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  1. I have received my package as well. Now the wait.... Thanks
  2. Very cool. The best type of friends to have are hunters lol. I came into work a few days ago. On my desk was a black trash bag which looked a little interesting. After opening the bag I realized I had about 3 wild turkeys worth of feathers. Customer of mine went turkey hunting and shared the love. Got to love it. Happy tying
  3. Thanks again for hosting. I look forward to this swap every year.
  4. After checking out all the it looks like everyone killed it! Great looking boxes and tying everyone. This is one of my favorite swaps every year as i look forward to opening a cool box on Christmas morning. Thanks everyone for joining and thanks for being an awesome host as well Nic.
  5. Mine is in the mail as well. Post says it should be to your PO Box on Monday. Thanks for hosting as always. CCW
  6. I am in on this one! I will PM you with my preferences as I need to think about it lol. Thanks for hosting.
  7. I would start by saying I love to host, and swap. I would be interested in what everyone's ideas are to improve this section and bring life back to it. I have hosted a bunch over the years and when doing so i will add extra items to the swap to try entice other to join, not sure if that actually helps or not but i have given some cool stuff away. Shipping has been a challenge for sure. Is there a way, that isn't to expensive, to have tracking on every package? I also think as fall and winter roll onto us more people will be tying. This is the time of year I start stocking boxes back up. CCW
  8. Still nothing on my end. I deal with a lot of shipping and receiving at work and it seems all the shipping companies are unreliable at best currently.
  9. Copy that, I will keep an eye on this one and will let you know when it arrives. I am in WA so I figured I would have gotten mine first. With that being said, USPS has had some serious delays going on.
  10. Just wanted to check in. I have yet to receive mine. Maybe it was returned? CCW
  11. My wife is the same. Whenever we go fishing she always asks "do we get to keep these ones"?. CCW
  12. I am all finished up and will get mine in the post Monday.
  13. Thanks for being a part guys. Watch out for the next one.
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