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  1. The only way you could add one to a fly that is already made is to attach a small piece of mono to the hook bend and connect the treble to the other end. However it will most likely become tangled around the streamer and will also add to snagging the bottom/trees/rocks etc. Do not use treble hooks for trout unless you plan on eating them. THEY WILL KILL TROUT, I have seen this first hand while observing bait fisherman as a guide. Trout are usually smaller on average and have paper thin mouths. Other freshwater fish catfish, bass have a bonier mouth and can withstand the stress these hooks put on them. Treble hooks can seriously damage a fish’s ability to feed by harming their mouth, eyes and gills, ultimately killing the fish over time. Use a smaller single hook for the stinger, this will help hook fish that are nipping at the tail and prevent damaging the fish's mouth. For conventional fishing, with the intent to keep fish for food, treble hooks serve their purpose. Silver Spiders/Texas Caddis are BAD NEWS if your intentions include catch and release. In the spirit of Fly-Fishing there is no need to use them. I also highly recommend pinching the barbs on single hooks for trout fishing. Most trout streams in the West require this practice along with single hooks, read all stream regulations and rules before fishing public water.
  2. I have been a very lucky man in this area. My father is a dentist so I have all kinds of tools: surgical scissors, spatulas, scalpels, locking tweezers, picks and a hand held cord free UV curing gun light that dries an unlimited supply of special non yellowing clear dental epoxy in a matter of seconds (my favorite).
  3. Nice Fly! Bet you have that in other colors too.
  4. DAP


    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by porterfield_20: "A-BWO"
  5. It can certainly make a difference. If I use epoxy on any fly I let it dry and harden for a least two or three days before I use it. I think it also depends on the fishing situations you are in. Trout in fast water are opportunistic feeders and don’t care about smell they don’t have time. If trout are feeding in slower water or from undercut banks then they most definitely will refuse a fly coated with glue.
  6. Hopefully when you catch a monster brown on it I will be there to take the photo. Nice fly!
  7. I teach 8th grade science and social studies, in a very nice school district! I get to spend about three months a year in Durango CO, as a fly-fishing guide, it's really a perfect balance.
  8. I would have paid 200 a piece for the "moron" fly.
  9. Nice! Your caddis larvae has fooled many a browns for me! It's not pretentious at all, it’s more like prestigious.
  10. Hahaha, you guys are great! When it comes to naming a fly after a prominent political figure it was a smart move on Barry's part, his fly has 478 views, so far. Fishaholic69 is right about the name connection, in terms of who is to blame for initiating an unintentional political discussion. What did you expect would happen? There are 20178 registered members on this forum some with different political views than the rest of us. When was the last time you guys remember politics not inciting some sort of discussion? Especially after someone makes a comment that you don't agree with! When a post is made that might be construed as a personal attack it is grounds for removal, but that was not the case here. The post was made, merely as joke to a name that by itself allows for discussion and comical lampooning. The post was just not well thought out on how it would be taken. In addition, by removing the post, the political discussion flame was fueled, even more. I am as conservative as they come and I don't care what it's called, if it catches fish I'll use it. Nice fly Barry, here is to 1,000 views.
  11. I have some really good friends that are centerpin fishermen and I must say they will love this fly as do I for fly fishing.
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