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  1. Griffiths gnats on size 20 and 22 hooks.
  2. Boa yarn tied on a size 10 hook then palmered up and tied off. Bead and legs can be added. Lots of Panfish on this.
  3. Another good looking fly from your vise.
  4. I tie some for friends.
  5. ugly frog pattern, size 8 hook, white foam tied in on bottom and green foam on top. Knotted rubber tied in for rear legs and front legs. The foam pulled forward and tied off. Hooked several bass this am with it and a few crappie.
  6. size 10 hook, precut bodies, rubber rings cut in half for legs.
  7. Neat way to tie off hackle, wire, peacock ect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlsdartGdzE&pp=ygUTYWwgYmVhdHR5IGZseSB0eWluZw%3D%3D
  8. two more foam. Foam tied in then legs, embroidery floss for body.
  9. another experiment two colors. size 10 hook biots tied in as tail, foam tied in and the loop made and tied in wrap thread forward and tie in 2 more biots, tie foam down to near eye. Tie in biots folk foam back and tie in, trim foam.
  10. foam experiment, size10 hook, foam strip tied down and folded over to form loop, tie down and advance thread to near eye, tie in foam strip again.loosely wrap foam back to first tie in. tie in 1/2 of a rubber ring from hair styling bands, tie in yellow embroidery floss and wrap forward.2-3 wraps, tie down yellow color and move to the front of the foam. return thread and tie in black embroidery floss and make two wraps. Tie in other half rubber band. move thread back over black floss, wrap yellow floss back to meet the black, Tie off with a few thread wraps on the top of the hook, fold foam back over body and tie off, then trim.
  11. Klinkhammer with long strand off brown goose feather, brown dubbing, black post and white hackle
  12. Last of the flies with high float fiber wings in different colors. High float fibers from the FTD.
  13. Two more with high float fiber wings.
  14. Klinkhammer hook, flash body, high float fivers for wing in loop, hackle.
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