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  1. i bet those would be great to use during ice fishing season
  2. Couple blue gill for bass season
  3. A rapala style streamer for the big boys.
  4. A rapala style streamer for the big boys.
  5. Nice tie. i make some plugs similar using foam. but the deer hair always looks way better
  6. all the ones that are multi colored were done using the technique
  7. i have been using this technique for a while now. its cheap works great and you can use just about any type marker you want..doesn't ruin them either that i've noticed.
  8. i like to use those as bodies, kinda like biot bodies
  9. i thought it was a good video. 1 tip i personally do is slide the tip of the rib wire under the bead keeping a uniform body and no need to cut off.
  10. some bass and pike flies i tied up. the long black one is 8 inches for reference.
  11. i think it pays to have a both available because if your traveling you may not always have the perfect set up.
  12. A pike size bait fish I came up with, can't wait to try it out with this new way for me to finish the head
  13. visipak sales them in 4 foot sticks, unfortunatly you have to buy them by the full box of about 150-260 tubes.lol
  14. un sented materials really only refer to what humans can smell in my opinion. animals have way better sence of smell so its possible to a small degree the scent would put them off.
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