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  1. As a rod builder when I'm doing foam inlays for grips I use contact cement. It is also used for counter tops.
  2. I don't dye my own naturals only synthetics. If you want to dye your own naturals or synthetics go with Veniard LTD.
  3. VMC wide gap/live bait work good for bait fish.
  4. I have a friend who set a lodge record with these crab flies this past spring, five permit landed by one angler in one day. They also got him a Bahama grand slam also the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lick with the crabs!
  5. If you find making your own molds for crab bodies isn't your thing try deer hair.
  6. Really nice. Where do you fish for summer run?
  7. tidewaterfly said it best. It really depends on what you are tying. However, if you can't find the quality you seek and say half of the hairs are to large or have to much crimp don't through it away some of can be ok for spinning or stacking.
  8. I really like tying shrimps! Nice job!
  9. Great job fishdragon! I tie many of the old patterns for steelhead and salmon. A book I really like is Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon, it has a lot of that stuff in it. Another material that works well for wings on steelhead flies is arctic fox.
  10. I have a line of trout trolling flies and downrigger rods I sell through my friends rental yard. You can rent a lawn mower and buy fishing tackle under the radar.........................
  11. How about a diving bell spider, is there a pattern for that?
  12. what would one catch on spider flies? Blue gill? Trout?
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