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  1. Norm, thank you for posting the photo above, so now when the wife says, "Don't you have enough fly tying materials ? " I'll just show her your photo and say something like, "it could be worse" Ha
  2. That is very generous of yourself for sure. Years ago when I was tying a lot more, I would accumulate about every two years a ton of extra materials and as such, I would call our nearby Boy Scout director and offer them the free materials for use at their Fly Tying merit badge days. Unfortunately that group is no longer around but it did make a nice outlet for materials that I knew I was not likely to use again.
  3. I definitely agree with what was stated above, to actually get your hands on and try as many vises as possible, and often times, one vise might "just speak to you more than the others". That's how I came to own the vise I have used for 25 years, but back then fly fishing shows were much more common and vise manufacturers often had a booth that would allow you to play with their vise. It's a shame it's more difficult to do that these days.
  4. I fly fish 90% of the time but will resort to spinning gear when jigging deep for walleye and such.
  5. Although I too, tie a lot of my bass flies on Gamy B10S, those old Mustad 3366 can be made super sharp in a matter of a few seconds with a mere couple swipes with an appropriate file.
  6. It's caught up with some vise manufacturers as well. For years a Peak rotary vise was $149, then it went up last year to 155 and now stands at 185, for the exact same vise with no real improvements that I can see.
  7. I once got a hold of a pack of hooks that were quite brittle and broke easily by just looking at them wrong. They were fine for small panfish but I sure wouldn't have trusted them for anything else, and yes, they were a cheap No-name brand that was given to me at a group fly tie gathering.
  8. And we always release the large males as they help to keep the gill population down and keep the sizes up.
  9. Love big gills, this one and his similar sized buddies came on size 4 XL smallmouth poppers.
  10. You know a generation ago, you would see a ton of both dries and nymphs tied on size 12 hooks. It was almost a standard. I'm not sure when it happened but over time, many of the patterns came to be tied in 14 and 16's. The old timers I knew, never had a problem catching fish with those size 12's and in fact often tied a size 14 fly on a size 12 hook if they thought it was needed. Anyway, best of luck and get well.
  11. Yes, sorry for the confusion but I did not own a tvr, mine was a Spartan and it had no grooves
  12. I had a friend who owned the Cobra but I don't remember the mirror. He liked it a lot and we thought it was odd that this "far out futuristic" design was from the same manufacturer as the classic old school vise. (We assumed it was from the same Thompson) The Vossler, was that designed so you could tie two flies at once ?
  13. DFoster, yea, my HMH didn't have any grooves cut into the jaws. Obviously a different jaw design entirely.
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