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  2. Sure, very simple: Abdomen is turkey biot Thorax is superfine dubbing (dubbed loosely) Collar is natural partridge
  3. Trying new patterns for PMD soft hackles.
  4. Gene, When I double-click the photo it comes in quite large and easy to see. Doesn't that work for you?
  5. Gene, I am a collector. I owned the vise, third hand base and stackers. I found it to be a really nice vise. I particularly liked the shape of the jaws which allowed such access!! I would think the whole setup is probably worth well over 750. In the final analysis, it is worth what the particular collector is willing to pay Just my 2cents worth
  6. Didn't you see that it was a mistake (the price on ebay) and he tried to delist it???????
  7. Be sure that you don't check out he jvice on the website: jvice.com Bye
  8. I take it you didn't read the whole listing......he says he is sorry about the price, but eBay won't let him delist it. He apparently put that price in error. So, I guess you could say you WERE being kidded.
  9. Hans, Know what a Luna is in Hawaiian?????
  10. Hi, I am going to pull one of those Brerr Rabbit tricks: Please!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT GET A JVICE at jvice.com
  11. Yes, or: "Will you be here all of next week? Should really be good by the end of next week."
  12. Here is the hatch chart for Salmon Flies on the Henry's Fork: Photo Common Name Scientific Name Dates Location Hook size Salmonfly. Pteronarcys californica May-Jun Riverside-Ashton, Box Cyn., Coffeepot Rapids 4-6
  13. Hi, This is sort of a cross between a Stimulator and a Soffa Pillow. Been trying different materials. This one has an Underwing beneath the over-wing of bucktail. I use uni-stretch thread for the body. Will this work in late May/early June on Western rivers? I hope so.
  14. Thanks. The tails in both are buck tail. The dubbing is superfine light olive. The first one is tied as a deer hair comparadun and then has olive hackle wrapped behind and in front of the deer hair. The second one has a "wing" of zelon. Otherwise the same
  15. 1. I enjoy tying different flies 2. Who knows, might find one that works even better
  16. I said that these are new patterns I am thinking of trying as opposed to the Sparkle Duns we used last year. The Flavs are a tiny Green Drakes. A different hatch.
  17. I have the Sidewinder. I think it is the heaviest and most solid vise Dyna King ever made.
  18. Hi, I've had good luck fishing the Flav hatch in a river in Idaho. Usually we use Sparkle Duns which work well. So, I was just trying to come up with some possible new patterns. Tied on my jvice
  19. It sort of depends on how much you are willing to spend. I think most tiers would give you the advice that you should spend as much as you can comfortably spend as the vise is the most important tool you will purchase in fly tying. I'm not sure that it is still available, but Hans Weilenmann has written articles for Fly Fisherman magazine in which he discusses the better vises available. I think you can find it in the archives at Fly Fisherman's magazine.
  20. Nice fly! What do you think it might imitate? Do you think it has any resemblance to an Adams body color when they become wet??
  21. Hi, Am wondering if anyone has much experience fishing one of these flies? I was watching a video by Walt Wiese of Park's Fly Shop tying one very similar. He says they are quite effective out there. Or the "Adams" hackled Purple Haze:
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