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  1. Hackles a little long, heads a bit crowded but maaaan it feels good to tie again. Little Doc Spratley varient of sorts. Edit: Pic upload didn't work. Back under my rock I go, Nothing to see here Edit 2: lol, that does sound like me most days. Think i have it figured now, got a fancy new camera kicking around but that takes more figurin than this old head can muster. Here's one from the cel phone. Great to be back, you guys are still doing amazing things on here. Awesome work!!
  2. Mother Nature's payback. Alberta has been destroying her for oil for decades, she's had enough, pissed off and fightin back. Can't say i blame her really (have a look around Ft McMurray sometime, its sad) No more Southern Alberta fishin for the summer i'd say and the landscape will be forever changed. Stay safe everyone.
  3. Salmo Salar for me, there's nothing like seeing that streak of silver shoot through the tea colored water and completely smash a dry fly before it launches itself into the air, sun hitting that dancing silver is a memory like no other
  4. cdc emerger and a pt nymph concoction
  5. Count me in as well, i'll have patterns to ya in couple hrs
  6. nice work on the posts of those little guys, gotta be tricky on hooks that small
  7. What you learn after you know it all is what counts, especially with fly tying.
  8. Nice work Steve, fantastic looking grip on that one. I'd say that's a pretty lucky dude getting a bday gift like that
  9. Welcome aboard, frogeyes. There's some insanely good talent on this board, these guys are awesome and always willing to help out. Don't be shy, post up some pics and ask as many questions as you can, let the obsession absorb you lol
  10. I'd say number 3, great couple of flies you've posted, eide, very nice work
  11. A couple of thread bodied nymphs i tried over the weekend. Jacked up the head on the fat orange one, but lovin the look of the seal dubbing. Super buggy
  12. Shove a stick down their throat and roast em over the open flame. Little vinegar on them after to cool it down a bit and you're all set, best tastin trout you'll ever eat imo. Cheers
  13. Not sure how it went from playing with slip wings to a 30-40 hr classic salmon fly and having no skin touch a piece of material. People have to start somewhere crackaig, what if the first time you tried something different or just for fun in your early days of tying, someone gave you the advise you just gave? There's nothing wrong with playing around at the vise and in my opinion, no better way to learn. We don't all have the fancy picture taking equipment like some do, nor the time that some do, but being proud of something you've created is worth more than any of that. Definite improvement over the last attempt, phishy, keep working at it and don't get discouraged
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