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  1. Congrats, I was a cub scout and boy scout adult leader for 10-15 years and know what is involved in making Eagle. It's quite an accomplishment. You have every right to be proud.
  2. ellet


    I'm on it, but don't know yet what I'm doing there. Something else to learn.
  3. ellet

    I"M A DAD

    Congrats. When my son was a couple months old, I posed him for a photo with a fly rod and a shotgun beside him. Some of my inlaws were not impressed, but I still treasure that photo. There is certainly pride in a newborn, boy or girl.
  4. They make magnetic covers to fit over heating registers. They are like a magnetic sign for use on autos, are thin, and lay flat. They are not real expensive and I've found them at my local discount drug mart. Put a couple of them on the tying desk under your vise area.
  5. ellet

    Got YouTube?!

    At youtube, search for ellet166 and you will get the virtual classroom lessons that I captured and posted. These are my earlier ones. The longer ones were posted to HatchesTV here at FTF. Ellet
  6. Years ago I went on a walleye charter out on Lake Erie and a storm came up. The fishing improved. We were high and dry under the top on the charter boat and all was fine until some guy down the bench made a cast and his lure hit the water, but his mono stayed up in the air. He started screaming and the boat captain ran back to investigate. The captain looked at his line, his rod, and then ran forward to get on the PA. He ordered everyone with a graphite rod to reel in and put the rod away. Someone asked why and he said because they are a natural lightening rod. You could almost smell the smoke from the reels as lines were reeled in and rods put away. A memorable experience.
  7. Prayer said. Sorry to hear of one so young gone. May God bless and comfort the family.
  8. Just saw this thread. Sorry to hear about it. Will have you on our prayer list. Take good care of yourself.
  9. ellet


    Is the P2P automatic or optional? If automatic, can you designate your own network or are you locked into something global?
  10. Anybody have any experience with this software for storing fly patterns and sharing info? http://www.flysource.net/
  11. Another way would be to highlight the recipe, right click and choose copy, open word or wordpad, and paste only the recipe into the document. That way you are only printing what you want. If you want the picture of the fly too, right click on the picture, copy it, and paste it into the document too then print. I usually save the file in case I misplace the paper(I lose stuff a lot)
  12. ellet

    video emails

    http://www.eyejot.com Free to join and send short video clips(less than 1minute) as emails. Paid version allows you to send longer videos. You can either use your webcam to compose on the fly, or upload a preciously recorded clip. Nothing fancy, but it does work. You have to wait for video to be processed before it shows up in someone's inbox, so it isn't instantaneous, but will be sent in a hour or two, depending on how many videos they are working on at the moment. Could be used to send a tying technique demo to someone, or a teaser video of a new fishing spot that you found. Read the docs and tutorials at the site, and look for youtube videos for eyejot. Randy
  13. ellet

    offline for a while

    My son passed away this evening. We were with him. More details later. Thanks for your prayers. Randy
  14. I found my son lying on the floor in his apartment yesterday. He had suffered a massive stroke. He is only 34. Drs. don't give us much hope he will survive. I'll be away for a while, but will try to check in when I can. Randy
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