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  1. I'm an angler first and a fly tyer somewhere down the line. Been doing it for forty years with a singular goal...to catch more and better fish than I can on anything I can purchase. I'm competitive with fish, not other tyers. I think the fish determine who is a novice or an expert. For me, fly tying and fly fishing can't be seperated. Tying flies to sit in a glass box is a foreign concept to me. I want every fly I tie to get destroyed. If it does, that fly was expert, if it doesnt...it was a novice fly. I've learned a few things in my forty years as a tyer, one...pretty flies don't necessarily catch fish and consequently ugly flies often will catch fish. So what is the real criteria for level advancement? Is it pretty flies with perfect proportions, nice heads efficiently tied in a box with 320 other patterns of equal perfection and beauty? Or is it the guy that can tie a fly for almost any water anywhere and catch quality fish consistently? In my case, when I can no longer fish for cats in the neighborhood as my wife pushes me around in a wheelchair, I will have tied my last fly! Incidentally, I can still get to the water so I'm not tempting neighborhood cats yet, but when I'm relegated to that I do promise to go barbless. My other answer is this, when you can tie every fly in your arsenal without a vise, you are an expert!
  2. Should have read the post before mine...seems like I'm seconding another opinion. Lol
  3. Little Red or The White River in Arkansas. say you have 800 bucks, a 4 wt,, want to catch trout and don't mind camping. Close to you...relatively and lots of fish. Plenty of campgrounds and weather will be reasonable. Just a thought.
  4. Welcome to the tribe Flea! Most of us are very familiar with his mad tying skills but really appreciate the link. Post questions or creations, lots of talent in this group. Great idea sharing and collaborative effort. Help when you can and seek help when you need it. At least that's my approach. Again...welcome.
  5. Peterjay, they often do the first and last hour of light. That's precisely why you see a box of crease flies and poppers. They didn't come up on this evening hence the intermediate line. We aren't seeing as many big stripers here this year either. We landed about 20 stripers over sixty pounds this year but my average is about fifty in that size class. Clients landed about a hundred over fifty and about a thousand over forty. We still have a great population in the thirty to forty pound range. Come on down, I'll take a day off if you will!
  6. Just wanted to mention that this is a great time of year to chase Hybrid Bass on intermediate lines. As these fish transition between summer and fall migrations, they tend to feed at shallower depth zones than they do during the summer months when we chase them with shooting heads. This trip was an hour before sunset and a couple of hours in the dark. The fish didn't start eating till it was completely dark. We landed 14 fish in three hours and missed almost as many. No stripers mixed in with them and all of the fish were within two year classes of each other. They were foraging on threadfin shad in that two to three inch size range. Often these fish prefer black flies at night but not on this night.
  7. All three are protoypes and are currently being refined but the shrimp water tested well, the cicada needs no more fine tuning but the crab legs might need to be changed though they look great in the water. All input and suggestions for changes are appreciated.
  8. 52 pound Buffalo on a 12 wt in a light circle on my boat dock. I also landed a 48 pound Buff right before this girl chomped. Caught a few larger stripers on the fly but thought I would submit this one because she won't be the Belle of the Ball on this thread.
  9. Conditions dictate. My condition is short man in a deep river. I typically carry an over the shoulder bag. Specifically a Vietnam War gas mask bag that I can stuff with a fair amount of gear. When I go deep I raise it over my head. Most of the time now I'm night fishing so I carry nothing. Three flies in my shirt pocket, a spool of fluoro and a pair of hemostats. Camera in wader pocket. No food, no water, no rain gear. Makes for a smaller profile at night when the big wary kids like to play.
  10. Love it!!! Been discovering my inner carp this year too. Nice vid, like the soundtrack too.
  11. GoPro will definitely be there for the tuna! I suspect if I land that bluefin I'll be able to use my right arm to clip my toenails without having to bend over. Nightheron...5' 9", Nightherons right arm...6' 3".
  12. Steve, (Midwest Custom Fly Rods) if you can build it, I'll strap myself to it! And yes, both health and life insurance policies are current. Lol
  13. The only fish left in my bucket list is a bluefin tuna on the fly. In the process of designing a rod to handle one up to 500 lbs that I can fit in a stand up harness. I've lost my ever loving mind! My rod builder who is a member here thinks I'm crazy. He may be right!
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