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  1. Made mine out of a clock motor that you can purchase at almost any hobby shop. And they are cheap.
  2. I know it is a bit off topic, but if you look at it from the standpoint that I am harvesting my own duck feathers for tying. I also thought that it would be fun to see what all of the other tyers do when they are not tying flies? Personally, I am building a duck boat. Filleted the keelsons today, will ribbon strip them tomorrow. Should be ready for paint by next weekend.
  3. No rib here. Very seldom do I have a hackle break.
  4. Am I the only guy that does not use head cement? I haven't used head cement in years, and have not had any problems with my flies coming unbuttoned. Have you ever tried to untie a fly? Most times it is not any easy task.
  5. Very nice work!! A bit pornographic But very nice.
  6. Signed up for a fly swap on another site. Decided to tie some bubble back emergers. Thought that I would share my work over here. Sorry they are a bit blurry.
  7. Haven't tried them on the tribs yet, but I think they hold promise.
  8. I live here in the driftless region. Don't bother coming to fish here, there are no fish You may want to try the other side of the river. I always heard there are a lot of fish in Iowa and Minnesota. Seriously, there is a lot of great fishing here. PM me when you head this direction, I can show you a couple of local holes.
  9. Leeches!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure that you save the marbou!!! You will find it between the legs and the vent. Great stuff for leech patterns.
  10. I think this pic may be a bit clearer.
  11. I tie these in a size 8-10 with a 3/16th brass bead Tail - orange crystal flash body - orange edge brite collar - dubbed brite orange mohair
  12. Here ya go. http://www.flyfishusa.com/fly-tying/edge-bright.htm I found the stuff on line. $2.00 worth will be a life tife supply. Get yourself a straight edge and a razor blade and cut this stuff up in narrow strips. Just be sure that the edge is exposed and does not butt up against the previous wrap. It is the exposed edge that lights up.
  13. I do not recall where I found this stuff. It has been about 12-15yrs ago. I am thinking that I found it at a fly shop along Lake Michigan. I would think that a good place to find it would be any fly shop that specializes in steelhead and salmon fishing.
  14. Here is a photo of a Dean River Lantern tied with edgebrite. Photos just don't show how this stuff lights up.
  15. Edge brite is a material that I found a few years back. It comes in sheet that you cut up into strips. I originally picked the stuff up for steelhead flys. When you over lap the wraps on the fly, the edge of the wrap actually lights up. Any light that comes through the water is refracted and that is what makes the edges of this material light up.
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