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  1. Very nice but I want to know how you fine fellows can see those size 22 dries at a distance in order to fish them ?
  2. My first "real" vise was an old used Thompson but unfortunately by the time I got it, the instrument was showing a lot of wear and tear. On the other hand, it was sure better than using the vise clamps in my racquet stringing machine that I had been using. Ha
  3. I tie a lot of bass flies and a couple years ago I started using Veevus 140 PB (power thread) and have never looked back. Stuff is really strong, handles well, and I can spin deer hair with it easily and will remain flat if desired. If only it wasn't so expensive as compared to others.
  4. The greatest lie ever told ! Ha
  5. Some Boy Scouts of America chapters offer a fly tying merit badge and every couple of years I donate a large sack of materials that I accumulate to a local chapter (just can't figure out where all that stuff comes from....ha)
  6. I agree with you on FTD, in that they offer a lot of material for less money. As for hooks, if you're not hung up on name brand, there are several no-name, generic, shop branded hooks that are far less. I think there was a thread on these various less expensive hooks not too long ago.
  7. I agree with Mark, take those photos down as obviously you know nothing about spinning hair. Ha Those are simply gorgeous ! If you can hand select your premo strip then this is a very economical way of going about it. Kelly Galloup has a nice video where he explains the differences and what to look for when selecting your premo strips. And yes, it was a sad day in deer hair land when Chris Helm passed away as he was such a great source of hair and information.
  8. I agree. I use large schlappen for my size 4 buggers for smallies and they add a ton of movement to my flies
  9. I've owned countless different wading boots over the years but always size up 1 size. Street shoe size 9-9.5 max., wading boot size 10. Like stated above, I did have two pair of Cabelas wading boots, same model and size and yet there was one size difference between the two, only time I've ever had that happen.
  10. Does anyone have a favorite dubbing loop or dubbing spinner tool ? I presently have a small twirler with the two small wire springs but it has no handle really and is hard for me to grasp and spin. I've resorted to a bent out paper clip which works OK but want a tool with a nicer handle. Do you have a favorite type of "end" that collects the thread loop, such as an "M" shape, or the small round hook, or the sprung 2 wire ? Thanks for your input.
  11. About 55 years ago, I used my dad's bamboo rod and Southbend automatic reel (that combination weighed as much as I did) to toss some small spiders to bluegill up in the lily pads of a northern Wisconsin lake. Though I wore out quickly from that heavy rig, I had a ball. When I bought my first Fenwick 8' 5wt. glass rod in about 71 with my paper route money I never looked back.
  12. There used to be a fellow up in Minnesota that had a small wood shop, who used to turn out some really nice stabilized wood handles from all sorts of stained and exotic woods for fly reels. They weren't cheap but they were beautiful. I don't know if he's still doing that or what his contact info is but maybe someone here knows of the fellow.
  13. Rich, I agree with you, it stinks. From $18 to $118 for a crummy boat trailer and my 2 cars went up another $100 a year. Indiana Non-Resident.......$35 for annual
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