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  1. After 20+ years of use and never using any lubricant whatsoever, my Regal began squeaking a little when opening the jaws. A quick shot of WD-40 and it's now been quiet for a couple years.
  2. "This spring, two different broods of cicadas — one that lives on a 13-year cycle and the other that lives on a 17-year cycle — will emerge at the same time from underground in a rare, synchronized event that last occurred in 1803." Could make for a loud summer around here.
  3. I mostly fish smallies and often in low, slow, and clear water so longer leaders can make a difference. A long time ago I read one of Lefty's articles on making leaders and he suggested keeping it simple with 3 pieces of Berkley Big Game Mono. And so from that came my typical 4ft of 30 lb test, 3ft of 20 lb test and 2-2.5 feet of 10 lb test which has worked well for me for a very long time.
  4. Some fly reels such as Lamson recommend absolutely no lubrication of any kind. Me, I clean the internals as well as possible and use a single (OK, maybe 2 drops) of Lucas Gun Oil, never grease. But back in the day when I was a boy we would definitely grease our Mitchell 300 reels or the sound could be deafening, ha.
  5. The very definition of a flashlight, A convenient place to carry 2 dead batteries.
  6. Yep, Doug's Bugs craft fur was great quality. You got twice the amount you receive today and for less money. Years ago, a large fly fishing shop, maybe in California? called something like the Western Fly Shop, anyway, when it closed, I bought every pack they had of the colors I normally like to use. Sadly, I've got very little of it left, including my favorite "polar bear" white
  7. I'm interested if the new Spartan can hold large hooks well. Many years ago, I owned a Spartan but because I tie a lot of bass (and back then...pike) flies, those larger hooks had a tendency to slip. It was great for the medium and smaller stuff but it didn't suit my needs and I sold it to trout guy who loved it.
  8. robow7


    I just recently got my first box of poorly tempered Daiichi hooks. I've had several of the 1150's just break off within the curve of the hook just by placing in my vise.
  9. Craft fur within a dubbing loop, baitfish pattern. Tied on a Gamy Octopus 1/0 hook.
  10. Thank you gillage. That's the article. Now I can't vouch for the results but maybe something worth investigating.
  11. I once read an article by Fox Statler, an Arkansas fishing guide, who showed how a nymph could be made to ride side up or down depending on how you tied it on. He used a loop knot that went through the eye of the hook and then wrapped around the eye in a specific orientation (difficult to explain). Maybe someone can dig up that article with photos as I'm having difficulty finding it but the photo below gives somewhat the idea for it. Fox was an outstanding fisherman known for his sow bug and scud patterns but sometimes his strong opinions were difficult to discern from the facts.
  12. Many years ago, Zonker patterns were all the rage for smallmouth bass fishing. They were a HOT item but then fly pattern fads can be fickle and now you rarely hear about them, but of course they can still be very effective.
  13. Yes, in that the upward point angles away slightly from the downward shaft. This particular hook above is very strong and stiff due to the heavier wire used and wondered if that might impair penetration vs. a thinner gauge hook ? Or do others pay any attention to that other than say Capt. Bob who targets larger than average fish.
  14. Has anyone ever used Octopus hooks for larger streamer or baitfish patterns ? Just wondered if there were any pros or cons of this design and were hook ups decent ? I've been tying up some larger Hollow Flies for bass and wondered if these might work well since I need a shorter shaft but wide gap hook (and Gamakatsu Octopus hooks are readily available around me) As always, thank you for your input.
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