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  1. FlaFly


    Right Bim.... this is the second thread in a row that has degraded into an us vs. them diatribe over college degrees. one more and I'm outa here. Next we'll be seeing political arguments.
  2. FlaFly


    It sounds like a reasonable idea, but it raises the question as to how many other questions are typically asked during interviews that have no bearing on one's capabilities. Also the way around this law interviewer - why did you leave your last job interviewee - I haven't left it. I'm looking for a job that pays more. etc etc When I hired people, I always felt they had as much right to ask questions to find out whether they wanted to work for me, as I have to ask questions about their interests, capability, training, experience, etc.
  3. That's amazing Flytire. I can hardly believe that people had not thought of hairwings eons ago. It seems so obvious. Interesting article!
  4. Maybe you guys can see why I'm so interested in history... it's called curiosity. I love it when you guys research the history of a fly pattern, or a reel, or whatever. When I get curious about something, it's like Cate Blanchett said: "I want to know!" Thanks for sharing it, and keep it up! (by the way, that quote was from Indie Jones and the Crystal Skull)
  5. They don't even reach sexual maturity until they're 150 years old!!! How have they ever survived? http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-37047168
  6. If you're using the hard-foam heads, a hot bodkin is a good way to go. Kinda depends though on how thick your legs are. for really fine sili legs, a bodkin hole will do, and you can thread the legs thru either a large needle, or even try your bobbin threader if you have one. If you're using larger legs, like the ones out of a bungee cord, you'll need a bigger hole than a bodkin makes, and a very small drill bit, or a hot ice pick might be better..
  7. FlaFly

    Bow Hunting

    I can't answer any of your questions but while people are responding, I'd like to add a question: I am almost sure that in past Olympic games, they used compound bows in the archery competition. This year they all used recurve non-compound bows. Am I right? What gives?
  8. That video was great! I can't believe they could dive that well :-)
  9. I found one more thing you might like... on Red's Fly Shop website, he has a fly tied just about like yours, with a dubbed body (I think), a wing of foam, and upper wing of deer hair (like a caddis), and sili legs. He calls it the Gypsy King Dry Fly and calls it a stonefly but it doesn't look anything like a stonefly to me... more like a caddis with spider legs. It's pretty though.
  10. Well, I found something.... not the one I was thinking about, but go to http://www.flyanglersonline.com >Fly tying > Beginner Tying> part 15 "the basic dry fly"... and guess what. The hackle is longer than the hook gape. According to Al Campbell, at least. So what do I know?
  11. I thought the same thing about the hackle.... need a few more turns, but I couldn't say whether it would make the fly work any better. I suspect the long hackles, while they might help make the lure weedless, might also interfere with setting the hook. Somewhere I saw a diagram that included things like length of tails, hackles, etc. I'll see if I can find it.
  12. Those look great. Especially the brown one. Is that a cork head? Haven't seen one of those in years. Other than deer hair, the only fur I have used is from my cat, and that only for dubbing. I may try to comb some out straight and tie a deceiver or something with it. It's too fine to use as a popper tail.
  13. I don't know whether the dry fly purists would consider it a true dry fly with foam, but the fishes don't care. I agree, if you want your boat to float, don't make it out of lead. I'd like to try some foam-based things with wings. Actually deer hair for wings should float without foam, or so I've been told.
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