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  1. Hey Jake. Howdy from a fellow Texan (since removed). I grew up not too far from you in Poth. I'll give a shameless plug to my Mr. Crabs pattern that I recently posted in the SBS forum. I'd also recommend picking up a copy of Aaron Adams' "Fly Fisherman's Guide to Saltwater Prey".
  2. Lay off of those, and you might find some extra dough for a better set up. I have the SLV and it's been fine. Pretty much all I do is saltwater. My SLV was pretty beat up, though, so I picked up a couple of Sage 1880s. This is discontinued now and replaced with the 2280. Still $150. Both models have a sealed drag which is nice for salt.
  3. I've used a Renzetti Saltwater Traveler for a few years and love it. It's worked great for salt and freshwater flies.
  4. Fla, I let him go. My son was quite disappointed. islander, I hate tying legs on. CCG for the win! Thanks for the comments guys. Glad y'all are getting some ideas from it.
  5. This is a pattern I came up with for chasing tailing redfish on the flooded grass flats. Recipe - Gamakatsu B10S Stinger (usually a size 2 but I tend to tie up #4s also) - Lead eyes (I lean towards small but you might try med as well) - Tail: Finn raccoon in crawdad orange) Optional: copper or rusty brown Krystal flash can be included. - Body: EP streamer brush (I use tarantula hairy legs or a crustaceous brush with micro legs) - Legs: pumpkin or olive silly legs - 20# fluoro weedguard - Clear Cure Goo or 5-min epoxy Step 1: Start thread about an eye's length from the eye and trim the remaining thread. Step 2: Tie in lead eyes using a solid figure-8 pattern. A dab of head cement helps keep the eyes on top of the shank. Step 3: Wrap the thread just past the bend. Step 4: Measure out about a hooks' length of finn coon. Step 5: Hold the finn coon at the hook bend. Pinch the thread between your thumb and finger as you make a couple of loose wraps before applying pressure and securing the material to the hook. Step 6: Make several more wraps to secure the tail and cut off the remaining material. Step 7: Tie in the EP brush. Step 8: Wrap the brush forward to the eyes. Sweep the material back against the wire to keep it from cluttering the shank too much. Tie off the brush behind the eyes. Trim the remaining brush. Don't use your good scissors! Step 9: CAREFULLY trim the fly to the desired shape. I prefer to trim close to the shank leaving sort of an elongated body. Note that the thread is still attached so be very careful. As a safety measure I like to do a quick loop knot to secure the thread in case I accidentally snip it. Step 10: With the body trimmed, invert the hook and lay a thin bead of Clear Cure Goo or 5-min epoxy on the bottom of the shank. I prefer CCG since I have less waste. Step 11: Cut two silly legs in half. You only need three for this hook size so save the 4th for another day. I use a bodkin to push the legs down into the CCG. Once everything is evenly spaced and positioned where I want it I hit the CCG with the UV light for about 30 seconds to cure it. Step 12: There are million ways to add a weedguard. I like to take about 2" of 20# fluoro which I fold in half and pinch. Straddle the shank with the fluoro and make about 5-6 loose wraps to position it. Pull the guard down against the shank and make several more wraps to secure it. Step 13: Invert the fly again and push the guard forward. Make another dozen or so wraps to build a dam behind the guard to keep it pushed forward. Trim the guard so the tips are just past the point. You can also use CCG or leftover epoxy to do the same thing. Step 14: Whip finish, cut the thread, and end with a dab of head cement to give the fly a little longevity. Now go catch some fish!
  6. Thanks. Yeah, I always put the guard on last and then whip finish. I'm working on a SBS if you're interested. Just have to go through the pics to make sure I like 'em. ETA: Added a new SBS.
  7. Nice looking flies, guys. I haven't been around these parts in quite a while but I've knocked the dust off the vise. I got revitalized getting ready for a trip to Idaho's mountain lakes and got busy on the saltwater flies when I got back to Florida. Here's an effective flats pattern that's proven on flood tides.
  8. I just heard horrible news. My friend at the fly shop said they found a hole with monster tarpon. Unfortunately it's a private pond and his friend almost got arrested right after he nailed one. So close, yet so far away. Around here some of the drainage ponds connect to the marshes and tarpon and snook swim in and get trapped. Gotta find me a pond I can get to!
  9. Got mine today as well. Thanks everyone!
  10. Looks like a great day! One day I'd love to head south for some snook.
  11. Mine went back out today. Not sure how long parcel post is vs 1st class. Hope they don't arrive too late in the week.
  12. Well crud. Mine are going to be late. They were back in the mailbox today. I've never had a problem mailing 1st class but they wrote that it needs a parcel rate. I won't be able to get back to the mailbox until Monday. Sorry guys.
  13. I'll see if I can find some of the bookmarks I had on my old computer. I'd love to land a rooster some time.
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