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  1. I bought my fist fly rod 7/8 combo at cabelas for over $200 now the same fly rod combo is 139 last week they were on sale for $68 dollars I pick up a 3 wt and a 5 wt and I picked up a cahil combo for 29 that use to be 100 They have gotten real cheep. Most of cabelas rod combo's are less than 200 now.
  2. Plastic shoe bozes walmat inside a plastic bin they have lots of other small plastic boxes besides
  3. Most of the stuff that comes from China is dog hair!!!! They even have Temple dog hair that they sell as dog hair
  4. Buy a FTD Christmas box and it will give you plenty to work with when I started out I use to go to the local store (no longer in business) and spend 5 -10 dollar a week buying 1 color of flash and maybe a pack of dubbing and pack of hooks. I would repeat this almost every week. I did this for a couple years After I bought the FTD Christmas box I had more stuff in that box and varied colors after spending years picking up a couple things at a time! And the Christmas box was about 2 trips I usually tie 1/2 to 1 dozen flies at a time usually all the same but some time i will tie 1/2 one color the other 1/2 another color. That is how you become good and remember the pattern. But be aware once you start buying stuff it never stops until you bought it all :headbang:
  5. I paddle white water in an open canoe solo and tandem I have 5 canoe and 3 kayaks at the moment can always use one more :headbang: unfortunately this is at the same time for prime fishing so weekends I paddle and after work I fish
  6. I have everything I will ever need just in case I need it! See a good deal I buy it :devil: I haven't bought anything now for about a month :crying: Going to get some fly boxes soon but that will be it for a while been in a slump havent tied in a while and now I got poison Ivy on my hands so it will be a few more days before I do again (got it canoeing!) Do I save money tying flies NEVER!
  7. My son and I were canoeing last summer not fishing in the normal sense (no rods or nets) when my son yell from the other canoe dad I cought a fish. The fish committed suicide and jumped in the boat. But my son save him and threw him back. It was a Chub I believe.
  8. check this page out http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/bench.asp?page=2 it will give you some good alternatives
  9. I saw some one mention this on another site look pretty cool http://www.chesapeake-angler.com/storyoct0...mate12kayak.htm
  10. Black wolly bugger with bead head plain black wolly bugger hair ear nymph Black wolly bugger is the most productive fly i use especially trolling
  11. start with the wolly bugger easy to tie and wont break the bank and catches all kinds of fish you will need Black and other color chenille at a craft store cheap for body lead wire or non toxic for weight head cement Marabou to match the chenille for tail silver tinsel for ribbing black saddle or neck to wrap body or Grizzly which will allow another variation and willy works and adams black more common beads gold and copper for heads as another option couple different size hooks flash for sparkle optional Then for extra pick up fly tiers box from fly tiers dungeon which will have a lot of stuff for nymphs
  12. Because you need the money for other cool stuff and the wife would probably take it anyway when she broke her! :wallbash:
  13. Also the lighter the rod the easier it is to cast. I started with a 7 weight because I do a lot of bass fishing and I could go after schoolie stripers with it also and any trout I would just drag him in WF7 floating line I also have 7WF 20 ft sink tip which is even easier to cast. I then got a 5 Wf floating and 5 wf20ft sink tip they are easier to cast. than the 7 wgt and in most situaltion this the rod I use the most I catch bass on it all the time and it also cost probably 1/2 the 7 wt. This past summer I picked up a 9wt with intermediate line for stripers I can cast this pretty good but it also a better rod than the other two. For Christmas I got WF6 intermediate for lake fishing for my 5 wt rod this will be for lake fishing the over weight is suppose to over shoot the cast and give greater distance I will see I still haven't tried that yet all my rods are 9 ft 4 and 2 pc I would like to get a nice 3 or 4 leaning toward 3 for all the small streams around here about 7 1/2 feet long 9 ft keeps hitting the threes. But first I have to finish paying for my new white water canoe :headbang: and the outfitting before I buy another fly rod outfit :headbang: So many hobbies so little time :bugeyes: All that being said A good quality rod and the lightest you need will allow you to cast the farthest especially for a beginner..
  14. I have trouble when I am using 2 or 3 pecies keeping the base tight together they want to spread apart. I tried a loop method and still used my hand but found it more work but it did keep the base closer together as I wrapped but still used my hand
  15. I find that when using peacock herl that hand wrapping save lot of aggrivation especially when using multiple strands. I have several types of pliers and with all of them I have broken the herl and end up just using my hand
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