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  1. The fly started as a " Fireweed " and then I discovered I had run out of claret hackle , so it morphed into this, funny how that happens.
  2. btrout

    ebay fly reels

    I purchased one of these reels ( Canadian address ) to fish the beaches for Cutthroats. The first reel I received was suppose to be for a 6wt. line but was too small. It was described as a 5-6wt but was more like a 4wt. The 7-8wt which the original was replaced with was fine. The drag is ok and for the price if it lasts for a couple of seasons I will be happy. I have been using it for the last 6 months or so in the salt and it has been quite adequate. The reel is rinsed and lubed after each outing and is not showing any corrosion problems. As I see it for the price it's ok. Hope this of some help.
  3. Some really beautiful patterns and tying. Question, how do they stand up after casting and swinging . They look as though they would do the job here on the west coast.
  4. As Piker20 stated the force of the current even with your heavy tips will tend to straighten the fly out during the swing. However in my experience with fishing the Skeena the nature of the river bottom should be considered. I have found using a heavily weighted fly and a fast sinking tip on this river is a recipe for lots of lost flies. You might consider a very fast sinking tip, a non weighted fly on a 3 - 5 ft. leader this will allow the fly to swim close to the bottom and not continually getting hung up on the boulders. I have found as the fly completes its swing and drops down in slower flows a heavily weighted fly will snag, this is the area when most takes occur. If you feel the fly is not getting deep enough try a longer T14 or T17 tip, the unweighted fly will of course follow the leader down but will tend to ride above the boulders.
  5. This is an attempt at a Coal Car, Freight Train and Ferry Canyon combination, thought it looked interesting.
  6. A summer pattern I hope to use, if we ever get a spring !
  7. I think it could be a Stenonema, Vicarium or Fuscum Nymph.
  8. A nice looking shrimp pattern, a suggestion , I would reduce the head size, the colors look very enticing, keep tying.
  9. With the weather sucking and the rivers so cold I thought I would try some copper tinsel out. Looking forward to some spring Steelie action.
  10. A very interesting and different variant of a classic steelhead pattern, very well tied , nice one !
  11. Very beautifully tied Randy, I have had success with this pattern using crystal flash in blue and pearl combined for the wing.
  12. I suggest you checkout Davie Mcphail on U tube he ties some amazing spey patterns.
  13. Love the color combo and very nicely tied, good job.
  14. Both nice ties, I think the second fly would work for Cutthroats here on the west coast.
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