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  1. I had a bunch of duct body feathers given to me. Have tied many soft hackles with them and the fish still bite them. You can see some in the August flies. Rick
  2. Look for shelf liner foam in white and color it blue. Also check the kitchen utensil section as there are blue potholder, the same material, at times. Rick
  3. some ties from this week. soft hackles from Krystal scrubby yarn caddis dubbing and mylar. Goldie Jr More soft hackles.
  4. RickZieger


    All you folks along the East coast where this is headed, take care. Rick
  5. Or are you looking for a book with total patterns in it? We would need to know what you want to fish for. Rick
  6. Where is the Charmine? Rick
  7. Not for a klutz that breaks nails easily. Rick
  8. My Son was working at home but the job closed. My Daughter is still working from home. Rick -
  9. I don't think I want to sharpen my hand as I hand whip finish everything. Rick
  10. I have several books and refer to them often. I like you-tube as it lets me see how the fly should look. Also the folks who post pictures as it helps me see what I should be doing. Rick
  11. I was fishing a pond yesterday. On I cast i must have hooked a dragonfly. When it hit the water a bass hit it. I did not hook the bass, but when I got he fly back in there was some of the dragon fly body caught in a few loops of my leader. Must have wrapped around the dragon fly on the back cast. Did get bass, bluegill and a few crappie. Rick
  12. Some flies from this week. First one not as pretty as Kimos. The next two single feather nymphs. Then nymphs from FTD nymph test dubbing. Last a Guides Choice Hares Ear.
  13. If you use chenille in place of the deer hair head it is called a "Thief". Rick
  14. I go for Mug or Barque's root beer. MY wife says I'm a big help. Rick
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