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  1. Cool! Is that some sort of "official" replacement glass bead? Or just a glass bead?
  2. Got mine the other day and it's just incredible. I got it the day of a Trout Unlimited board meeting... I took it with and passed it around... some already get it, but those who don't were marveling at it, both the content and the amazing photography. Quite a few people were heading home to check out hatchesmagazine.com and place their order!
  3. Suh-weet!! Life has really gotten in the way of my tying and fishing this year. I need this mag to jumpstart me back onto track!!
  4. Nice, will! You are one amazing guy. I'm really glad I participated last year and plan to do more in '08!
  5. Nifty flies, everyone!! Some really great looking "bugs" with tremendous detail and care on the tie. And thanks for repackaging mine to fit the bigger flies and all, oh great swapmeister!
  6. Well, then I'm not last!! Mine went out in yesterday's mail.
  7. Sorry to be cutting it so close, gents, but I'm almost done with my Red, White and Klinkhammers. Pretty cool looking fly... imagine it'd be killer on bluegill.
  8. I was lake fishing with my in-laws. Really windy and a crowded boat so no flyrodding. But just my brother in law and I went out one afternoon, so I grabbed my 6 wt. and tied on the Cleveland Browns colored clouser from the NFL swap. With that one fly I caught multiples of walleye, crappie, bluegill (big!) and bass. My brother in law was AMAZED. And I need to tie more clousers!!!
  9. I have a dog now and this scares me a lot. I'm being very careful with all my flies and my tying area.
  10. I like that a whole bunch! (and I'm sure the fish will, too)
  11. Ours arrived and Jimmy is very, very excited to get these wet!! If I wasn't suffering from Strep, there's a place we'd have taken them today. The weather is supposed to be awful tomorrow, so he and I have plans to clear the dining room table so we can organize/fill our flyboxes!
  12. Amazing flies, guys. I'm going to have to experiment with this weaving thing!!
  13. Black caddis imitations are killer... and this looks like a real winner. Nicely done!
  14. Pretty! I'd like to see it in action, but will stick with my Renzetti 4000 until it's dead. Which will hopefully be never.
  15. Still puzzling over mine a tad. I'm thinking a Klinkhammer, though. I have some red grizzly hackle that would work cool. White body with blue spiral wraps. Multicolored tail. We'll see!!
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