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  1. Using the surge reel this year on me spey rod. It been fine in the salt water.
  2. Mine will be in the mail Saturday.
  3. I am going to do my version of the stealth bomber. The bass and the gills thinks a moth. Have not fished it as a trout fly might have to try it this summer.
  4. I am hoping to get out and fish this weekend. I have to wait ti see.
  5. Got mine Saturday. They all look good.
  6. Flies shouls be soon. My wife mailed them thurday. Had to work most of last weekend. Cold weather sucks.
  7. Mine should be in the mail this weekend.
  8. Going to try to tie a different version of a clouser.
  9. got mine yesterday. they all look good. can not wait to fush them.
  10. I tell that to my daughter everyday. getting older hurts
  11. sorry about not toe tagging them.
  12. i send my flies without the toe tags. sorry.
  13. that would be me. sorry about not tagging them. forgot about that. now i think about it I did not tag the other two swaps.
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