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  1. if there is still room then im in. Im thinkin of doing a rubber legged stimulator. If thats ok
  2. i was just hopeing for an update on the status of the swap. were the flies mailed or are we still waiting for flies
  3. i took my extra flatwing streamers fishing last night, first cast i made with one, hooked a wiper ( hybred striped basss ) ended up gettin a few more before i called it quits
  4. if you dont hear from him, then send them out. you can keep the extra too
  5. If they were from a joe b in pittsburgh pa they were mine, i knew i forgot something
  6. ive had them tied for a while now but i finally put the flies in the mail today
  7. Thats a nice fly and video. Flatwings work well. I have cought some nice fish with them. Kevin im gonna be trying them soon for some hybred stripers in a lake near here soon, so far theyre lookin mity tasty. almost wish i was a fish
  8. ive decided to try my hand at a flatwing style streamer its loosely based on the flatwing streamer tying video on the regal vice web site overall its about 4-6 in long
  9. i dont have a problem with waiting a few dayas extra
  10. yak hair is just a long fibered material, 4-8 inches long or longer. you can sub just about any long hair, one that comes to mind is islandic sheep. another possibility might be rabbit zonker strips if you resisted the urge to cash in on the hair extender fad , u could use long feathers and tie a decever style fly.
  11. im glad they got there, now i cant wait to see them
  12. i got the flies done and i mailed them out today, they should be there soon. I too tied a black nosed dace, sorry about tying the same pattern as another swapper. i already had all of mine tied when i saw fly tryer picked, the same pattern, i didnt think i had time to tie a diffrent set and get them there in time.
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