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  1. Thanks Frank and Bad Fish, I will give it a try and post my results after I put them to the test!
  2. GSP I forget the number off the top of my head, it is higher than 100 though.
  3. Thanks rstrout, I'll put together a few different colors and styles of the classic egg sucking leach and see how that works.
  4. I have never tried to catch salmon on the fly. However, I have found a spot that I would like to try. I am in Michigan's UP and the salmon are starting to run up the trout streams from the bigger water. The spot I go you can catch them on spinning gear using little cleos or mepps. Blue and chrome or red and brass colored have been the leaders in color so far. Any tips on patterns to try that might produce results? I plan on using my 8 wt. Thanks!
  5. Hi Dave- looks pretty good for first attempts..much better than mine did. Quite a few of us on here from Michigan... as for patterns to tie, what will you be fishing and where at? Rivers, streams, lakes, ponds? Not specific locations just the types of waters...
  6. Took me probably about 15 years to get my first fly rod... used it a few times but another couple years after that to really use it. I fish primarily for bass and panfish but got exposed to the trout streams in Michigans U.P. last year so I will be exploring those some more this year...
  7. Haha. That thing just looked like too much fun to not try it out!
  8. I just picked up my new fly rod from Steve today and does this thing look great. It was my first custom rod and he exceeded my expectations by far! I highly recommend him if anyone is looking around for a new rod. Here are a couple pictures of "The Brookie and Bluegill Slayer" taking it's first victims...it is a 6'-6" 2 wt and is a blast to fish! Thanks again Steve, looks great and I couldn't be happier with it.
  9. Really wish it wasn't the end of the semester with exams... this looks like a great one. Too bad I have to sit this one out...Maybe someone can post pictures after the swap?
  10. I've never had an issue with Liquid Fusion.
  11. Look pretty good for a first attempt. Couple things I would say... I try to keep the tail the length of the shank of the hook, Keep your wraps closer together when wrapping around the post, Could probably do with a couple more wraps too (although if you had used brown and grizzly this would help in the more wraps), and I would trim the post down a little bit more but you will catch fish the way you have them. Nice job!
  12. Glad you all are enjoying them! I can't wait to find some time to get out and try my luck with them as well, should bring in lots of fish this summer for sure!
  13. I tie a clouser style minnow on Mustad 3366 size 6,8 and even 10 hooks for panfish so this might work well for the trout as well. I will have to try it this year! I tie the fly with bead chain eyes, and either 2 colors of buck tail and flash, or will even use one or two colors of marabou and flash.
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