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  1. :yahoo: ...Whoa....I don't need any pretext for doing that. In point of fact, the fight usually occurs after having done just that...
  2. You know that is exactly where I thought I was posting it but it showed up here instead. Guess the jokes on me...but please don't dial 911.....
  3. Only we Southerners know the utter truth of: Southern by the grace of God!
  4. Every time my wife and I fight she always comes to me on hands and knees. :yahoo: Saying:....come out from under that bed and fight like a man.....
  5. Ohhhh...did I tell you the one about where I was fishing for 8-10 inch brookies in a tiny pool right where the stream was crossed a dirt road. This truck pulls up and a guy lets out his black lab who naturally dives straight into the middle of the pool. I have a concealed weapons carry permit...its just lucky that I love dogs way too much to have done the proper thing. :devil: My respect for the 6th commandment saved the dog's master.
  6. Not so sure if that relates to this guy's outdoor skills as much it it does to proving Darwin's theories.... Remind me some time to tell you about the big city tourist guy who ended up in our ER 3 years in a row for doing things like: Well here it is in his own words..they speak for themselves: "You see I was camping out at the lake when I was attacked by a racoon. I pulled out my pistol and missed with all six shots. The thing lept coming and I was backing away,tripped, and fell into my campfire and caught on fire.
  7. Class Will Tell Tom and Jerry were at a rather swank cocktail party in downtown Atlanta. Tom was impressing Jerry with his ability to talk to a new aquaintence for a few minutes then announce correctly the school the man had attended. Tom picked a target and after a few moments of casual conversation asked "excuse me but did you go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?" The guy replied well yes I did. How did you know? Tom answered "well you seem to ave a very analytical and scientific character about you". Jerry was impressed. Tom picked another and after repeating the procedure correctly named this person as a graduate of Ole Mississippi State based on his debonair bearing and open manlinesss, coupled with a gracious Southern style. Jerry was flabberghasted. "How can you do that so easily" he asked Tom. Tom said "there is nothing to it." you can do it too. "Just look closely for clues while you chat." Now there is someone over there we have not met before. Why don't you give it a shot? Jerry santered over and struck up a conversation. After only a few moments Jerry inquired "You attended class at the University of Michigan..right? The man looked at Jerry with a bit of amazement and demanded to know how he knew that. "It was easy" said Jerry. Besides the lampshade on your head ,I noticed your class ring as you were picking your nose.
  8. Hey..this thread brought out some great emoticons....
  9. You ever run into someone while fishing that just "burned you up? My encounter was in Glacier National Park about 1982 or 3. I had hiked 5+ miles into a remote lake. It was packed with crusing rainbows that would rush a hard bodied black ant the moment it touch the surface. In the gin clear water you could see the 'bows make their dash like bonefish. It was a perfect day. Then. From the outlet stream below I heard the darndest ruckuss in the brush. I knew it was human. In a bit, this guy popped out sporting a spinning outfit that could land a marlin and dragging a chain stringer of cutthroats and rainbows. Without fanfare or introduction he stomps up and starts jabbering away. I'm from....some big west coast city..... "Frisco..L.A..I forget ( I thought no Sh--, Sherlock). I been fishing all up this creek. Already caught my limit. Why don't you take 'em so I can catch another? You ain't kept any. Must not be biting for you. On and on an unbroken stream of Grade A total. B.S. After what seemed an eternity...just at the point I was thinkings about to giving him a Tony Soprano treatment...he informed me he was leaving.. going to camp for a week in the wilderness. He pointed up the trail to a high ridge and told me he figured to camp up there. Great I said. You'll probaly find some welded metal cages along the trail in camping spots. You know those are to store your food in. ....just cook your fish...put your food in one of those and sleep near by. Good Luck. After all these years that encounter still sticks in my mind..and not to mention in my craw.
  10. Where does "don't go alone stop?" What if you take a friend and both fall into a cravasse? ...or...3?...or...4? I can't imagine Jim Bridger saying uh-uh I ain't gonna go there all alone...
  11. Anorexia is an eating disorder where people starve themselves.. Individuals suffering from anorexia have extreme weight loss. Weight loss is usually 15% below the person's normal body weight. That definition from the experts. So if we can anthropomorphicaly transfer anorexia to Brook Trout then I must deduct that a majority of Brook trout I have encountered in the last 50 years have been eating soft plastic lures.... ...according to the articles premise. But seriously..how many Brook Trout that decide to rise to a soft plastic lure.... are gonna escape the frying pan to live to develop..."Anorexia"? Sounds like the money for the grant to do the study would have been better of left in some taxpayer's pocket..... :ripped:
  12. Before I comment ...I need to know if she cleaned and cooked it properly....
  13. I stopped in at an Asian market yesterday and in the fresh fish department they had a haul of carp on ice for $2.49 a pound. ..so I guess they have some value. (They also had a huge whole Atlantic Salmon from Canada that I almost bought to take to the taxidermist. )
  14. An update to the chained picnic tables. This weeks paper had an item about them being chopped up and used for firewood by campers.... :wallbash: What a world!...what a world! Wicked witch of the West
  15. They should be given the supreme penalty. Forced to live the rest of their lives within New York's city limits. :devil:
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