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  1. Both of ours arrived as well Nick. Patiently waiting for the day...
  2. Mine went out on Friday along with Smokin guns. You should be seeing them any day.
  3. Hey Vic, and Everybody, Wanted to give you all an update. SmokinGuns(my wife) and I are working on our boxes and should have them out the door soon. Please note my wife is a new tier so we are sweetening her box with some other flies. It is always fun getting a box in return. CCW
  4. Yeah I caught that part...so no cut off entry date then? I’m just watching the entries and is going to be 10 or 30? So someone could jump in on Nov 16 and overnight them to and be in? Cut off for entry is the 17th so the flies can arrive to Vic by the 24th.
  5. I will send a handful of items to spread as I did last year.
  6. I am in as well Vic. I will tie a box with freshwater bugs with at least 12 of them. I am in to receiving anything in return but would be most interested in a pan fish or bass selection as they are on my to do list this year. I would be pumped with spey flies as well. CCW
  7. These all look great! I am glad I am in and cant wait to see which ones is under the tree come the big day. Thanks and again for Hosting.
  8. I am glad it all worked out Vicrider. I am also looking forward to getting my package with some new flies to try out. Thanks for hosting.
  9. Mine is all packaged and ready to ship. Will hit the mail on Monday. I shipped a nice box of still water trout patterns. More or less the patterns i fish regularly. I also included a hefty amount of extra materials to be randomly dispersed, Thanks for hosting Vicrider.
  10. All of the boxes are a great value and the products are amazing. I have purchased many of the boxes over the years and have tons of material left. Solid choice for anyone looking to bulk their material selection.
  11. Over Achievers! I did however sign up yesterday lol.
  12. The other way you could do this would be each swapper stocks and envelope with say $20 worth of material. The swapmiester would verify contents and then randomly ship those envelopes to the swappers.
  13. I am In on this one. I am going to tie the freshwater flies with an emphasis on still water trout. (my bread and butter) Also, would it be cool if I send in a few packages of material to also be given to the swappers? If a bunch of us do this almost everyone could get an extra prize? Thanks for hosting.
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