

    Sniksoh: There are so many options. http://www.floattubefisherman.com/
  12. Cutthroat

    float tubing

    I like the Fishing Buddy. That said, it's not one that is highly regarded by people who tube a lot. I basically use it to locate the bottom and structure. http://www.fishingheaven.co.uk/fishing-buddy-fishfinder.htm Do your homework and read all you can about tubes, pumps, fish finders, etc. The internet is a wealth of information. When it is all said and done weigh the information you find with the information we are givng you and make your choices. Don't be afraid to make mistakes...we all make them. Just don't compromise on safety and comfort.
  13. Can't go wrong with St. Croix, in my opinion. Good casting rods and a great range of prices from low end to high. John, my wife fishes with me. We both started out years ago with St. Croix Pro Graphites. I've moved onto other brands, but she still has her Pro Graphite and for all the fishing she does, she'll never get tired of it. Most knowledgeable shop owners will tell you that you can't find a better rod for the money. I agree. Dfix is also correct. Don't get a fast action tip...it will drive a beginner crazy. I have several rods, including Orvis, Sage and a couple of bamboos. I got them all off of Ebay for very good prices. You just have to be careful with who you are dealing with. Despite what some say, Orvis generally makes pretty good rods...especially if you can pick up last years or the year befores model for half of what they cost new.
  14. Cutthroat

    float tubing

    Excellent thought on the rod strap. I hadn't thought of that and I am, in fact, a bit of a klutz. I assumed a vest was required. Anchor is a good thought. I have one for my canoe that might be usable. And beer can holder... now yer thinking! Several years ago my wife and I were out tubing and I warned her to make sure her flippers were on tight. Next thing I knew, one flipper went blowing by me in the wind. I spent the better part of the morning chasing her flippin flipper all over the lake. She still thinks it's the funniest things she has ever seen. Same with the tether for your rod. I've only had one mishap and I managed to grab the rod before it went under. Sniksoh that looks like a pretty cool fish finder. Don't forget to wear a pfd. Be safe and have fun. :yahoo:
  15. Cutthroat

    float tubing

    madkasel: I checked this morning and found that my fins don't have a brand name. My recommendation would be make sure you get large fins specially made for float tubes. They aren't cheap. I would guess $30 on up. You want larger than normal fins so you can push more water if you need to get out of the water fast. You'll want some kind of strap to hold your fins in case they fall off. You'll also want a tether for your rod in case you're clumsy and drop your rod. Other essential equipment I use are a pfd vest (yes I've seen tubes leak while out on the water) an anchor (I use a specially made bag that you fill with rocks) a rod holder and a fishing buddy fish finder. You can add just about anything you want. A friend of mine used pvc pipe and a strap to make an umbrella holder for those really hot days. He adjusts his casting so it doesn't get in the way. Of course you'll want a beer can holder (serious). That's why you want a tube like the Fishcat or Togiak. They have an area in back where you can put a small cooler.
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