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  1. My try at Josaphine Baker flies, down sized for panfish.
  2. This comes from a Friday night tying video with the Beatty's. When tying in rubber legs use a very little dubbing under the legs and the legs stay placed better. Use a very minimal amount of dubbing. Supposed to help with ice dubbing also, but have not tried that. Rick
  3. What is the body of Dr. Mike tied with. Guessing chenille but looks coated. Vinyl would look like that. It is Star Burst fibers (hot green) from FTD in a dubbing brush. Rick
  4. I have seen four flies that are called half and half. Rick
  5. a half and half, size 8 streamer hook. bead head, tail and back pheasant tail, hackle pheasant body feather, body is peacock. Tie in pheasant tail, peasant body feather and peacock. Wind peacock, palmer feather, tie in back
  6. Better than passing out from alcohol.🤣 Rick
  7. Got a great group of flies today. Thanks to the tiers and the swapmaster. Rick
  8. Have a great day. Hope you get to spend some time with loved ones. Rick
  9. More JAN used dubbing and hackle for abdomen on these.
  10. more Just another nymph panfish flies
  11. Klinkhammer hook, bead chain eyes, PT tail, artificial peccary body, rubber legs and ostrich herl abdomen. Rick
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