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  1. Okay, we'll wait then. Happy hooking! Sjo
  2. I'm in if you take Continentals. I don't have American stamps and our Postoffice doesn't know IRC, so we must work out a compensation for the costs you would have to maken for postage. I wil send a bubbly envelope with my name and adress on it. What are your thoughts on a possible compensation? Paypal, extra flies, other wishes? If you take me in I'll do a CdC body with a Hare's Snow Shoe wing, hook size TBD. Grtzz Sjo
  3. I'm in, if you take Continentals. I don't have American stamps or IRC so we must Paypal or compensate with extra flies or materials or whatever. What are yor thoughts on that. Permission pending I'm thinking of a Klinkhammer with a tiny goldhead flymph. Grtzz Sjo
  4. I'm in, that is if you take Continental Swappers. I don't have American stamps and in the Netherlands the Post Office doesn't know IRC. I propose a compensation or Paypal. What are your thoughts Colonel Mel Sir? Sjo
  5. My flies are done, I need a shipping adress!! Sjo
  6. Sure, let's get this thing a'swimming! Pattern TBD Any thoughts on a compensation for posting and packaging? I wil send an adressed return envelop, but since I'm continental (born on the wrong side of the Atlantic) I don't have American stamps. Our Post doesn't do IRC, so I can Paypal, put in some extra flies, some extra materials, whatever. Just let me know. When will be the due date?? Grtzz Sjo
  7. I'm doing tubeflies. 5 are done, 7 to go! Body is silver holographic tinsel, ribbed with a grey saddle hackle, counterribbed with one strand of the holotinsel, winged with black Artic fox and a collar of long yellow Marabou hackle, head black metallic cone. It has lots of movement in the water!! Sjo :coffee:
  8. One large Blue for me please! Sjo
  9. I'm in, green brassie
  10. If you take continental swappers I'd like to give this one a try. Sjo
  11. I'm in, pattern TBD any thoughts on continental tiers. How about some compensation for return postage? Extra flies? Paypal? Sjo :yahoo:
  12. Mine are in! Nice ties guys!! Thanx for hosting!! Sjo
  13. My packet also arrived yesterday. I will be mounting these flies to show off in my local flyfishingshop. You really are the greatest, you lot!! Sjo
  14. Not yet, but they do have to travel!! Sjo
  15. Ooops too late I would have like this one :crying:
  16. I'm definetly interested!! Will tye some minnymphs! Oct 20th is fine will wait for the swap to start Sjo
  17. They vomited?? :devil: :sick: :shocking: :eek: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
  18. I'm in, if you take continentals. Sjo
  19. My flies are done and in the post, priority. Sorry for holding up this terrific Swap. I had some material issues and I mixed up the due dates. Total Hatch Swap Rhyacophila Dorsalis aka The Sandfly Larval Stage aka Rockworm: Hook: size 8 grub Sticky back lead (Virtual-Nymph.com), two layers, preshaping the body with white Benechi 8/0 tying thread, leaving a long strand at the eye of the hook to tye off the bodywhool. The bobbin rests at the tail. Firts tye in the tail, than the rib and than the bodywhool. Tail: Phyloplume dyed olive, tip severed out. Body: three ply olive knitting whool, tapered in beginning and the end, wrapped round the shank wound very tight like a rope, leaving a distinct space between the windings. The space between the segments is overwound first with the tying thread catching yellow dyed partridge hacklefibers for legs between the first three segments. Follow the groove with a slightly lighter shade of two ply olive embroiderysilk. Ty off and whip. Now stroke an olive felttipped pen over the back. Be sure to not touch the lower lying embroiderysilk, just tint the whool on top and at the sides. In this way you enhance the segmentation and the back will be slightly darker than the belly. Emerger stage aka The fluttering sedge. Some species don’t crawl ashore and hatch there, but they climb to the surface up the waterplants like reeds etc. There they hatch, fluttering their wings, which is very catching to the eye. Hook: size 14 dry. Extension: hollow body off glittery dubbing made round a needle by dubbing and varnishing the needle, then pulling off the hollow body. Stick the hook through the underside of the hollow body and tye it down with the 8/0 white Benechi tying thread. Tye in at the hookbend a yellow CdC hackle by the tip. Wrap the tying thread to the eye and tye in two antennae from tail fibers of the Golden Pheasant. Wrap back to the point three mm forward of the tying in point off the extension. Here tye in four wings made from two strips of Waterwing (Virtual-Nymph.com). Overwrap two longer strips forward for three mm and overwrap backwards so they stand upright. Wrap your tyingthread to the eye and dub with FlyRite nr 30 (March Brown). Wrap the dubbing backwards to the tying in point off the extension, wrap the thread forward to the eye. Wind the CdC hackle two turns behind the hindwings, two turns between the hindwings and the forwings and two turns between the forwings and the eye. Tye off, whipfinnish and take you scissors to nip off the reces. Try to trap the wings and the CdC barbules upright. Adult stage, the Sandfly Size 14 longshank Dub a spikey body with hares ear dubbing. Tye in a wing form Virtual Nymph (Realistic Caddis Wings). Wrap an oversized coch-y-bondu hackle, just four to five turns. Clip away top and sides and clip away a smal V at the underside. Overty this with the spikey dubbing you used for the body. Comb the dubbing between the hackle fibres using a strip off Velcro Sjo Crapels, on the forum known as sjo. August 20th, 2009
  20. I'd like to be in, if you accept continentals! Sjo
  21. If you accept European tyers I'm in and will be tying the Sandfly AKA Rhyacophila Dorsalis in nymph, emerger and adult. Beforehand we have to consent on the issue of postage, since I can"t stamp the return envelope with Dutch stamps. Cheers Sjo
  22. :headbang: I'd be interested. Good idea! Do you accept European tyers? We have a problem in return postage, because we cannot buy American stamps, over here. Cheers Sjo
  23. I think the postage would be too much of a pain for my parents. sorry... hope you understand An honest answer is always okay! I wish you lots of fun with your swap!! Sjo
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