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  1. Been tying but not the style of flies for this forum. Rick
  2. niveker it is a feather off a duck that I was given. Rick
  3. Couple of flies. Biot tails. Woven body. soft hackle
  4. I Make a wrap of thread around the eyes and then pull them down to the hook shank. Rick
  5. RickZieger


    I use Sally Hansens most of the time,. Super glue for slipper ry or delicate stuff. UV to build up on wing cases. Rick
  6. hook 10-12 thread black tail Pheasant tail fibers body two strands copper brown wire and one strand copper wire. peacock dubbing or peacock soft hackle
  7. Scud hook, biot tail, X-sall copper wire ri, body biot, dubbing under wing tie in, biot wings, dubbing over wings saw it in black, but yellow and red work on the ponds I fish.
  8. That is very nice looking setting. Rick
  9. Scud hook. white foam tied down. dubbing wrapped down shank and around the foam.
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