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  1. Sorry for the long silence... I just returned from an 8 day family vacation on the Oregon coast, a long drive from Montana but well worth the time spent with family. I was surprised to see the post from Bob about his choice for the swap. I am humbled and grateful ... thank you. I cant wait to see all the flies and the extra surprises. I had great luck with the flies on the Bighole and Madison rivers this last July. I hope they work for you all. A big thank you to Bob for hosting this fun, awesome swap. Thank you! Tom
  2. Would love to join this swap, thanks Rid... I will tie a nymph/emerger mayfly ... trout wacking, fin stacking, lip rip'en tandom rig designed specifically for 8x tippet :thumbup: t5f
  3. Littleman and clouser swappers, I am sorry but my flies will be in the mail tomorrow AM. I will be over the deadline by a day or two as they should arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week. No excuses, just a busy month and my tying time has been nill. Sorry, t5f
  4. They float in the water like a dream. That was the first thing I thought was "how do they float" So I tossed one in the water and couldnt believe how good it looked and how well it floated. I also just purchased a set for size 10 and am very pleased with the size of the final product. Come on hopper season!!
  5. Received my CDC's Thanks everyone for such great ties. thanks Freak for hosting this swap!
  6. Thanks for the reminder YB We have much to be greatfull for indeed! For those past and present who gave their today so we could have our tomorrow! Thank you. t5f
  7. On Memorial Day weekend I took my ten y/o out flyfishing. She has become pretty proficient at casting her 8' fly rod. We were nymphing with a san juan worm and an indicator. I was located about 20 yards down stream when she yelled that she had one.... I had been watching her cast and she was getting the fly and indicator out about 15-20 feet. I at first thought she had a rock, but as I ran up to her the brown trout jumped out of the water, dancing a foot above the river. She fought the fish admirably and we netted it. Her first trout on a fly rod, all by her self no less. Just before I was able to get a picture of my daughter holding the trout it wiggled out of her hands back into the water. Later in the day she caught a couple of spawning suckers. These really put a bend in the rod!
  8. Flies mailed today, can't wait to see all the stillwater specials! Thanks t5f
  9. YoungGun, Nice Job and Beautiful Fish. Plus he took the fly you tied. Great Job! t5f
  10. Littleman Count me in as well if you extend your swap a little longer, Too much going on between now and June 9th, Let me know. Thanks t5f
  11. All flies have been recieved. The last one's arrived today. Thanks to everyone for the great flies, I think everyone will be very happy when they receive their package. Just a reminder to those of you who are newer swappers...remember (on future swaps) to include with your flies a return envelope that is addressed and stamped with postage. That way you will get your flies back I will be shipping everyones flies tomorrow. I hope you enjoy! Thanks t5f
  12. Still Tying... OK mostly fishing!!! but I will finish them up soon t5f
  13. t5f

    Cali Confusion

    Thanks for your insight Futzer!
  14. Pictures of the Stimi Swap Min - Stimulator IBRB - Orange Stimulator Searching Solitude - Crystal Stimi Joe King - Royal Stimi spike188 - Perforator Stimi Student 4 Ever - Olive Stimi Houndog - Green Stimi atroutbum2 - Caddis Green Stimi RRSHS - rubberlegg Stimi Dezod - yellow Stimi Flytyinfreak - ICP Stimi mlwebb - Madam X Stimi SATCHMO - Small Stimi Ridleyflo - Early Black Stone Stimi Justin Davis - Hoppulator Stimi t5f - Montana Stimi
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