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  1. Woven articulated panfish flies. Also some minnow fry,
  2. Several years ago I bought a rod with an automatic reel on it form a hardware store going out of business. He threw in two round plastic boxes of flies for $10.00. The next Saturday I was out fishing in a pond with my canoe. Using my spinning rod I could not catch the fish that were very close to the bank. Decided to use the fly rod. I was like Moses with the first cast. Parted the water. Got slightly better with the cast and managed to catch some fish. I was hooked.Told a friend that I had caught a few fish with the fly rod. He told me I need to learn to tie flies. He gave me his vice as he had two trunks full of flies in boxes. Now your stuck with me. Rick
  3. Wholesale fly company and fly shack have hooks at about $7.00 / hundred. Rick
  4. Here are some of the Royal Family. Variations as they are soft hackles, different color boies and tails.
  5. When I turned 65 got a lifetime in Iowa for $45.00. Then paid $5 more to get a credit card liscense instead of paper. If I went trout fishing I would have to pay about $10 more per year. Rick
  6. If you tie the head with black chenille instead of hair it is called the Thief. Rick
  7. Here are some flies from this week.
  8. Congrats, I think this is the fly I saw for the contest.
  9. Welcome back. Have wondered what you have been tying.
  10. A semi-surface warm water fly. Biot tails, dubbing body. foam wingcase.
  11. I do not have a place to take care of things from the wild, so no. Most of the patterns I use are not commercially available so I save money tying flies. This is probably true of most warmwater fly tyers. Rick
  12. RickZieger


    Just talked to my medical Doctor after getting a spot on my back hit with liquid nitrogen again. The virus is hitting older people with health problems more. Kids with the virus is like getting a cold. Rick
  13. Got the bluegill on a Hares Ear from alpaca fur. Crappie were on a mini leech. Rick
  14. What I caught today.
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