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  1. I would contact who you got them from and see if you can return them. Rick
  2. I like this one. Will tie some up in smaller sizes using turkey body feathers. Rick
  3. Got some very nice flies in the mail today. Also some nice materials. Thanks to all the Tiers and many thanks to the Meister for his work. Rick
  4. Goldie Jr. tail and collar are flash material folded over several times and then folded over thread. Glass bee head Body flash folded over and palmered.
  5. No Ostrich. It is peacock sword, but in blanching it some of it appears to look like ostrich. Rick
  6. Flies from some FTD dubbing in dubbing brushes. Peacock sword for tail and wings. HOok size 10 and bead head.
  7. Two tone Hares ear. hook size 10, silver bead head. white alpaca fur dubbing brush. Olive Pantene Pen for back
  8. I showed it to him a few years ago. Rick
  9. No. It is my pattern. Named it after him. Rick
  10. Woven with metallic embroidery thread and the legs dropped thru the loops.
  11. tricolor hares ear, all from alpaca roving, also as a soft hackle
  12. Flies with mink collar. Yarn I wass sent. Tail is fiber from ribbon.
  13. A Catholic Priest was teaching a young Sunday Scholl class. He asked "Why do I wear this collar?" One of the young students replies. "Because it kills ticks and flees for months."
  14. You will get as many suggestions as there are people. There are many flies that work. I use many that other folks don't used. Rick
  15. For single wire I usually helicopter it off. Do 5 wraps of thread and the when the wire is off take 3 wraps off. For dubbing brushes I use a wire cutter as it is two strands of wire twisted. Rick
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