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  1. I have used both expensive, and cheap lines bought at either big box stores or online vendors. I think you really have to be honest with your self about what you are looking for and intended usage. Personally I am a Stillwater fisherman. I spend the most money on my indicator lines, along with my intermediate lines because I use them the most and prefer quality. However, I do throw poppers for bass a handful of times a year so I buy a $15 WF off amazon for throwing bass poppers. If I have to replace that line every year I am fine with it. I have found a performance difference in some of the lines, and the cheap ones tend to "wear out" quicker for me. For example the tip of the WF will start sinking or not floating quite as high after a handful of trips. My point being... Buy what YOU think is the best bang for the buck. Like said above I have a good mix of lines but know dudes that buy 10 new RIO lines every year whether they need it or not. CCW
  2. Yes indeed. Oregon is a beautiful place. We vacation down there occasionally, lots to do if you enjoy the outdoors. My wife does go along and likes to fish. I don't know if I would call it her passion, or if she even loves it. She enjoys going out, and even tying flies occasionally, but really loves catching fish. So if fishing is slow she looses interest. With that being said here favorite is panfish and stocker trout lol. Well if you ever decide to get out here you always got a seat in my boat. CCW
  3. The Secret Santa Swap is always on my radar but with everything going on, it simply slipped my mind until recently. However I did purchase a new drift boat this year, which got us on the water more Both my wife and I put all the goodies to good use. Will keep an eye out for the next swap. CCW
  4. Currently I am using the Loon head cement products. They seem to do the job just fine and is easy enough to work with. For years I used the lacquer from Home depot. It was indeed a lifetime supply and for a while worked and looked great. I noticed over time the lacquer would turn to a yellow finish rather than clear when used heavily. For my every day patterns it didn't matter much but I still have some kicking around that just don't look very good. Maybe I bought the wrong stuff? CCW
  5. Hey Vic, Sorry i missed this one this year. It is always one of my favorites of the year and am bummed i missed this one. I will catch it next year. CCW
  6. Both of ours arrived as well Nick. Patiently waiting for the day...
  7. Mine went out on Friday along with Smokin guns. You should be seeing them any day.
  8. Hey Vic, and Everybody, Wanted to give you all an update. SmokinGuns(my wife) and I are working on our boxes and should have them out the door soon. Please note my wife is a new tier so we are sweetening her box with some other flies. It is always fun getting a box in return. CCW
  9. Yeah I caught that part...so no cut off entry date then? I’m just watching the entries and is going to be 10 or 30? So someone could jump in on Nov 16 and overnight them to and be in? Cut off for entry is the 17th so the flies can arrive to Vic by the 24th.
  10. I will send a handful of items to spread as I did last year.
  11. I am in as well Vic. I will tie a box with freshwater bugs with at least 12 of them. I am in to receiving anything in return but would be most interested in a pan fish or bass selection as they are on my to do list this year. I would be pumped with spey flies as well. CCW
  12. These all look great! I am glad I am in and cant wait to see which ones is under the tree come the big day. Thanks and again for Hosting.
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