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  1. Saw this on a local pond. I think 2 males fighting for dominance in the pond. Rick
  2. Saw this on a Facebook group from Germany. My brother works construction sealing and brought me a 2K liquid sealant “Francolon” yesterday and we brushed the neoprene feet with it yesterday! To my astonishment, I realized this morning that it is very flexible and quite comfortable when you put on the bathing pants and wash shoes! I'll test today if it's any good !
  3. Got almost everything planted today. Rick
  4. Two best from a farm pond today.
  5. Kimball backcast emerger tail teal flank body thread wing white poly yarn thorax dubbing to match thread
  6. It is another half and half. Pt fibers tail and wingcase. Peacock body. Soft hackle for legs. Up at 60% hook tie of and then rep leat. I put body feather barb as on each side of the wingcase at the front.
  7. All the flies have marabout or fibers from the body feather t
  8. One of the flies I sent is from Alpaca dubbing. Has replaced hares ears for me. Rick
  9. Moved each plant to a separate container. May not plant until June with the cool weather we have been having. Rick
  10. Got some very nice fl8ies in the mail today. Thanks to the tiers the swapmeister. My ugly ones will catch fish. Rick got some very nice flies in the maill today
  11. Thank her for me. Above sand beyond what happens here. Rick
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