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  1. Put moth balls in with all your materials. Smell goes away quickley after tying, get it at the dollar store
  2. Friend Has cabin on Wilson, looking foward to a trip in May,only bad thing its a 12 hour drive.
  3. I have the rotary and also their scissors Very happy with both. I tie from size 2 down to 28 no problem.
  4. They have a chat line on their site. Contact them or they also have phone # I have used both. Justin goes out of his way to satisfy his customers. I have bought hooks,2 reels and fly lines. More than satisfied with all.
  5. I've got the 10' 3wt and I use a Allen alpha 3-4 reel and I am very happy with it. Contact Justin and see if he will discount it for you. Also He may have a sale some on reels .
  6. I bought some 477 substitute from Lathkill, in the UK, and it works and it was reasonable even shipping it to the US.
  7. At the urging of some friends, I spoke with chuck about being a tier the Valley Forge show, he refered me to ben. After showing ben some samples he suggested I contact him after the Somerset show which I did. I was told the venue was small and that there wasn't enough room to give me spot as a tier. I thanked him and said," if you get a cancellation let me know ". As I walked through the valley forge show I saw a couple of empty tying table and lots of room for additional tiers. I gues maybe you have to be famous or pay $350.00 for a tying table.
  8. Been using Allen hooks for about 2 yrs, no problems. And the service is excellent.
  9. I've seen them that big on the west branch of the Delaware River, in Pa.
  10. Atlas anvile around $150. for a rotary. I bought one and did not like the way the jaws held the hook,they sent me new ones after I contacted them, no charge. I have had no problems after a year and a half and I tie almost every day.
  11. Sculpin arrived, good job guys some really nice ties.
  12. What's the status on the swap are all flies in or do we have some slowpokes?
  13. Stefan; I spent some time in Germany in the mid 50's while in the Air Force. Great food, great beer, and great people. Welcome!
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