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  1. Manhattan midge scud hook silver wire rib. black dubbing Kyrstal flash wing peacock head, glass bead
  2. I had a package set in Des Moines for 6 days. Rick
  3. I want to find another fly fisherman in this area. Rick
  4. Another nymph. yellow feather barbs for tail, brown and red hair palmered for body. Thin skin wing case. dubbing for thorax, soft hackle feather over thorax.
  5. If I go north it is about 75 miles to a Bass Pro shop where I was ignored for 20 minutes that last time I was in. Going south Cabela's is about 145 miles away. I have been working on using up what materials I have, probably 2 lifetimes worth. If I order it is online. Rick
  6. Christian.s a question I have, not to be mean or ornery. Why the wing case on the bottom of the fly? I think it might work better if it was on the eye side of the jig. Please give me the reasonbing. Rick
  7. For me in warm water about all I can reuse is the hook. Rick
  8. RickZieger

    New Year

    May you have a Happy, safe and enjoyable New Year. Rick
  9. @Moshup. I use it early in the year for panfish. Have caught trout on it in Colorado and Iowa. Rick
  10. new tie for me. size 8 hook, 3mm bead eyelash type yarn. filo plume,flfash for wing case.
  11. Sorry Mike. The cold came without the snow. Will try harder next time. Did not want you to feel left out. Rick
  12. weird hares ear. rubber legs, flash , dubbing brush with alpaca roving. I tie the flash in after every wrap of the roving. Flash show first as the fly drops. Have caught panfish and bass on this.
  13. Got a very nice set of flies from John Worobel. Will you tell me where you got the small foam cylinders for eyes and how you put the legs thru the foam on the back of the small foam flies? Rick
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